1.       PARTIES.
This lease dated,  for reference  purposes  only,  April 11, 1995 is made by and
LazerData Corp. (herein called TENANT).

2.       PREMISES.
(a) Landlord  does hereby lease to Tenant and Tenant hereby leases from Landlord
that  certain   office/warehouse/showroom   space  (herein  called   "Premises")
indicated  on  Exhibit  "A"  attached  hereto  and  made a part  hereof  by this
reference,  said Premises  being agreed,  for the purpose of this Lease,  and to
have an area of approximately  1,750 square feet to be known as Unit 100 of that
certain Building known as 303 Airport Blvd, Aurora, Colorado 80011.

(b) Tenant  agrees that the Premises  shall be used and occupied  only for sales
and service of laser  scanning  equipment in a careful,  safe and proper manner,
and that it will pay on  demand  for any  damage to the  Premises  caused by the
misuse of same by it, or its agents or employees; That it will not use or permit
the Premises to be used for any other  purposes and that nothing  prohibited  by
the laws of the United States or the State of Colorado, or the ordinances of the
city of  Aurora  and  Arapahoe  County,  Colorado  shall be done in or about the
Premises.  Tenant  agrees that it will not use or keep any substance or material
in or about the  Premises  which may  vitate or  endanger  the  validity  of the
insurance on said  building or increase the hazard or the risk to the  building,
or which may prove  offensive  or  annoying  to other  tenants of the  building.
Tenant agrees that it will not permit any nuisance in the Premises.

(c) Tenant's  Employees and  Visitors.  Tenant shall not permit any employees or
visitors  of the Tenant to violate  any  covenant  or  obligation  of the Tenant

3.       TERM
The term of this Lease shall be for three (3) years and 0 months  commencing  on
the 15th day of May, 1995 and ending on the 14th day of May 1998.

(a) If the Landlord, for any reason whatsoever, cannot deliver possession of the
said Premises to the Tenant at the  commencement of the term hereof,  this Lease
shall not be void or  voidable,  nor shall  Landlord be liable to Tenant for any
loss or damage  resulting  herefrom,  nor shall the expiration date of the above
term be in any way extended,  but in that event,  all rent and costs  associated
with the  Premises  pursuant  to this  Lease  shall be abated  during the period
between  the  commencement  of said  term and the time  when  Landlord  delivers

(b) In the event that Landlord  shall permit Tenant to occupy the Premises prior
to the commencement date of the term, such occupancy shall be subject to all the
provisions  of  this  Lease.   Said  early  possession  shall  not  advance  the
termination date hereinabove provided.

(c) The  representative  of the Landlord in charge of supervising the completion
or remodeling of the Premises shall control conclusively the date upon which the
Premises are ready for  occupancy,  and rent shall  thereupon  commence  whether
Tenant  physically  occupies the  Premises or not.  The parties  hereto agree to
execute  and  acknowledge  a  written   statement  setting  forth  the  date  of
commencement of this Lease and the termination  date but this Lease shall not be
affected  in any manner  should  either  party  fail or refuse to  execute  such

(d) If as a result of the  postponement of the commencement of the term of prior
occupancy  by Tenant,  the term would  begin  other than on the first day of the
month, the commencement  date thereof shall be further postponed until the first
day of the following month, but Tenant shall pay proportionate  rent at the same
monthly rate set forth  herein (also in advance) for such partial  month and all
other terms and  conditions  of this Lease  shall be in force and effect  during
such partial month.  The Tenant by taking  possession of the Premises,  shall be
deemed to have agreed that the Premises are in a satisfactory  order, repair and
condition,  and Tenant shall  provide  Landlord,  upon  request,  with a written
acknowledgment of acceptance.

5.       RENTAL
(a) Subject to the provisions below,  Tenant agrees to pay, at such place as may
be designated from time to time by landlord,  in lawful United States  currency,
in  advance  on the first day of each  calendar  month  during  the lease  term,
without and deduction,  prior notice, demand or offset whatsoever,  minimum rent
as described below. The rent payable hereunder shall be adjusted annually on the
anniversary of the commencement date during the term of this Lease.

