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Exhibit 10.6


Shenzhen Housing Rental





Shenzhen Housing Rental Management Office




Notes on the registration of rental housing




Submitted material of registration of rental house which required.




The property ownership certificate or other certificate to prove its’ ownership(Use right) or others valid documents (provided original and reserve the copy)





The identity of leaser and lessee or legal qualification ,including:




Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents: the inland pass of Hong Kong and Macao residents, the mainland pass of Taiwan residents.




Overseas: passport (residence permit or entry visa)




The above documents are required to provide the original and leave a copy.






Business license (Social Credit Code), Military documents, certificate of lawful opening of overseas enterprises (original and leave a copy). The legal certificate for the legal establishment of an overseas enterprise shall be accompanied by a Chinese translation, If it is not certified by the relevant functional departments of China, it should be notarized or certified by the embassy.




Mutual rental housing shall provide the proof that all the people agree to rent.









Individual property rights: provide the valid identity certificate of entruster and entrusted agent(original inspection, retained copy) and letter of authorization(original). The entruster shall specify the entrusted matters and the place of signature in the letter of authorization. If can not provide the original identity of the client, it should provide a copy of the identity card,and the copy should be with entruster’s signature. The power of attorney signed by the parties abroad shall be notarized and certified in accordance with the relevant provisions




Organizational property rights: If the operator is not the legal representative and the leading official, he shall also issue a power of attorney of the legal representative or the leading official (original). The principal shall specify the entrusted matters and the place of signature in the power of attorney. If the power of attorney signed by the parties abroad shall be notarized and certified in accordance with the relevant provisions.


(五)房屋租赁合同。House Rental Agreement



House Rental Agreement


Landlord(Party A)                                                                          


House information code                                                                




Zip code                Contact number                                          


Social credit code or valid certificate number                          







Zip code                                Contact number                         


Social credit code or valid certificate number                         


Tenant(Party B)                                                                             


House information code                                                              




Zip code                      Contact number                                   


Social credit code or valid certificate number                         






Zip code                              Contact number                          


Social credit code or valid certificate number                         


依据《中华人民人民共和国合同法》 、《中华人民共和国城市房地产管理法》、《商品房屋租赁管理办法》、《深圳市人民代表大会常务委员会关于加强房屋租赁安全责任的决定》的规定,经甲、乙双方协商一致,订立本合同。


According to “the people’s Republic of China Contract Law”, “People’s Republic of China City real estate management law”, “commodity housing rental management approach”, “Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee on strengthening the housing rental security responsibility” provisions of the A and B both sides agreed to



enter into this contract.


第一条  甲方将位于深圳市                                                     




Article 1  Party A will lease to Party B the house(hereinafter rental house) which is located at                                ,          districtShenzhen city.


租赁房屋出租面积共计           平方米。产权人或合法使用人为                    ;房地产权利证书或者证明其产权(使用权)的其他有效证件名称及号码:                                            


Rental housing with a total area of         ㎡,property owner or legal person is         ,the number of real estate certificate or other valid documents to prove its property right (use right) is             


第二条  租赁房屋的单位租金按房屋出租面积每平方米每月人民币        元(大写:


元)计算,月租金总额为人民币           元(大写:




Article 2 The rental for the rental housing is            RMB per ㎡,(Capital written:                RMB,monthly rental is total                    RMB, (Capital written:                RMB.


第三条  乙方应于                    日前交付首期租金,金额为人民币


                  元(大写:              元)


Article 3 Party B should afford the initial rent before          (day)            (month)                                  (year), (Capital written:                yuan.


第四条  乙方应于:


Article 4 Party B should afford the rent to Party A



□每月                 日前;


Before the         day of every month;


□每季度第            个月           日前;


Before the       day and the       month of every quarter;


□每半年第            个月           日前;


Before the       day and the       month of every half year;




Party A shall issue tax invoice to Party B when deriving the rent.




Both parties agree to select which item of above four ways, they tick “”within the before the item.


第五条  乙方租用租赁房屋的期限自                   日起至             




Article 5 Fixed term of Party B is from       day      month      year to       day       month        year.




The period specified in the preceding clause shall not exceed the approved land use life, and shall not exceed 20 years, and the excess shall be invalid.


第六条  租赁房屋用途:                       


Article 6 The rental house is for                   use only.







The use of rental house should be consistent with the use of real estate rights certificate, without the approval of the relevant departments, unauthorized change of use is prohibited.


第七条 甲方应与于                    日前将租赁房屋交付乙方使用,并办理移交手续。


Article 7 Party A shall deliver the rental house to Party B before       day      month      year, and handle transfer formalities.




