Relief from the Automatic Stay to Permit Termination of Agreement

 EXHIBIT 10.44

                         UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT
                                EASTERN DIVISION

IN RE:  BRIDGE                    )        IN PROCEEDINGS UNDER CHAPTER 11
                   DEBTOR.        )        CASE NO. 01-0141593-293
                                  )        HONORABLE DAVID P. MCDONALD
                                  )        UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY JUDGE

                              STIPULATION AND ORDER

         WHEREAS,  on February 15, 2001 (the "Filing Date"), the above-captioned
Debtor and 21 related  entities  (collectively,  the "Debtors")  commenced these
Chapter 11 cases (the  "Bankruptcy  Case") by filing  voluntary  petitions under
Title 11 of the United States Code; and

         WHEREAS,     the    Debtors    have     continuously     operated    as
Debtors-in-Possession  since the Filing Date pursuant to 11 and
1108; and

         WHEREAS,  on March 14, 2001,  came on for hearing (the  "Hearing")  the
Motion (the "Motion") for an Order  Directing  Debtor and Savvis  Communications
Corp. ("Savvis") to Provide Adequate Assurance of Future Performance Pursuant to
11 U.S.C. ss. 366 and to Cure all Arrearages,  or, in the Alternative,  Granting
Relief from the  Automatic  Stay to Permit  Termination  of  Agreement  filed by
Sprint Communications Company L.P. ("Sprint"); and

         WHEREAS,  at the Hearing,  the parties  announced that an agreement had
been reached and the terms of the agreements were placed on the record.

         NOW, IT IS HEREBY  STIPULATED AND AGREED by and among the  undersigned,
counsel of record of the  Debtors,  Savvis and Sprint (the  Debtors,  Savvis and
Sprint collectively,  the "Parties") that

         1. As  adequate  assurance  of payment to Sprint  pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 105 and 366, the Debtors and/or Savvis shall make the following  payments
to Sprint:  (a) a payment to Sprint in the amount of  $7,000,000  (the  "Initial
Payment") on or before Thursday,  March 22, 2001,  covering services provided by
Sprint to Savvis  for the period  February  15,  2001  through  March 21,  2001,
pursuant to agreements between Savvis and Sprint; (b) payments on a weekly basis
beginning on Thursday,  March 22, 2001 and every Wednesday thereafter (each such
date, a "Payment  Date"),  each in the amount of $1,400,000 as  prepayments  for
services to be provided by Sprint to Savvis for the week  following  the date of
each such payment (each, a "Weekly Prepayment"); and (c) payments on each of the
Payment  Dates  each in the  amount  of  $100,000  to be  applied  by  Sprint to
obligations  owing by Savvis to Sprint for the period  prior to the Filing  Date
(each,  with  the  corresponding   Weekly   Prepayment,   a  "Weekly  Payment").
Additionally,  the Weekly Prepayment shall be adjusted on a retrospective  basis
to reflect actual usage. To accomplish this, every two weeks Sprint shall inform
the Debtors and Savvis of the amount of any adjustment  (plus or minus) required
which shall be added or subtracted to the  subsequent  Weekly  Payments.

         2. All payments set forth in paragraph 1 of this  Stipulation  shall be
funded by wire  transfer  to  Sprint  on the dates set forth  above and shall be
accompanied by a written  notice (by facsimile or electronic  mail) to Ruth West
(or her designee) at Sprint  setting forth that each such payment has been made,
the date of such payment, and wire transfer tracking  information  including the
account  into which the  transfer  was made (the  "Confirmation").  Sprint shall
provide the Debtors and Savvis with the appropriate wire transfer information to
enable the Debtors  and/or Savvis to wire the funds set forth herein.

         3. To the  extent  that  Sprint  received  or  receives  new orders for
services from Savvis subsequent to the Filing Date, Sprint shall not be required
to  fulfill  such  new  orders  unless  and  until:  (a)  Sprint  is  paid a sum
satisfactory  to pre-pay  Sprint for the estimated  amount of usage  represented
from the date the  order is  fulfilled  to the next  Payment  Date;  and (b) the
Debtors and Savvis have agreed to increase the Weekly  Payments by a like amount
for each week  thereafter.  If the Weekly  Payments  are  increased as set forth
herein,  then the new  amount of the Weekly  Payments  shall be deemed to be the
Weekly Payments and shall be governed by the terms and conditions of paragraph 1

         4. If the  Debtors  or  Savvis  fail to  timely  make any  payment  due
hereunder, Sprint shall have the right to seek a court order (upon prior written
notice  to  counsel  to the  Debtors  and  Savvis,  by  facsimile  transmission)
authorizing  it to  terminate  the service  Sprint  provides to Savvis after the
expiration  of 3 business  days from the date of such notice  (the  "Termination
Date"). The Parties hereby consent to an emergency expedited  telephonic hearing
to consider  Sprint's request to terminate such service as set forth herein.

         5. To the extent that any payments due hereunder are not timely made by
the Debtor,  such  amounts  shall be  afforded  administrative  priority  status
pursuant  to 11 U.S.C.  ss.  503(b)(1),  and Sprint  reserves  the right to seek
additional priority status.

         6. The Motion is deemed dismissed without  prejudice.  This Stipulation
is without  prejudice to Sprint seeking the relief requested in its Motion based
on a breach by the  Debtors or of Savvis of any of the terms  contained  in this
Stipulation,  or upon the expiration of the terms of this Stipulation on May 31,
2001  (or a later  date as may be  agreed  to by the  Parties).  Moreover,  this
Stipulation  is without  prejudice  to Sprint  seeking  adequate  assurances  of
performance  from Savvis in the event Savvis  becomes a debtor under Title 11 of
the United States Code.

         7.  Division  of  responsibility  between  the  Debtors  and Savvis for
payments to be made under this  Stipulation  shall be as set forth in a separate
stipulation  and order entered into between those two Parties,  but for purposes
of payments to Sprint pursuant to this Stipulation, the Debtors and Savvis shall
be jointly and severally  responsible  for such payments.

         8. To the extent that this  Stipulation is inconsistent  with the terms
and  provisions  of  this  court's  prior  ex  parte  order  providing  adequate
assurances  to  Sprint,  entered  on  February  21,  2001,  the  terms  of  this
Stipulation shall control.

         9. This Stipulation may be executed in any number of counterparts, each
of which shall be an original but such  counterparts  shall together  constitute
one instrument.

                                                  /s/ David P. McDonald
                                                  UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY JUDGE

Dated:  March 22, 2001
Agreed: March 22, 2001


By:  /s/ Robert Rogers
     Title:  Assistant Vice President Customer Financial Services
     Name:  Robert Rogers


By:  /s/ Sankar Krishnan
     Title:  Chief Restructuring Officer
     Name:  Sankar Krishnan


By:   /s/ Steve M. Gallant
     Title:  General Counsel
     Name: Steve M. Gallant


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Name: Relief from the Automatic Stay to Permit Termination of Agreement
Type: Relief from the Automatic Stay to Permit Termination of Agreement
Date: April 17, 2001
Company: SAVVIS, Inc.
State: Delaware

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