         May 15, 1995 - May 14, 1996:       $850.00 per month
         May 15, 1996 - May 14, 1997:       $875.00 per month
         May 15, 1997 - May 14, 1998:       $900.00 per month

Tenant has  deposited  with  Landlord the sum of Eight  Hundred Fifty and 00/000
Dollars ($850.00) as a Security Deposit (the "Security Deposit"); So long as the
Tenant is not in default  and such  monies  have not been used to cure any prior
defaults,  $850.00  which shall be held by Landlord as security for the faithful
performance by Tenant of all the terms, covenants,  and conditions of this Lease
to be kept and  performed by Tenant during the term hereof.  If Tenant  defaults
with respect to any  provision of this Lease,  including  but not limited to the
provisions  relating  to the  payment  of rent,  Landlord  may (but shall not be
required  to) use,  spend or become  obligated  to spend by  reason of  Tenant's
default,  or to compensate  Landlord for any other loss or damage which Landlord
may suffer by reason of Tenant's default. If any portion of said deposit is used
or applied,  Tenant shall within five (5) days after written  demand  therefore,
deposit  cash with  Landlord in an amount  sufficient  to restore  the  security
deposit to its original amount and Tenant's failure to do so shall be a material
breach of this  Lease.  landlord  shall not be  required  to keep this  security
deposit  separate  from its general  funds,  and Tenant shall not be entitled to
interest on such  deposit.  If Tenant shall fully and  faithfully  perform every
provision  of this  Lease to be  performed  by it, the  security  deposit or any
balance  thereof shall be returned to Tenant (or, at Landlord's  option,  to the
last  assignee  of  Tenant's  interest  hereunder)  within  60  days  after  the
expiration of the Lease term. In the event of termination of Landlord's interest
in this Lease,  Landlord shall transfer said deposit to Landlord's  successor in
interest and Tenant agrees to look solely to such  transferee  for the return of
the security deposit.

(a) The  Landlord  shall  have the  right at any time to enter the  Premises  to
examine and inspect the same, or to make such repairs, additions, or alterations
as it may deem necessary or proper for the safety,  improvement or  preservation
thereof,  and shall at all times have the right,  at its election,  to make such
alterations or changes to other portions of said building as it may from time to
time deem necessary and desirable.

(b) Tenant shall make no  alterations  in or  additions to the Premises  without
first  obtaining  the  written  consent  of  Landlord,   and  all  additions  or
improvements  made by the Tenant  (with the sole  exception  of the  addition or
removal of movable office  furniture)  shall be deemed a part of the real estate
and permanent  structure  thereon and shall remain upon and be surrendered  with
said  Premises as a part thereof at the end of the said term,  by lapse of time,
or otherwise. In the event Tenant engages persons or companies other than Tenant
(or Tenant's  employees) to improve,  construct,  remodel or alter the Premises,
after  obtaining  Landlord's  consent  to so  improve,  construct  or alter  the
Premises,  Tenant  shall  notify the Landlord in writing (10) ten days before it
engages  said  persons or  companies  of the names and  addresses of all persons
supplying  labor  or  materials  or  both,  and  the  date  of  commencement  of
construction,  so that  Landlord may avail itself of the  provisions  of statues
such as C.R.S. 38-22-105 (2).

(c) In the event the Premises have  previously  been occupied,  but Landlord has
agreed to perform remodeling work thereon, such provisions shall be set forth on
a separate attachment, hereto, to be executed between Landlord and Tenant. Other
than as set forth in such separate  attachment,  hereto,  Landlord shall have no
obligation  for the  completion or remodeling of the Premises,  and Tenant shall
accept the Premises in their "as is"  condition on the date of the  commencement
of the term of this Lease. In any event,  Landlord shall not have any obligation

for the repair ore  placement  of any  portions of the  interior of the Premises
which are damaged or worn out during the term  hereof,  regardless  of the cause
therefore including, but not limited to carpeting,  draperies, window coverings,
wall  covering,  painting or any of  Tenant's  property  or  betterments  in the
Premises.  Tenant shall be responsible  for maintenance of exterior and interior

8.       REPAIRS
(a) By  taking  possession  of the  Premises,  Tenant  shall be  deemed  to have
accepted the Premises as being in good,  sanitary  order,  condition and repair.
Tenant  shall,  at Tenant's  sole cost and expense,  keep the Premises and every
part thereof in good condition and repair,  damage thereto from cause beyond the
reasonable  control of Tenant and ordinary wear and tear excepted.  Tenant shall
upon the  expiration or sooner  termination  of this Lease hereof  surrender the
Premises to the Landlord in good  condition,  ordinary  wear and tear and damage
from  causes  beyond  the  reasonable  control  of  Tenant  excepted.  Except as
specifically  provided in a written  attachment to this lease, if any,  Landlord
shall have no obligation whatsoever to alter, remodel, improve, repair, decorate
or paint the Premises or any part thereof and the parties  affirm that  Landlord
has made no  representations  to Tenant respecting the condition of the Premises
or the Building except as set forth in the written attachment, if any.