If party A deliver the rental house later than the time of preceding clause, Party B retains the right to postpone the validity period of the contract, both parties should be written signature and reported to the district housing rental registration authority.


第八条  交付租赁房屋时,双方应就租赁房屋及其附属设施的当时状况、附属财产灯有关情况进行确认,并在附页中补充列明。


Article 8 In the case of the delivery of the rental house, the two parties shall confirm the situation of the rental house and their ancillary facilities, Ancillary property, etc. and make a supplement to the attached page.


第九条  甲方交付租赁房屋时,可向乙方收取        个月(不超过三个月)租金数额的租赁保证金,即人民币       元(大写:                      元)


Article 9  When delivers the rental house, Party A  might request        month (not exceeding 3 months) rent as rental deposit. That is                RMB Capital written                 RMB





Party A shall issue a receipt to Party B for the rental deposit.




The conditions for Party A return the rental deposit to Party B.








□只满足条件之一。Only one condition.


□全部满足。All condition.




Both parties agree to select which item of above two ways, they tick “”within the before the item.




The way and time of returning the rental deposit:                       .




In any of the following circumstances, Party A may not return the rental deposit.








第十条  租赁期间,甲方负责祝支付租赁房屋所用土地的使用费及基于房屋租赁产生的款、          费;乙方负责按时支付租赁房屋的水电费、卫生费、房屋(大厦)物业管理





Article 10 During the lease term, Party A shall be responsible for the payment of the land used of the rental house and the payment based on the lease, Party B shall be responsible for the rental house’s timely payment of water and electricity, sanitary fee property management feeand other charges arising from the use of rental house.


第十一条  甲方应确保交付的租赁房屋及其附属设施的安全性符合有关法律、法规或规章的规定。


Article 11 Party A shall ensure that the safety of the rental house and their attached facilities is in compliance with the relevant laws, regulations or rules.


第十二条  乙方应合理使用租赁房屋过程中,并不得利用租赁房屋从事违法行为;对乙方正常、合理使用租赁房屋,甲方不得干扰或者妨碍。


Article 12  Party B shall not engage in illegal acts in the course of the rational use of the rental house, and Party A shall not interfere with or hamper Party B’s normal and reasonable use of the rental house.


第十三条  乙方在使用租赁房屋过程中,如非因乙方过错所致,租赁房屋或其附属设施出现或发生妨碍安全、正常使用的损坏或故障时,乙方应及时通知甲方并采取可能之有效措施防止缺陷的进一步扩大;甲方应在接到乙方通知后    日内进行维修或径直委托乙方代为维修,乙方无法通知甲方或甲方接到通知后不在上述约定的时间内履行维修义务的,乙方可代为维修。


Article 13  During the course of Party B using the rental house, any damage or malfunction that occurs when the rental house or their ancillary facilities are in danger of safety and normal use and these not due to Party B’s fault. Party B shall promptly notify Party A and take effective measures to prevent further expansion. Party A shall carry out



maintenance or directly entrust Party B to repair it within    days after receiving the notice of Party B. If Party B fails to notify Party A or Party A do not perform the maintenance obligations within the time limit stipulated in the contract, Party B can take the place of Party A to repair.




In case of a special emergency, the Party B shall be responsible for the maintenance of the goods immediately. Party B shall be responsible for the maintenance on behalf of Party A and notify Party A of the relevant information.




The maintenance costs incurred in the following two conditions(1. Party B repair and maintain for Party A and Reasonable expenses incurred for the prevention of defects)  shall be borne by Party A.


第十四条  因乙方使用不当或不合理使用,导致租赁房屋或其附属设施出现或发生妨碍安全、损坏或故障等情形的,乙方应负责维修或赔偿并及告知甲方。


Article 14  Party B shall be responsible for the repair or compensation of the rental house if any improper use or unreasonable use for the its attached facilities, such as safety, damage or malfunction, etc..







If Party B changes the internal structure of the house, the decoration or the equipment which has influence on the structure of the house, design scale, scope, process, materials and others plans, Shall obtain Party A’s prior written consent before construction. After the expiration of the lease or due to the responsibility of the Party B,the lessees throw a lease. Unless otherwise agreed by both parties,or  Party A has the right to choose one of the following;


□依附于房屋的装修贵甲方所有Decoration attached to the house own by Party A


□要求乙方恢复原状Request Party B’s reinstatement.


□向乙方收取恢复工程实际发生的费用。Request Party B to afford the actual reinstatement cost.




Both parties agree to select which item of above three ways, they tick “”within the before the item.


