EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT

          EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT  made and entered into as  of the 8th day of
     August,  1996,  by   and  among  DOLLAR  FINANCIAL  GROUP,  a  NewYork
     INC.,  a Delaware corporation  ( HOLDINGS  or   PARENT ) (collectively
     referred to as the  EMPLOYER ) and DONALD F. GAYHARDT, JR., a resident
     of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (the  EXECUTIVE ).

                              W I T N E S S E T H :
                              - - - - - - - - - -

          WHEREAS,  Employer  and  Executive   are  parties  to  a  certain
     Employment  Agreement,  dated   as  of  June   1,  1994  (the    Prior
     Agreement );

          WHEREAS, certain subsequent events, including a change of name by
     Employer, make an amendment of the Prior Agreement appropriate; and

          WHEREAS,  Employer desires  to continue  to employ  Executive and
     Executive desires to accept employment by Employer upon the  terms and
     conditions hereinafter set forth;

          NOW, THEREFORE, in  consideration of the premises  and the mutual
     covenants  hereinafter set forth,  and intending  to be  legally bound
     hereby, it is hereby agreed as follows:

          1.   Termination of Prior Agreement.  The Prior Agreement is
     hereby terminated,  and superceded by  this Agreement.   The Executive
     shall be  entitled to his  accrued salary  and bonus  under the  Prior
     Agreement, prorated to the date hereof.

          2.   Employment; Term.  Employer agrees to employ Executive, and
     Executive agrees to be so employed, in the  capacity of Executive Vice
     President and Chief Financial Officer of Parent and Subsidiary,  for a
     term commencing on the date hereof and ending on the later to occur on
     the third anniversary  of the date hereof and the first anniversary of
     the  date on  which Employer  gives written  notice of  termination of
     employment to Executive.

          3.   Time and Efforts; Place of Performance.  Executive shall
     diligently and conscientiously devote  substantially his full business
     time and  attention and best efforts  to the business of  Employer and
     the  discharge  of  his  duties  hereunder.    It  is  understood that
     Executive may  serve as  an outside  director of one  or more  not for
     profit corporations, without violating the terms

     hereof,  provide that  such entities  are not  principally engaged  in
     business directly competitive with Employer.

          Executive s  employment hereunder  shall be principally  based in
     the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania metropolitan area.

          4.   Base  Salary.  In  partial consideration of  the services of
               ----  ------
     the Executive, Employer shall  pay or cause one or  more of its 
     subsidiary or affiliated corporations to pay  to Executive a salary at
     an annual rate  of $160,000  (the Base Salary), in  equal installments in
     accordance  with the  past payroll  practices of  Employer, but  in no
     event less frequently than monthly. The Base Salary may be  adjusted
     upward annually in the discretion of the board of directors of Parent,
     or the authorized committee thereof.

          5.   Incentive Compensation.  A.  As further compensation for the
     services  of  Executive,  Employer  shall pay  Executive  annual  cash
     bonuses determined as  follows and payable  within sixty (60)  days of
     December 31 of the relevant calendar year:

          (i)  Subject to subparagraph (iv), Executive shall be eligible to
     receive  with respect to  each calendar year during  the term hereof a
     cash  bonus in  an  amount equal  to 60%  of the  Base Salary  paid to
     Executive during  the relevant calendar year pursuant  to the terms of
     this Agreement (the  Target Bonus Amount ).

          (ii) The  actual bonus  due hereunder  for a  particular calendar
     year shall be determined based upon the achievement by the Employer of
     annual EBITDA (income before income taxes, depreciation, amortization,
     interest expense, management fees and incentive compensation payments)
     and  other operating and  financial target  results for  such calendar
     year.  EBITDA  for a year  shall be computed  from the audited  annual
     financial statements of Holdings  and its subsidiaries for such  year.
     EBITDA and other targeted operating and financial results for the 1996
     calendar year and  future calendar years  shall be determined  in good
     faith by the compensation committee of  the Board of Directors of  the
     Employer in  consultation with Executive.  The  parties will use their
     best efforts to establish EBITDA targets within 30 days after the date