(b) The Tenant  shall pay all charges  for all gas,  electricity,  light,  heat,
steam, power, telephone or other communication services used, and other services
rendered or supplied,  upon or in connection  with the Premises during the Term,
and  shall  indemnify  and  hold  harmless  the  Landlord  against  and from any
liability  therefor.  The  Landlord  shall  pay for  reasonable  water and sewer
charges related to the Premises.

(c) Landlord shall install or there is presently  installed  within the Premises
the facilities for heating,  ventilating and  air-conditioning  of the Premises,
and Landlord shall maintain the same during the Term of Lease.  Tenant shall pay
all  charges  for  electricity  used  by  Tenant  in  heating,  ventilating  and
air-conditioning   the  Premises.   All  repairs  internal  plumbing  facilities
(toilets,  sinks) or any other  installation,  equipment  or  facilities  in the
Premises shall be made by Tenant at its expense.  landlord reserves the right to
cut  off and  discontinue,  with  notice  to  Tenant,  furnishing  any  heating,
ventilation, air-conditioning or other utility services furnished by Landlord at
any time when  Tenant has  failed to pay timely any amount  whether as Rental or
otherwise)  due under this Lease.  Landlord  shall not be liable for any damages
resulting from or arising out of any such  discontinuance and the same shall not
constitute a termination of this Lease or an eviction of Tenant.  Landlord shall
not be liable to Tenant in damages or otherwise  (i) if any utility shall become
unavailable  from any public  utility  company  supplying or  distributing  such
utility, or (ii) for any interruption in any utility service (including, without
limitation, any heating, ventilation or air-conditioning),  caused by the making
of any  necessary  repairs  or  improvement  or by any cause  beyond  Landlord's
reasonable  control,  and the same shall not  constitute a  termination  of this
Lease or an eviction of Tenant.

(d)  Notwithstanding  the  provisions of Article 16,  landlord  shall repair and
maintain the structural portions of the Building,  including the basic plumbing,
air  conditioning,  heating and  electrical  systems,  installed or furnished by
Landlord,  unless such maintenance and repairs are caused in whole or in part by
the act,  neglect,  fault or  omission  of any duty by the  Tenant,  its agents,
servants,  employees or invites,  in which case Tenant shall pay to Landlord the
reasonable  costs of such  maintenance and repair.  Landlord shall not be liable
for any failure to make any such  repairs or to perform any  maintenance  unless
such failure shall persist for an unreasonable  time after written notice of the
need of such repairs or  maintenance  is given to Landlord by Tenant.  Except as
provided  in Article  16  hereof,  there  shall be no  abatement  of rent and no
liability of Landlord by reason of any injury to or  interference  with Tenant's
business arising from the making of any repairs,  alterations or improvements in
or to  any  portion  of  the  Building  or the  Premises  or in or to  fixtures,
appurtenances and equipment therein.  Tenant waives the right to make repairs at
Landlord's  expense  under any law,  statute or  ordinance  now or  hereafter in

9.       LIENS.
Tenant  shall keep the  Premises and property in which the Premises are situated
free from any liens arising out of any work  performed,  materials  furnished or
obligations  incurred by Tenant.  Any such lien filed against the Premises shall

constitute a default under this Lease.  landlord may require, at Landlord's sole
option,  that  Tenant  shall  provide to  Landlord,  at  Tenant's  sole cost and
expense,  a completion bond in an amount equal to one and one-half (1 1/2) times
any and all estimated costs of any  improvements,  additions,  or alterations of
the  Premises,  to insure  Landlord  against any liability  for  mechanics'  and
materialmen's liens and to insure completion of the work.

Tenant shall not either  voluntarily or by operation of law,  assign,  transfer,
mortgage, pledge, hypothecate or encumber this Lease or any interest herein, and
shall not sublet or assign the said Premises or any part  thereof,  or any right
or privilege  appurtenant  thereto,  or suffer any other person (the  employees,
agents,  servants  and  invites  of Tenant  excepted)  to occupy or use the said
Premises, or any portion thereof,  without the written consent to Landlord first
had an obtained,  which consent shall be in Landlord's  sole  discretion,  and a
consent to one assignment,  subletting,  occupation or use by any other personal
shall not be deemed to be a consent to any  subsequent  assignment,  subletting,
occupation or use by another person.  Any such assignment or subletting  without
such consent shall be void, and shall, at the option of the Landlord, constitute
a default under this Lease.