第十五条Article 15






During the lease term, Party B might lease all or part of the rental to others,but  the registration procedures in the rental housing authority is necessary. And the lease term shall not exceed the term of the lease




During the lease term, Party B shall not lease all or part of the rental house to others.





Both parties agree to select which item of above three ways, please tick “”within the before the item.


第十六条  本合同有效期内,甲方需转让租赁房屋的部分或全部产权的,应在转让前一个月书面通知对方,乙方在同等条件下有优先购买权。乙方应在收到甲方书面通知后        个工作日内给予甲方书面回复,逾期视为自动放弃。


Article 16 Within the validity of this contract, if party A needs to transfer part or all of the rental house, it shall notify party B one month in advance.


第十七条  本合同有效期内,发生下列情形之一的,允许解除或变更本合同:


Article 17 In the event of any of the following circumstances within the validity of this contract, the contract is subject to termination or alteration.




Force majeure, the contract can not be fulfilled.




Government expropriation, recovery or demolition of rental house.




Party A and B have reached an agreement.


第十八条  出现下列情形之一时,甲方可就因此造成的损失,


Article 18 In the event of any of the following circumstances, Party A may take the following measures;




Require Party B to restore as the original house.





Claim damages to Party B.




Lease deposit is non-refundable.


4、要求乙方支付违约金人民币         元(大写:                    元)。


Require Party B to pay liquidated damages              RMB, Capital written                        RMB)。




Both parties agree to select which items of above four ways, but the third and fourth items cannot be selected at the same time, please tick “”within the on the relevant item.


(一)乙方拖欠租金达          天(          个月)以上;


Party B has been in arrears for more than                   months and                   days;


(二)乙方拖欠可能导致甲方损失的各项费用达            元以上;


Party B’s default has caused Party A’s loss of more than                      RMB.




Party B carries out illegal activities in the rental house, thereby damaging the public interest or the interests of others.




Party B changes the structure or use of the rental house without authorization.




If Party B violates the provisions of article fourteenth of this contract and it is not



responsible for maintenance or maintenance costs,that cause serious damage to the house or equipment.




Without Party A’s written consent and approval of the relevant departments, Party B make a decoration without authorization.




Party B lease the rental house to the third party.




Except for Party B’s liability for damages or liability for breach of contract, Party A may also propose to change the terms of the contract or terminate the contract.Once the notice of termination of the contract has been legally served, Party A has the right to apply for unilateral cancellation of housing rental registration record.


第十九条 出现下列情形之一时,乙方可就因此造成的损失,


Article 19  In case of any of the following circumstances, Party A may take the following measures;




Claim damages to Party A.




Require party A double refund of the deposit.


3、甲方支付违约金人民币         元(大写:                     元)。


Party A shall pay liquidated damages             RMBCapital written                                    







Both parties agree to select which items of above three ways, but the second and third items cannot be selected at the same time, please tick “”within the on the relevant item.


(一)甲方迟延交付租赁房屋      天(      个月)以上;


Party A delays in the delivery of rental house more than             days and            months.




Party A violates the provisions of article eleventh of this contract, the security of the rental house does not conform to the provisions of the relevant laws, regulations or rules.




Party A violates the provisions of article thirteenth of this contract, does not assume responsibility for maintenance or maintenance costs




Without the consent of Party B or the approval of the relevant departments, Party A makes renovation, expansion or renovation to the rental house.




Party A terminates the contract in advance without cogent reason.




In addition to pursue party A liability for damages or liability for breach of contract, Party



B might also propose to change the terms of the contract or terminate the contract to Party A according to the above situation. Once the notice of termination of the contract has been legally served, Party B has the right to apply for a unilateral cancellation of the housing rental registration record.


第二十条  本合同终止后,乙方应于       日内迁离并返还租赁房屋,并保证租赁房屋及附属设施的完好(属正常损耗的除外),同时结清应当由乙方承担的各项费用并办理有关移交手续。


Article 20 After the termination of the contract, Party B shall move out and return the rental house within              days, and make sure the rental housing and ancillary facilities are intact (except normal wear and tear), to settle all the expenses borne by Party B and handle the transfer formalities.




If Party B delay to move away or not return rental house, Party A has the right to recover the rental house in accordance with the provisions of the law or in accordance with the contract.


第二十一条  本合同约定之租赁期间届满,乙方需继续租用租赁房屋的,应于租赁期届满之日前        个月向甲方提出续租要求;在同等条件下乙方对租赁房屋有优先承租权。


Article 21 When the lease term expires in the contract,if Party B needs to continue the to lease rental house,should propose renewal request Party A before             months within the expiration.





