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Confidentiality. Unless and until the Closing has been consummated, Purchaser shall hold, and shall cause its counsel, accountants, appraisers and agents to hold, in confidence any confidential data or information made available to Purchaser in connection with this Agreement with respect to the Companies. Purchaser shall use the same standard of care to protect such confidential data or information as is used to protect Purchaser's confidential information. If the transactions contemplated by this Agreement are not consummated, Purchaser shall not disclose or use and, upon request, shall return or cause to be returned to the Companies all written materials and other tangible media and all copies thereof that were supplied to Purchaser by the Companies and that contain any such confidential data or information and all written materials and other tangible media that contain summaries of or notes of the Company's confidential data or information. Purchaser may, however, keep one copy thereof for its legal files, subject to the foregoing confidentiality requirements (and excluding any information which identifies customers). In the event the transactions contemplated hereby do not close, Purchaser shall not solicit the Companies' existing customers for a period of eighteen months after the termination of this Agreement.