the Fund to an agreement relating to the financial futures contracts

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Citibank, N.A.
153 East 53rd Street
New York, New York 10043

Attn.: Investment Services Capital Markets Group


     This will confirm our mutual agreement to amend as follows the
Custodian Agreement (the "Custodian Agreement") dated October 7, 1976,
between Oppenheimer Tax-Free Bond Fund, Inc. (the "Fund") and Citibank,
N.A. ("Citibank") as presently amended and adopted by this Fund:

     1.   The definition of "property" in Section III of the Custodian
Agreement is amended to include, without limiting the generality thereof,
any stocks, shares, bonds, financial futures contracts, indexes,
debentures, notes, mortgages and other obligations, and any certificates,
receipts, warrants or other financial instruments representing absolute
or conditional rights or options to receive, purchase, subscribe for or
sell the same or evidencing or representing any other rights or interests
therein, or any other property or assets, irrespective of their form, the
name by which they may be described, whether considered as securities or
commodities, or the character or form of the entities by which they are
issued or created.  All other terms used therein have the same meaning as
defined by the Custodian Agreement.

     2.  Citibank will, upon receipt of Proper Instructions, segregate
cash and/or securities of the Fund into escrow accounts in the name of a
designated broker or exchange clearing organization which is a party with
the Fund to an agreement relating to the financial futures contracts
described in the preceding paragraph.  Citibank will confirm the terms of
such escrow to the broker or clearing organization and provide a copy of
such confirmation to the Fund.  Citibank will not, however, make any
payment or transfer from any such escrow account except to the named
broker or clearing organization upon receipt of written notice by such
broker or clearing organization representing that the Fund is in default
of a specified obligation for which the escrow was established and setting
forth the amount represented to be due by the Fund to such broker or
clearing organization.

     3.  All charges for the services to be provided hereunder by Citibank
are or will be included within the schedule of charges as agreed upon from
time to time between the Fund and Citibank pursuant to Section XI of the
Custodian Agreement.

     4.  This amendment is dated as of the date set forth below and shall
continue in effect from year to year unless terminated by other parties
on thirty days notice and shall terminate simultaneously with the
termination of the Custodian Agreement.  Notices hereunder shall be given
in accordance with Section XVI of the Custodian Agreement.

Dated:  June 16, 1986

                                    Very truly yours,

                                    OPPENHEIMER TAX-FREE BOND FUND, INC.

                                    By: /s/ Robert G. Galli
                                        Robert G. Galli, Secretary


Citibank, N.A.

By: /s/ S.S. Tucciarone
    S.S. Tucciarone, Vice President 

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Name: the Fund to an agreement relating to the financial futures contracts
Type: Contracts
Date: April 28, 1995
State: Massachusetts

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  • October 7 , 1976
  • June 16 , 1986


  • Investment Services Capital Markets Group
  • Oppenheimer Tax-Free Bond Fund , Inc.


  • New York


  • Robert G. Galli