If both parties reach the agreement of continued leasing,the contract should renew and make the registration again in the housing rental authority.


第二十二条  甲乙双方应当签订《深圳市房屋租赁安全管理责任书》。甲方提供的出租房屋应符合安全使用的标准和条件,不存在任何安全隐患。出租房屋的建筑、消防设备、燃气设备、电力设备、出入口和通带等应符合市政府规定的安全生产、消防、治安、环保、卫生等管理规定或标准使用出租房屋,并有义务保证出租屋在使用中不存在任何安全隐患。本哼约定的各项条款,甲乙双方均须自觉履行,如有一方违约,按合同约定承担相应违约责任。


Article 22 Party A and Party B shall sign the “Shenzhen housing lease safety management responsibility”. The rental housing provided by Party A shall conform to the standards and conditions for safe use,make sure no security risk. Rental house construction, fire fighting equipment, gas equipment, electrical equipment, entrances and pass band should comply with the safety production, fire protection, security, environmental protection, health management regulations or standards stipulated by the municipal government to use rental house, and to ensure that there is no security risk in the use of rental housing. The terms and conditions of this agreement, Party A and Party B should consciously perform, if one party defaults, according to the contract agreed to assume the corresponding liability for breach of contract.


第二十三条  甲、乙双方可就本合同未尽事宜在附页中另行约定;附页之内容作为本合




Article 23  Both parties can make attached page if any unsettled affairs. Attached content as a part of the contract, has equal effect after signed by both parties.







Party A and Party B have reached an agreement on the content of the contract before the lease, the parties shall, within thirty days after the establishment of the change agreement.


第二十四条  甲、乙双方就本合同发生的纠纷,应通过协商解决;协商解决不成的么提请房屋租赁主管机关调解或向:


Article 24


□深圳国际仲裁院申请仲裁;Shenzhen International Court of arbitration for arbitration.


□深圳市仲裁委员会申请仲裁;Shenzhen International Court of arbitration for arbitration.


□租赁房屋所在地的人民法院提出诉讼。The people’s Court of the place where the leased house is located




The way to solve the dispute through consultation by the two parties a selection, and playing in the corresponding.


第二十五条 甲乙双方约定以下通信地址为双方通知或文件的传达地址:


Article 25  Party A and Party B agree to the following address for the communication of both sides or the notice of document.




Party A address:




Party B address:





If the above address is not agreed, the parties to the contract signed by the communication address as the address.




When the  mailing address is not noticed, it will always be valid. One party to the other party’s notice or document is deemed to be delivered at the mailing address. If the document to the above address is returned by the postal department, the date of return shall be deemed to be the date of delivered.


第二十六条  本合同自签订之时起生效。


Article 26 This contract shall come into force as of the date of signing.




Party A and Party B shall go for the registration of the rental house within thirty days from the date of signing the contract.


第二十七条  本合同以中文文本为正本。


Article 27 This contract is according to Chinese language if contradictions occur.


第二十八条  本合同一式      份,甲方执      份,乙方      份,合同登记机关执        份,有关部门执       份。


Article 28 This contract is made in       copy, Party A shall hold         copy, Party B shall hold          copy, and the contract registration organ shall hold        copy, and the relevant departments shall hold         copy.



甲方(签章):Party A (signature)


法定代表人:Legal representative


联系电话:Contact Number


银行账号:Bank account


委托代理人(签章):Agent (signature):                              Day               Month               Year


己方(签章):Party B (signature)


法定代表人:Legal representative


联系电话:Contact Number


银行账号:Bank account


委托代理人(签章):Agent (signature):                              Day               Month               Year










Special Notice







Before signing the contract, both parties should carefully read the contract, the terms of the contract can be made additions, selection, filling, modify, supplement after negotiation.After the signing of the contract, The contents not modified and the contents of the parties concerned(Signed and sealed by both parties) shall be regarded as the contents of this contract. The selection, supplement, filling and modification of the contract shall be prior based on the effectiveness of the handwriting.




Before signing the contract, the lessor shall present the certificate of real estate rights to the lessee or other valid documents that prove that he owns the property right of the premises, and the certificate of the identity or legal qualification of the lessor.




The parties to sign and perform the contract shall be carried out in accordance with the law, shall not violate the relevant provisions of the law or engage in illegal activities.




Once the contract has been signed, it is legally binding force on both parties. The



parties shall perform their obligations in accordance with the agreement, and shall not alter or terminate the contract without legal or contractual agreement.




The contents of the contract written by the parties themselves, shall adapt to carbon ink or black ink, brush, pen, fill out and signed or stamped by.