          (iii)     For so long  as Steven N.  Hutchinson and/or Wesley  W.
     Lang,  Jr. are  active members  of Employer s  board of  directors, in
     calculating annual bonus amounts, a weight of 66.6% shall  be assigned
     to  achievement of targeted  EBITDA results,  on the  one hand,  and a
     weight  of 33.4%  shall be assigned  to achievement  of other targeted
     results, on the other hand, and the bonus shall be

     determined  on  the basis  of  the percentage  of  achievement  of the
     blended results.  Thereafter, a weight  of 100$\% shall be assigned to
     achievement  of targeted  EBITDA results,  and other  targeted results
     have no bearing on the calculation of Executive s cash bonus.

          (iv) (a)   In  the event the  Employer achieves  100% of targeted
     results, the bonus  payable shall be equal to the  Target Bonus Amount
     for such calendar year.

               (b)  In the event the Employer achieves results in excess of
     targeted results, the bonus payable shall be in an amount equal to the
     Target  Bonus Amount  for  such  calendar  year plus  an  amount  (the
      Incremental Bonus Amount )  equal to two  (2%) percent of  the Target
     Bonus  Amount for  each  one  (1%)  percent by  which  actual  results
     exceeded targeted results.   In no  event shall the  Incremental Bonus
     Amount be in an amount in excess of 40% of Executive s Base Salary for
     the relevant calendar year.

               (c)   In the event that actual  results amounting to between
     80% and 100% of targeted results are achieved, the bonus payable shall
     be equal  to the Target  Bonus Amount for  such calendar year  less an
     amount equal to two (2%)  percent of the Target Bonus Amount  for each
     one (1%)  percent by  which  actual results  were less  than  targeted

               (d)  In  the event that  actual results amount to  less than
     80% of targeted results, no cash bonus shall be payable.

          (v)  In connection with the  calculation of the bonus  payable to
     Executive for a given year, the EBITDA of entities acquired during the
     relevant calendar year shall be included in the relevant calendar year
     shall  be  included in  the  relevant calculations  from  the  date of
     acquisition,  net  of an  appropriate  capital  charge for  additional
     equity capital employed.

          (vi) In the event Executive s  employment is terminated by reason
     of Cause  (as herein defined),  or the Executive s  resignation (other
     than a resignation pursuant to Section 9(e)), no bonus for the year in
     which  termination  or  resignation  occurs  shall  be  payable.    If
     Executive s employment terminates  for any  other reason,  Executive s
     bonus for the year in which termination  occurs shall be calculated on
     the basis of the Employer s results  for the full fiscal year in which
     termination  occurs, but  his bonus shall  be prorated  based upon the
     number of days in such year in which he was employed by Employer.

          6.   Stock  Options.    A.   Executive  is  hereby  granted  non-
     qualified options to acquire up to 875 shares of the common stock of 
     Parent at a price of $1,000 per share (the Options). Common stock  of 
     Parent is referred to herein  as  Shares. The  Options will be exercisable
     by payment of the exercise price in cash or Shares owned by the Executive
     (at fair market  value).  The Options  shall have the following  terms
     and provisions:

               (a)  Term of ten (10) years from the date hereof; provided,
      however, that in the event of termination of employment of the
     Employee for any reason whatsoever,  the Options will terminate unless
     exercised within  60  days following  the  date on  which  termination

               (b)   Vesting  in equal  monthly increments  over three  (3)
     years, commencing  with the month  of July, 1994.   All  Options shall
     become immediately vested upon the occurrence of any of the following:
     termination of Executive s employment without Cause; Change of control
     (as herein defined) of  Parent; sale of equity securities of Parent in
     a public offering;  sale by Parent of substantially all  the assets or
     stock of  Subsidiary;  or death  of  Executive during  his  employment
     hereunder or  disability of Executive resulting in  termination of his
     employment with Employer.