Tenant shall indemnify and hold harmless  Landlord  against and from any and all
claims arising from Tenant's use of the Premises for the conduct of its business
or from any  activity,  work or other thing done,  permitted  or suffered by the
Tenant in or about the building,  and shall further  indemnify and hold harmless
Landlord  against and from any and all claims arising from any breach or default
in the  performance of any obligation on Tenant's part to be performed under the
terms of this Lease, or arising from any act of negligence of the Tenant, or any
officer, agent, employee,  guest, or invitee of Tenant, and from all and against
all cost,  attorney's  fees,  expenses and liabilities  incurred in or about any
such claim or any action or proceeding brought thereon, and, in any case, action
or proceeding  brought against  Landlord by reason of any such claim Tenant upon
notice  from  Landlord  shall  defend  the same at  Tenant's  expense by counsel
reasonably  satisfactory  to  Landlord.   Tenant  as  a  material  part  of  the
consideration  to the Landlord  hereby assumes all risk of damage to property or
injury to  persons,  in, upon or about the  Premises,  from any cause other than
Landlord's  gross  negligence,  and Tenant  hereby  waives all claims in respect
thereof against Landlord.

Landlord or its agents shall not be liable for any damage to property  entrusted
to employees of the Building, nor for loss or damage to any property by theft or
otherwise, nor for any injury to or damage to persons or property resulting from
fire, explosion,  falling plaster, steam, gas, electricity,  water or rain which
may leak from any part of the building or from the pipes, appliances or plumbing
works  therein or from the roof,  street or  subsurface  or from any other place
resulting from dampness or any other cause  whatsoever,  unless caused by or due
to the negligence of the Landlord, its agents,  servants or employees.  Landlord
or its  agents  shall not be  liable  for  interference  with the light or other
intangible  hereditement,  or for loss of business by Tenant, nor shall Landlord
be liable for any latent defect in the Premises or in the Building. Tenant shall
give prompt  notice to Landlord in case of fire or  accidents in the Premises or
in the Building or of defects therein or in the fixtures or equipment.

As long as their  respective  insurers  so permit,  Landlord  and Tenant  hereby
mutually waive their  respective  rights of recovery  against each other for any
loss insured by fire,  extended coverage and other property  insurance  policies
existing for the benefit of the respective parties.  Each party shall obtain any
special  endorsements,  if required by their insurer to evidence compliance with
the aforementioned waiver.

13.      INSURANCE.
During the term of this Lease, Tenant, at its sole cost and expense, shall carry
and  maintain  the  following  types  of  insurance  from an  insurance  company
qualified  to do business in the State of Colorado and  acceptable  to Landlord.
Tenant will provide  Landlord with a certificate  of insurance  which also names
Landlord as an additional insured.

(a) Public  liability  insurance,  including  bodily injury and property damage,
personal injury, with respect to all claims,  demands, or actions by any person,
firm or  corporation,  in any way arising from related to, or connected with the

conduct and  operation  of Tenant's  business in the Premises or Tenant's use of
the premises.  Such policies  shall  include  broad form  comprehensive  general
liability,  with limits not less than  $1,000,000;  $50,000 fire legal liability
and such higher  limits as Landlord or the  mortgagees  of Landlord  may require
from time to time:

Tenant shall furnish  Landlord  certificates  of insurance  within ten (10) days
after the execution hereof. Such policies shall provide that coverage may not be
canceled or reduced without at least ten (10) days written notice first given to
Landlord.  Tenant shall have the  privilege of procuring  and obtaining all such
insurance through its own sources,  provided,  however,  that if Tenant fails to
procure and maintain said Insurance,  Landlord may purchase the same at Tenant's
cost,  and the cost  thereof  shall be  Additional  Rent which  shall be due and
payable to Landlord on the date of the next monthly rental installment. Landlord
may, however,  elect not to purchase such insurance for Tenant's benefit and, in
lieu thereof, declare Tenant's default hereunder.

Tenant  shall pay, or cause to be paid,  before  delinquency,  any and all taxes
levied or  assessed  and which  become  payable  during the term hereof upon all
Tenant's leasehold  improvements,  equipment,  furniture,  fixtures and personal
property  locate din the  Premises;  except  that which has been paid for by the
Landlord,  and is the standard of the  Building.  In the event any or all of the
Tenant's leasehold  improvements,  equipment,  furniture,  fixtures and personal
property  shall be assessed  and taxed with the  Building,  Tenant  shall pay to
Landlord its share of such taxes  within ten (10) days after  delivery to Tenant
by  Landlord of a statement  in writing  setting  forth the amount of such taxes
applicable to Tenant's property.

In the  event  Tenant  does  not  forthwith  discharge  its  liability  for said
"personal  property" taxes, or any other items as identified  immediately above,
Landlord  shall have the right to expand all sums  necessary to  discharge  such
taxes and Tenant shall pay as additional  rent,  when the net rental  payment is
due, taxes, and attorney's fees and costs.

