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Collections. All collections of monies or other property in respect, or which are to become part, of the Property shall be at the sole risk of the Fund.
Collections. Debtor shall, at its sole cost and expense, whether requested to by Secured Party or in the absence of such a request, take all actions reasonably necessary, to obtain payment, when due and payable, of all amounts due or to become due from Obligers with respect to any Collateral. Debtor may not agree to any rebate, refund, compromise, or extension with respect to any Collateral or accept any prepayment on account of any Collateral other than in a manner and to the extent consistent with or as may otherwise be provided in various servicing agreements to which it is a party or subject.
Collections. The Servicer will apply or will instruct the Trustee to apply all funds on depos it in the Collection Account and the Excess Funding Account allocable to the Series 1994 1 Certificates, and all funds on deposit in the Interest Funding Account, the Principal Account, the Pre Funding Account and the Dis tribution Account maintained for this Series, as de scribed in this Article IV.
Collections. All of TPNA's Lock Boxes and Collection Accounts into which Collections are paid are listed on Exhibit III to this Agreement. TPNA has directed the Obligors on its Receivables to make payments thereon to a Lock Box or a Collection Account that is listed on to this Agreement. TPNA has not granted any Person (other than the SPE, the Master Servicer and the Lender and its assigns) access to or control of any such Lock Box or Collection Account, or the right to take dominion and control of any such Lock Box or Collection Account at a future time or upon the occurrence of a future event. To the extent that funds other than Collections are deposited into any Collection Account or Lock Box, TPNA or the Master Servicer can promptly trace and ...
Collections. In the case of Servicer, instruct all Obligors to cause all Collections of Pool Receivables to be deposited directly with a Lock Box Bank, and in the case of each other Seller Party, not give any contrary or conflicting instructions, and, upon the request of Servicer or the Agent, confirm such instructions by Servicer or take such other action as may be reasonably required to give effect to such instructions.
Collections. The Borrower (or the Collateral Manager on its behalf) shall direct any agent or administrative agent for any Collateral Loan to remit all payments and collections with respect to such Collateral Loan and, if applicable, to direct the Obligor with respect to such Collateral Loan to remit all such payments and collections with respect to such Collateral Loan directly to the Collection Account. The Borrower shall transfer, or cause to be transferred, all Collections to the Collection Account by the close of business on the Business Day following the date such Collections are received by the Borrower, the Equityholder, the Collateral Manager or any of their respective Affiliates.
Collections. Instruct all Obligors to cause all Collections of Pool Receivables to be sent directly to a Post Office Box, and deposit all Collections received into a Designated Account.
Collections. Seller will, on the date hereof and on each anniversary thereof and, after the occurrence and during the continuance of a Termination Event, upon the Administrative Agent's request provide to the Administrative Agent a complete and accurate list of all bank accounts in which Collections of Pool Receivables are deposited. Seller will cause each such account to be swept regularly (but in no event less often than weekly) to a concentration account at a Lock Box Bank. Seller will cause each of its local offices to deposit any Collections received by such office to an account at a Collection Bank that is swept as set forth in the previous sentence.
Collections. Subservicer shall proceed diligently to collect all sums which become due under the Loan Documents as if Subservicer were servicing the Mortgage Loans for its own account, including without limitation principal, whether or not prepaid, interest, late charges, prepayment fees, private mortgage insurance premiums, fire, flood, earthquake and other hazard insurance premiums, and taxes, assessments and other similar charges, all in accordance with Agency Requirements. Concerning Mortgage Loans for which the Subservicer drafts monthly payments electronically from the Borrower's bank account, such drafting occurs in compliance with Agency Requirements, and the applicable agreement with the Borrower.
Collections. For purposes of the deposits to the Collection Account hereinafter provided for, the Servicer may, at its option, make net deposits such that the Servicer need not deposit the Transferor Collections, or any other amounts allocated to the Exchangeable Transferor Certificate into the Collection Account unless otherwise provided in any Supplement, and if making such net deposits shall pay, or be deemed to pay, the Transferor Collections and such other amounts to the Holder of the Exchangeable Transferor Certificate.