          On  June 30,  1994, Parent and  its stockholders  have executed a
     Shareholders  Agreement (the   Shareholders  Agreement ).   All Shares
     issuable upon  the exercise of  the Options  shall be  subject to  the
     terms of the Shareholders Agreement.  The Options are personal to  the
     Employee  and are  non-transferable, except  that upon  the Employee s
     death,   the   Options  shall   be   transferable   to  his   personal

          Upon  a  cash exercise  of  the Options  (in  full  or in  part),
     Employer will lend to Executive (the  Option Loan ) an amount equal to
     the  exercise price  of the Options  (or the  portion thereof actually
     exercised).   Such Option Loan  shall be  repayable upon the  he third
     anniversary of the date of advance.   Interest on the unpaid principal
     balance thereof shall  accrue at a fixed rate equal  to the Prime Rate
     charged by PNC at  the time of exercise  of the Option plus two  (2%),
     payable upon maturity.  Such  Option Loan will be collateralized  by a
     pledge of the Shares  acquired pursuant to the subject exercise of the
     Options.  The recourse of the Employer to collect the Option Loan, and
     any interest accrued thereon, shall be limited to such  pledged Shares
     and Employer shall have no further recourse against Executive in order
     to  collect any such amounts.   In the  event that Employer forecloses
     upon the collateral, Executive shall retain the benefit of the

     amount by which the  value of the collateral exceeds the principal and
     interest due on  the Option Loan.   If after  exercise of the  Options
     Parent  shall  exercise a  right,  or have  an  obligation,  under the
     Shareholders Agreement, to  purchase the Shares which were  subject to
     the Option, the principal  amount of the Option Loan,  and all accrued
     interest thereon,  shall be offset against the  purchase price of said
     Shares, with such offset being applied against installments on account
     of the  purchase price coming due under  the Shareholders Agreement in
     the order of maturity.

          B.   In  addition  to the  Option,  Executive  is hereby  granted
     additional options  (the  Additional Options )  to acquire  up to  375
     shares of the common stock of Parent at an exercise price as described
     below.  The  term of the  Additional Options shall  be ten (10)  years
     from June  30, 1994; provided, however, that  if a Liquidity Event (as
                          --------  -------
     herein defined)  shall  not  theretofore have occurred, the term of the
     Additional Options  shall automatically be extended  for an additional
     ten years.   The Additional  Options are personal to  the Employee and
     are  non-transferable,  except that  upon  the  Employee s death,  the
     Additional   Options   shall   be   transferable   to   his   personal

          The initial exercise price of  the Additional Options was  $1,000
     per  share.  On each of  June 30, 1995 and June  30, 1996 the exercise
     price increased  by 40%.  On each of June  30, 1997 and June 30, 1998,
     the exercise  price shall  increase  by 40%  over the  exercise  price
     applicable for the  prior year.  From and after  the fifth anniversary
     date, the exercise  price shall be $5,000  per share.  The  Additional
     Options  will be exercisable by payment  of the exercise price in cash
     or common stock of Parent (at fair market value).

          The  Additional Options  are  immediately vested.   However,  the
     Additional Options are  exercisable only (i) in the event  of a Change
     of  control or Holdings  shall make an initial  public offering of its
     shares of common  stock (each, a   Liquidity Event ), and (ii)  if, at
     the  time  of  occurrence of  such  Liquidity  Event, the  Executive s
     employment with  the Employer shall not have  ben terminated by reason
     of his resignation (other than a resignation pursuant to Section 9(e))
     or discharge for Cause.  The Shares  subject to the Additional Options
     shall not be subject to the Shareholders Agreement.

          C.   In  addition  to  the  Option  and  the  Additional  Shares,
     Executive is  hereby granted  supplemental options  (the  Supplemental
     Options )  to acquire  up to  840 shares  of the  common stock  of the
     Parent at an exercise price of $1,600 per share.  Further, the 
     Supplemental Options shall be exercisable only in the

     event that  at the time of exercise, Weiss, Peck and Green realized an
     internal rate of return of 35% or greater on its  equity investment in
     Imployer.  The Supplemental Options shall otherwise be subject  to the
     terms and  conditions of the Options as set forth in this paragraph 6.

