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CERTIFICATION. As required in paragraph (b) of this clause, the officer or employee responsible for the modification proposal shall execute the following certification. The certification in paragraph (c)(2) of this clause is not required for a modification which procures commercial items.
Certification. The Vendor must coordinate its performance of the Services described in subsection 2.9 with the Engineering and design efforts (including, without limitation, any and all RF Engineering and/or Site Acquisition) of all Subcontractors, the Owner, the Other Vendors, any and all supply and transportation requirements and all federal, state and local authorities or agencies. The Vendor will be fully knowledgeable about and
Certification. Following the completion of a Performance Period, the Committee shall review and certify in writing whether, and to what extent, the Performance Goals for the Performance Period have been achieved and, if so, calculate and certify in writing that amount of the Performance Compensation Awards earned for the period based upon the Performance Formula. The Committee shall then determine the amount of each Participant?s Performance Compensation Award actually payable for the Performance Period and, in so doing, may apply Negative Discretion.
Certification. The Company shall have delivered to the Issuing Bank a certificate of the Company's president or chief financial officer as to the matters set out in Sections 8.1(a) and (b).
Certification. Each of the schedules delivered to the Lender pursuant to this SECTION 7.14 shall be certified by the Chief Financial Officer of the Borrower to be true, correct and complete as of the date indicated thereon.
Certification. Each Stockholder hereby agrees that its Option Shares, whether now owned or hereafter acquired, shall be certificated by the Company, and that the Company shall place the following legend on any certificate representing its Option Shares:
Certification. Upon the request of Lessor, Lessee shall furnish to Lessor at no charge, such certificates and other documentation as Lessor may, at any time and from time to time, request evidencing compliance by Lessee with the terms and provisions of this Lease.
CERTIFICATION. Borrowers certify that: (a) representations and warranties in the Credit Agreement are true in all material respects as of the date hereof (both before and after giving effect to the making of the Loan requested herein); (b) the aggregate amount of all outstanding Revolving Loans and Loans to be outstanding upon the making of the Loan requested herein together with the face amount of all outstanding L/Cs and will not exceed the Borrowing Base; and (c) no Default or Event of Default has occurred and is continuing as of the date hereof.
Certification. Determinations by the Committee under this Section 5 shall be set forth in a written certification, which may include for this purpose approved minutes of a meeting of the Committee at which such determinations were made.
Certification. Buyer shall have received a certificate, dated the Closing Date, signed and verified by the Seller's president and treasurer, certifying, in such detail as Buyer and its counsel may reasonably request, that the conditions specified in paragraphs 7a c (above) have been fulfilled.
Certification. The Selling Party shall deliver to the Purchasing Party a written certification ("Certification") reflecting (i) the name of the prospective transferee of the entire interest of the Selling Party in the Venture; (ii) the price for which, and the terms upon which, the Selling Party is willing to transfer and such prospective transferee is willing to buy the entire interest of the Selling Party in the Venture (which price and terms shall be based either upon preliminary discussions and negotiations, evidenced in a writing signed by the prospective transferee, between the Selling Party and such prospective transferee or upon a fully negotiated and executed purchase agreement, a copy of which shall be furnished to the Purchasing Party); and ...
Certification. (a) Within three hours after the delivery to the Custodian of the Mortgage Notes (or within such shorter period of time as the Custodian shall agree) but in any case prior to the Custodian's release of the funds for the related Advance, the Custodian shall deliver to the Lender and the Borrower a certificate (the "Initial Certification"), in substantially the form annexed as Exhibit 1, to the effect that, as to each Mortgage Loan listed on the related Certified Schedule of the Mortgage Loans attached to such Initial Certification (other than any Mortgage Loan paid in full or any Mortgage Loan specifically identified in such certification as not covered by such certification), based on its examination of the related Mortgage Notes, the ...
Certification. In the event Seller shall have complied with any of the foregoing provisions relating to furnishing information to Purchaser relating to the IBC Property, a certification by Seller that such documentation is true, correct, and complete as of the date of Settlement shall be deemed to satisfy such requirements.
Certification. The Maker certifies that he reasonably expects to be entitled to and will itemize deductions for Federal income tax purposes for each year the Note is outstanding.
Certification. Validata may terminate this Agreement if Mitek at any time fails to comply with the certification required under Section 2 hereof.
Certification. Spare Parts provided by Seller to Buyer pursuant to this Agreement shall comply with all FAA certification requirements.
Certification. Following the conclusion of the performance period of a Cash Performance Award, Performance Stock Unit or other Award intended to qualify as ?performance based compensation? under Section 162(m) of the Code, the Committee shall certify in writing whether the Performance Goals for that performance period have been achieved, or certify the degree of achievement, if applicable.
Certification. Upon HP's request, Seller shall provide HP or an Eligible Buyer with an appropriate certification stating the country of origin for the Products, sufficient to satisfy the requirements of (i) the customs authority of the country of receipt, and (ii) any applicable export licensing regulations
CERTIFICATION. Following the close of each Performance Period and prior to payment of any amount to any Participant under the Plan, the Compensation Committee must certify in writing Deluxe's ROACE and resulting Incentive Pool Amount for that Performance Period and certify as to be attainment of all other factors (including the Performance Factors for a Participant) upon which any payments to a Participant for that Performance Period are to be based.
CERTIFICATION. Client shall self certify its Advertisements pursuant to relevant NIMA International guidelines. Williams shall provide such guidelines to Client at Client's request. Further, Client hereby appoints Williams as Client's agent to complete the self certification requirement on Client's sole behalf should Client fail to complete the requirement on its own and Williams deems it necessary. Such appointment only relates to the self certification process and does not confer an agent status on Williams for any other purpose. Client understands that Williams shall receive reimbursement for all costs incurred in completing the self certification process on Client's behalf. Client shall cooperate with Williams to accomplish such and immediately ...