Collections. At the request of the Agent, made at any time after the occurrence of an Event of Termination or Incipient Event of Termination, immediately deposit or cause to be deposited all Collections to a Designated Account.
COLLECTIONS. Franchisee shall be solely responsible for collecting payment from Franchisee's clients and shall deliver monthly to Franchisor at the time specified in the Remedy Operating Manual an accounting of all sums received on forms prescribed for such purpose by Franchisor.
Collections. Instruct all Obligors and Secondary Servicers to cause all Collections to be deposited directly to the Lockbox Account, and, if the Seller shall receive any Collections, the Seller shall have up to two (2) Business Days following the Seller's receipt thereof to remit such Collections to the Lockbox Account.
Collections. At all times following the designation by the Agent of any Designated Account, the Transferor will deposit, or cause to be deposited, all Collections to such Designated Account.
Collections. Until Lender notifies Borrowers to the contrary, each Borrower may make collection of all Receivables of such Borrower for Lender and shall receive all payments as trustee of Lender and immediately deliver all payments to Lender in their original form as set forth below, duly endorsed in blank. Lender or its designee may, at any time after the occurrence of an Event of Default, notify account debtors that the Receivables of such Borrower have been assigned to Lender and of Lender's security interest therein, and may collect such Receivables directly and charge the collection costs and expenses to Borrowers' loan account. Each Borrower agrees that, in computing the charges under this Agreement, all items of payment shall be deemed applied ...
Collections. Customer shall instruct all Account obligors to remit payments directly to a Lockbox. In addition, Customer shall have such instruction printed in conspicuous type on all invoices. Customer shall instruct such Bank to deposit all remittances to such Bank's Lockbox into its Special Account. Customer further agrees that it shall not deposit or permit any deposits of funds other than remittances paid in respect of the Accounts into the Special Account(s) or permit any commingling of funds with such remittances in any Lockbox or Special Account. Without limiting the Customer's foregoing obligations, if, at any time, Customer receives a remittance directly from an Account obligor, then Customer shall make entries on its books and records in a ...
Collections. Dealer is authorized to collect Accounts as agent for DFS and trustee of an express trust for DFS' benefit. Dealer will receive all payments on Accounts as agent and in trust for DFS and will, as DFS directs, either transmit to DFS or deposit into an account or accounts designated by DFS, on the day of receipt thereof, all original checks, drafts, acceptances, and other evidences of payment of Accounts, including all cash. Until delivery to DFS, Dealer will keep such remittances separate and apart from Dealer's own funds so that they are capable of identification as the property of DFS and will be held in trust for DFS. DFS may terminate such authorization upon Default and DFS may notify any obligor of the assignment of Accounts and ...
Collections. Purchaser's employees shall issue invoices for work in process as of the Closing Date for both the portion of the work completed by Seller prior to the effective date of the Closing and the portion of the work completed by Purchaser thereafter. Purchaser's employees shall use commercially reasonable best efforts to collect the invoices issued on Seller's behalf and Purchaser shall promptly pay to Seller all such amounts collected representing work completed by Seller prior to the effective date of the Closing.
Collections. In the event any payments relating to Receivables Assets are remitted directly to TPNA, it will remit (or will cause all such payments to be remitted) directly to a Collection Bank and deposited into a Collection Account within two (2) Business Days following identification thereof and, at all times prior to such remittance, it will itself hold or, if applicable, will cause such payments to be held for the exclusive benefit of the SPE and its assigns. TPNA will transfer exclusive ownership, dominion and control of each Lock Box and Collection Account to the SPE and shall not grant the right to take dominion and control of any Lock Box or Collection Account at a future time or upon the occurrence of a future event to any Person, except to ...