          D.   During  the three year  period commencing on  June 30, 1994,
     with the concurrence  of the Employee  and Jeffrey Weiss  (which shall
     not unreasonably be withheld),  Holdings may grant options to  acquire
     up to 1,200 Shares to persons who, at the time of grant, are employees
     of the  Employer or one of its  subsidiaries (the  Employee Options ).
     The Employee Options shall be in substantially the same form and shall
     contain substantially the same terms as the Options and the Additional
     Options, and  shall  be issued  in the  same proportion  to each  such
     employee as the  Options and Additional Options  are granted hereunder
     to the Executive.  Each grant of an Employee Option shall result  in a
     reduction  of the  number of  Shares  subject to  the  Option and  the
     Additional Option in an amount equal to 17.5% and  7.5%, respectively,
     of the number of Shares subject to such Employee Option.  In addition,
     to the extend  fewer than Employee  Options covering fewer  than 1,200
     Shares have been  issued on or prior to the  third anniversary of June
     30,  1994, the  number  of  Shares  subject  to  the  Option  and  the
     Additional Option  shall, effective as of the  day following the third
     anniversary  of  the date hereof, be further reduced  by the Reduction
     Amount (as herein defined).   The Reduction Amount shall be an  amount
     determined by  subtracting from 1,200 the number  of Shares subject to
     Employee  Options actually  granted,  and  multiplying  the  resulting
     number by 12.5%.  The Reduction Amount shall  be allocated 70%  to the
     Options and  30% to the  Additional Options.   It is  understood that,
     pursuant to  as Subscription Agreement of June  30, 1994, Holdings has
     granted to  W.G. Corporate Development Associates  IV (Overseas), Ltd.
     options to purchase Shares  in an amount  equal, in the aggregate,  to
     50% of  the Reduction Amount.   For the purposes of  this paragraph D,
     Employee  Options  which  are   granted  but  subsequently   forfeited
     (regardless  of  when forfeited)  shall  be deemed  not  to  have been

          E.   Holdings  agrees  that it  will  not claim  a  deduction for
     federal  income tax  purposes resulting  from the  grant (but  not the
     exercise) of the Options and the Additional Options to the Executive.

          F.   The exercise price, and the number of shares subject  to the
     Options  and   the  Additional  Options,  are   subject  to  equitable
     adjustment  to  take  into  account  stock  dividends,  stock  splits,
     recapitalizations  and  other  dilutive   events,  all  as  reasonably
     determined in good faith by the Company s board of directors.

          7.   Benefits.  Executive shall be eligible to participate in all
     fringe benefit programs of Employer  offered from time to time to  its
     senior  management  employees  (including,  without  limitation,  auto
     allowance, life insurance,  disability insurance,  dental and  medical
     coverage, profit  sharing, pension, 401(k),  and vacation), but  in no
     event shall the  total package of benefits be less  than that accruing
     to Executive as of the date hereof pursuant to the Prior Agreement.

          8.   Expenses.  Employer will reimburse Executive for all
     reasonable,  ordinary   and  necessary  expenses   (including  travel)
     incurred by  him in  carrying  out his  duties under  this  Agreement.
     Employer  acknowledges  the business  value  to the  Employer  of such
     expenditures.  Executive shall present Employer from time to time with
     an  itemized statement of such  expenses in such  form as the Employer
     may request.

          9.   Termination.
               (a)   Executive s  employment  under this  Agreement may  be
     terminated without further liability by Employer at any time for Cause
     (defined, for purposes of this Agreement, as (I) Executive
     s willful refusal, after written notice by Employer, to inure within a
     period  of 30 days  any continuing  material breach  hereof or  (ii) a
     final non-appealable  adjudication in  a criminal or  civil proceeding
     that  Executive  has  committed  a  fraud  or  felony  relating  to or
     adversely affecting this employment.)