There is a blank in the part of the text of this contract (underlined), may be agreed by the parties, some clauses for parties to choose (marko).




After the signing of this contract, the parties shall promptly to the housing rental management department for registration.




The parties can decide according to the original contract marks and check carefully in the contract when actual needs, to ensure that the contract between the content. In any case, both parties shall each hold at least one original contract.




The contents of the contract has changed or eliminated, the parties shall go to the original registration authority for the relevant formalities.







In the attached page,both parties can negotiate how to dispose of the rental house on expiry of the lease and  after the termination of the contract.




The contract of the sixth “rental housing purposes” should be filled in the following: commercial, office, factory, warehouse, integrated, other.





Shenzhen Housing Security








Liability Statement




Shenzhen mobile population and rental housing management office




In order to implement “the decision of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress on strengthening the responsibility for the safety of house lease”, further clarify the rental housing security responsibilities, strengthen rental housing safety management, ensure the safety of people’s lives and property. According to the



relevant laws and regulations, particularly to draw up this  lability satement.




The lessor and lessee of the production and business premises in the administrative area of the municipality (including all types of commodity markets and their stalls, counters), office space, housing and other housing.




The lessor shall have the certificate of the ownership of the house or other documents as required by the municipal government. If entrust others to rent, the owner shall sign a written entrustment agreement with the client, and shall agree on their respective safety responsibilities.




The lessor shall ensure that the exits, gallery , fire fighting, gas and electric facilities of the rental house shall conform to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations as well as the safety standards prescribed by the relevant administrative departments. Where the relevant laws or regulations provide that the relevant license or approval documents are required to be allowed to be leased, the lessor shall obtain.





If the lessee use the rental house for production and business activities the lessor shall require him to produce the relevant certificate and the business license or certificate of business license before the opening.




The lessor shall inspect and make a written record on the safe use and use nature of rental house at least once per quarter. The lessee shall be combined with the signature. For objective reasons can not personally inspect, should entrust others to inspect.




If the lessor considers the existence of a hidden danger in the rental house and the lessee has changed the nature of the use of the house without authorization, it shall report to the comprehensive management office of the rental house or other relevant administrative departments.




The lessee shall use the house safely and reasonably in accordance with the provisions of laws, regulations and housing lease contract, Shall not arbitrarily change the structure and use of housing properties. If the lessee find security risks in the rental



house, the lessor shall be notified immediately, it also reports the comprehensive management office or other relevant administrative departments at the same time.




Lessee shall not arbitrarily change the use of rental house, if the lessee use the rental house engage in hotel industry, catering, entertainment, Internet bar, workshop and other operating activities, it should comply with the relevant provisions.




It is prohibited to use the rental house engage in gambling, drug and drug trafficking, prostitution and whoringpornographic, forged documents, print illegal publications, manufacture and sale of fake and shoddy goods, harboring criminals, harboring and selling stolen goods and other illegal and criminal behavior.




It is prohibited to use the rental house engage in pyramid selling or disguised pyramid selling, unlicensed business activities, unlicensed clinics, illegal medical practice or illegal recycling of renewable resources or other illegal activities.




It is prohibited to use the rental house engaged in unlicensed staffing, matchmaking, training, real estate intermediary and other fraud.





It is prohibit the use of residential rental house engaged in the production, storage, management of flammable, explosive, toxic, radioactive and other dangerous goods.




The two parties shall assist and cooperate with the comprehensive management office of the rental housing for the safety inspection and management of the rental house and truthfully provide relevant materials and information.




If the lessor or lessee fails to perform his duty of safety in accordance with the law, resulting in damage to the person or property of another person, the victim may require the lessor or lessee to bear the corresponding liability for compensation according to law.






Lessor: (signature)

Lessee: (signature)







Trustee, manager: (signature)

Contact Number:







Contact Number:








Basic Info X:

Name: Contract
Type: Contract
Date: April 7, 2017
Company: Uni Line Corp.
State: Nevada

Other info:


  • Shenzhen Housing Rental Contract * * * Shenzhen Housing Rental Management Office
  • **House Rental Agreement** Landlord Party A : House
  • Tenant Party B : House
  • Congress Standing Committee
  • Party A □要求乙方恢复原状Request Party
  • □1、要求乙方恢复房屋原状; Require Party B
  • _元)。 Require Party B
  • 甲、乙双方就本合同发生的纠纷,应通过协商解决;协商解决不成的么提请房屋租赁主管机关调解或向: Article 24 □深圳国际仲裁院申请仲裁;Shenzhen International Court
  • Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress


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