               (b)  Employer may terminate Executive s employment hereunder
     at anytime,  including  upon  the  occurrence  of  the  disability  of
     Executive, upon 90 days  written notice to Executive, upon  payment of
     a severance  benefit (the  Severance Benefit ) equal to the sum of (I)
     one year  of Base Salary at the  current rate and (ii)  the cash bonus
     received by  Executive for the most recently  completed calendar year,
     payable in 12 equal consecutive monthly installments on the  first day
     of  each month,  commencing with the  month after  the month  in which
     termination  occurs.    Payment  of  the Severance  Benefit  shall  be
     Executive s sole remedy in the event of the Employer s  termination of
     this Agreement for  any reason.  Executive will cooperate  in order to
     allow Employer to purchase disability insurance regarding Executive in
     order to fund its obligation hereunder.

               (c)  If there is a Change of Control, Executive may elect to
     terminate his  employment hereunder within 90 days  of such change, in
     which  case he  shall  be entitled  to receive  from  Employer a  cash
     payment equal to the Severance Benefit.

               (d)  In the  event Executive shall be  indicted for a  crime
     not  involving the  Employer or  any of  its subsidiaries,  subject to
     giving the Executive a full opportunity to make  a presentation to the
     Board of Directors, the Employer shall have the right to terminate the
     employment of  the Executive pursuant  to this paragraph  (d).  If  it
     does so, it  shall continue to pay  the Executive's Base  Salary until
     the first  to  occur of  (I)  conviction of  the  felony or  a  lesser
     included offense or  a plea of  nolo contendere  by the Executive,  or
                                     ---- ----------
     (ii) the Executive's acquittal. In the event of the Executive's  acquittal,
     Executive shall be entitled to his Severance Benefit, commencing as of
     the  date of such  acquittal, but the  amount paid to  him pursuant to
     this paragraph (d) shall be credited toward the Severance Benefit.  In
     the event of a conviction or plea of nolo contendere, Executive shall
                                          ---- ----------
     immediately repay to  the mount paid  pursuant to this  paragraph (d),
     and, if not immediately  repaid and without limiting Employer's  other
     remedies,  Employer shall  have the right  to offset  said sum against
     monies due to  the Executive by  reason of the  purchase of shares  or
     options  of Holdings  formerly  owned by  Executive  and purchased  by

               (e)   For purposes of this Agreement,  a  Change of Control 
     shall be deemed to have occurred if and when :

               (1)  W.G. Corporate Development Associates IV, L.P. and W.G.
                    Corporate Development  Associates IV  (Overseas), Ltd.,
                    collectively,  shall cease  to  own  equity  securities
                    having at  least 51% of  the voting  power of  Holdings
                    other than  by reason of,  or as a result  of, a public
                    offering of Holdings  shares; provided, however, that 
                                                  --------  -------
                    shares of  Holdings held  by (I) any  liquidating trust
                    for  either  of  said  parties, (ii)  the  partners  or
                    stockholders  of  either  of  said  parties,  (ii)  the
                    partners or  stockholders of either of  said parties in
                    the event of the liquidation of  such parties, or (iii)
                    any  venture  capital   or  management  buy   out  fund
                    sponsored by Weiss, Peck & Greer shall not be deemed to
                    constitute a Change of Control for the purposes of this
                    subparagraph (1);

               (2)  the   Company   becomes   a   subsidiary   of   another
                    unaffiliated   corporation  or   shall  be   merged  or
                    consolidated into another unaffiliated corporation; or

               (3)  all or substantially all  of the Company s assets shall
                    have been sold to an unaffiliated party or parties.

                    (f)     Executive  shall   not  be  required   to  seek
     alternative  employment following the payment  to him of any Severance
     Benefit  hereunder and  in no event  shall any  compensation earned or
     amounts paid to  Executive in any  such alternate employment  serve to
     mitigate Employer's severance obligations to Executive hereunder.

          10.  Restrictive Covenant.  In consideration of Employer's grant
     of options to Executive,  and its covenant to pay a Severance Benefit,
     each as  contained herein, without prior written  consent of the Board
     of  Directors of Employer,  Executive agrees  that he  will not  for a
     period  of  one (1)  year  following  the termination  of  Executives 
     employment with Employer for any reason whatsoever, (or to such lesser
     extent and  for such lesser period  as may be deemed  enforceable by a
     court of competent jurisdiction, it being the intention of the parties
     that  this  Section  10  shall  be  so enforced):    (a)  directly  or
     indirectly engage in the same state or territory of  the United States
     in any  business  in  direct  competition with  the  primary  business
     conducted by Employer at the time of termination, either  as employee,
     independent  contractor,  5%  or  greater owner,  partner,  lender  or
     stockholder; and  further provided,  that the  foregoing shall  not be
     construed  to prohibit  ownership of less  than 2%  of the outstanding
     shares of any  public corporation);   (b) solicit, canvass,  or accept
     any  business for  any  other  company,  or business  similar  to  any
     business  of Employer,  from any past,  present or  future (as defined
     below)  customer  of Employer;  (c) directly  or indirectly  induce or
     attempt  to  influence  any  employee  or  Employer  to terminate  his
     employment;   or  (d) directly  or indirectly  request any  present or
     future  ( future , as used herein, shall mean  at or prior to the time
     of  termination   of  employment)  entities  with   who  Employer  has
     significant business relationships to curtail or cancel their business
     with Employer.   In addition and without  limiting the foregoing, upon
     the termination of the Executive s employment by the Employer  for any
     reason,  whether before  or after the  expiration of  the term  of his
     employment, Executive shall  not at  any time  directly or  indirectly
     disclose to any  person, firm or  corporation any trade,  technical or
     technological  secrets,  any  details  of   organization  or  business
     affairs,  or any names of past or  present customers of Employer.  For
     the  purposes of this Section 10,  the term  Employer  shall be deemed
     to include Employer and all of its subsidiaries.

          11.  Inventions.  All inventions, discoveries, improvements,
     processes,  formulae and  data  relating to  Employer s business  that
     Executive  may  make,  conceive  or  learn  during  the  term  of  his
     employment by  the Employer (whether before, during  or after the term
     of  this Agreement,  whether  during working  hours  or otherwise,  or
     within six months following the termination of his employment  for any
     reason) shall be the exclusive property of Employer.  Executive agrees
     to make prompt disclosure to the board of directors of Employer of all
     such  inventions, etc.,  and to  do at  Employer s expense  all lawful
     things necessary  or useful to assist Employer  in securing their full
     enjoyment and protection.   IN the event of  any breach or  threatened
     breach of the  provisions of this Section 11 or  the preceding Section
     10, Employer  may apply  to  any court  of competent  jurisdiction  to
     enjoin  such  breach.    Any  such  remedy  shall  be  in addition  to
     Employer s remedies at law under such circumstances.

          12.  Notices.  Any notice given hereunder shall be in writing and
     delivered or mailed  by certified  mail or  overnight courier  service
     (with proof of delivery) and addressed to the appropriate party at the
     address set  forth below or at  such other address as  the party shall
     designate  from time to time in  a notice; and if to Employer, with  a
     copy to  Altheimer &  Gray, 10  S. Wacker Drive,  Chicago, IL   60606,
     Attention:  David W. Schoenberg, Esquire

          Donald F. Gayhardt, Jr.  Dollar Financial Group.
          350 Ardmore Avenue       1436 Lancaster Avenue, Suite 210
          Ardmore, PA  19003       Berwyn, PA  19312
                                   Attention:  President

          13.  Binding  Effect.  This Agreement  shall inure to the benefit
     of and be  binding upon Employer, its successors and assigns. Executive
     acknowledges   that   these   services  are   unique   and   personal.
     Accordingly, Executive may  not assign any  of his rights  or delegate
     any of his duties or obligations under this Agreement.

          14.  Waiver.  Failure to insist in any one or more instances on
     strict compliance with the terms of this Agreement shall not be deemed
     a waiver.  Waiver of a breach of any provision of this Agreement shall
     not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach.

          15.  Governing Law; Disputes.  This Agreement is made and
     delivered   in,  and  shall  be  construed   in  accordance  with  the
     substantive laws of,  the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and  the United
     States of America without regard to  conflict of law principles.   Any
     claims, controversies, demands, disputes or

     differences between or among  the parties hereto arising out of, or by
     virtue  of,  or in  connection  with, or  otherwise  relating  to this
     Agreement  shall be submitted to and  settled by arbitration conducted
     in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before one or three arbitrators, each of
     whom  shall be  knowledgeable in  the field of  employment law.   Such
     arbitration shall otherwise be conducted  in accordance with the rules
     then obtaining of the American  Arbitration Association.  The  parties
     hereto agree to share  equally the responsibility for all fees  of the
     arbitrators, abide by any decision rendered as final and  binding, and
     waive the right to appeal the decision or otherwise submit the dispute
     to a  court of law for a  jury or non-jury trial.   The parties hereto
     specifically agree that neither party may appeal or subject  the award
     or decision of any such arbitrator to appeal or review in any court of
     law or  in  equity or  by any  other tribunal,  arbitration system  or
     otherwise.  Judgment upon any award granted by such an  arbitrator may
     be enforced in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

          16.  Severability.  In the event that any provision of this
     Agreement shall  be determined to  be invalid by a  court of competent
     jurisdiction,  such determination shall in no  way affect the validity
     or enforceability of any other provisions hereof.

          17.  Entire  Agreement; Miscellaneous.   The  parties acknowledge
     and agree that they are not relying on  any  representations,  oral ro
     written, other than those expressly  contained herein.  This Agreement
     supersedes  all   proposals,  oral   or  written,   all  negotiations,
     conversations or  discussions between the  parties and  all course  of
     dealing.   All prior understandings and agreements between the parties
     regarding  employment matters  are  hereby merged  in this  Agreement,
     which  alone  is  the  complete   and  exclusive  statement  of  their
     understanding  as to  employment.  No  waiver or  modification of this
     Agreement  shall be  valid unless  the same  shall be  in writing  and
     signed by the party  sought to be charged  therewith.  Time is  of the
     essence in  this Agreement and each and  every provision hereof.  This
     is  a  personal  services  agreement; no  agency,  partnership,  joint
     venture or other  joint relationship is  created hereby.   The parties
     acknowledge that  they each  participated in drafting  this Agreement,
     and there shall be no presumption against any party on the ground that
     such party was  responsible for preparing  this Agreement or  any part
     hereof.  Paragraph headings are for convenience of reference  only and
     are not intended to create substantive rights or obligations.

          IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Agreement has been duly executed  by the
     undersigned as of the day and year first above written.

     HOLDINGS, INC.                     CORPORATION

     By:/s/ Jeffrey Weiss        By:/s/ Jeffrey Weiss
        -----------------           -----------------
        ( Employer )                ( Employer )

                                   /s/Donald F. Gayhardt, Jr.
                                   Donald F. Gayhardt, Jr.


Basic Info X:

Type: Employment Agreement
Date: Jan. 29, 1997
State: New York

Other info:


  • 8th day of August , 1996
  • June 1 , 1994
  • December 31
  • July , 1994
  • June 30 , 1995
  • June 30 , 1996
  • June 30 , 1997
  • June 30 , 1998
  • third anniversary of June 30 , 1994


  • Chief Financial Officer of Parent and Subsidiary
  • Efforts ; Place of Performance
  • Weiss , Peck & Greer
  • Change of Control
  • Board of Directors of Employer
  • Altheimer & Gray
  • S. Wacker Drive
  • Jr. Dollar Financial Group
  • American Arbitration Association


  • NewYork
  • Delaware
  • Imployer
  • L.P.
  • Chicago
  • Ardmore
  • Berwyn
  • United States of America
  • Philadelphia
  • Pennsylvania


  • $ 160,000
  • $ 1,000
  • $ 5,000
  • $ 1,600


  • Steven N. Hutchinson
  • Wesley W. Lang
  • Peck
  • David W. Schoenberg
  • Esquire Donald F. Gayhardt
  • Jeffrey Weiss


  • 60 %
  • 66.6 %
  • 33.4 %
  • \ %
  • 100 %
  • 2 % percent
  • 1 % percent
  • 80 %
  • 40 %
  • 35 %
  • 17.5 %
  • 12.5 %
  • 70 %
  • 30 %
  • 50 %
  • 51 %