Tenant shall  faithfully  observe and comply with the rules and regulations that
Landlord shall from time to time  promulgate.  Landlord  reserves the right from
time to time to make all reasonable  modifications  to said rules. The additions
and modifications to those rules shall be binding upon Tenant upon delivery of a
copy of them to  Tenant.  Landlord  shall not be  responsible  to Tenant for the
nonperformance of any of said rules by any other tenants or occupants.

Landlord  reserves  and shall at any and all  times  have the right to enter the
Premises,  inspect the same, to allow said  Premises to be shown to  prospective
purchasers  or tenants,  to post  notices of  non-responsibility,  and to alter,
improve or repair the  Premises  and any  portion of the  Building  of which the
Premises are a part that  Landlord  may deem  necessary  or  desirable,  without
abatement or rent and may for that purpose erect scaffolding and other necessary
structures  where  reasonably  required  by  the  character  of the  work  to be
performed,  always  providing  that the  entrance to the  Premises  shall not be
blocked thereby, and further providing that the business of the Tenant shall not
be interfered with unreasonably.  Tenant hereby waives any claims for damages or
for any injury or inconvenience to or interference with Tenant's  business,  any
loss of  occupancy  or quiet  enjoyment  of the  Premises,  and any  other  loss
occasioned thereby.  For each of the aforesaid  purposes,  Landlord shall at all
times have and  retain a key with which to unlock all of the doors in,  upon and
about the Premises,  excluding  Tenant's  vaults,  safes and files, and Landlord
shall have the right to use any and all means which  Landlord may deem proper to
open  said  doors in an  emergency,  in order to  obtain  entry to the  Premises
without  liability to Tenant.  Any entry to the Premises obtained by Landlord by
any of said means, or otherwise,  shall not under any circumstances be construed
or deemed to be forcible or unlawful entry into, or a detainer of, the Premises,
or an eviction of Tenant from the Premises or any portion thereof.

In the event the  Premises or the  Building of which the Premises are a part are
damaged by fire or other perils covered by extended coverage insurance, Landlord
agrees to forthwith  repair the same;  and this Lease shall remain in full force

and effect, except that Tenant shall be entitled to a proportionate reduction of
the rent while such repairs are being made, such  proportionate  reduction to be
based  upon the  extent to which the  making of such  repairs  shall  materially
interfere with the business carried on by the Tenant in the Premises.

If the Premises, or said Building, shall be so damaged by fire or other casualty
as to render said Premises wholly  untenantable,  and if such damage shall be so
great that a competent architect,  in good standing,  selected by landlord shall
certify in writing to Landlord and Tenant within sixty (60) days  following such
casualty that said Premises,  with the exercise of reasonable diligence,  cannot
be made fit for occupancy  within 180 working days from the  happening  thereof,
then this Lease at the option of Landlord or Tenant,  to be exercised within ten
(10) days after receipt of such notice,  shall cease and terminate from the date
of the  occurrence of such damage.  If either party timely  exercises its rights
hereunder,  Tenant shall  surrender to Landlord  said  Premises and all interest
therein hereunder, and Landlord may reenter and take possession of said Premises
and remove Tenant therefrom.  Tenant shall pay rent, duly apportioned, up to the
time of such  termination  of this  Lease.  If neither  party  timely  elects to
terminate this Lease,  Landlord shall promptly commence repair work and Tenant's
rental  hereunder  shall abate  until such  repairs  are  completed  in the same
proportion  which the part of the Premises which is rendered  unusable by Tenant
in its business bears to the entire Premises.  If the damage is due to the fault
or neglect of the Tenant, there shall be no abatement of rent.

If,  however,  the damage shall be such that said architect shall certify within
said sixty (60) day period that the said Premises can be made tenantable  within
said 180-day period from the happening of such damage or other  casualty,  then,
except as  hereinafter  provided,  Landlord shall repair the damage so done with
all  reasonable  speed and  Tenant's  rent shall  abate  until such  repairs are
completed as described  above,  provided  said damage is not due to the fault or
neglect of Tenant.

If said  Premises,  without the fault of Tenant,  shall be  slightly  damaged by
first or other casualty, but no so as to render the same untenantable, Landlord,
after  receiving  notice in  writing of this  occurrence  of the injury or other
casualty, shall cause the same to be repaired with reasonable promptness.

If the first or other casualty causing injury or damage to the Premises or other
parts of the Building  shall have been caused by the negligence or misconduct of
Tenant, Tenant's agents, servants or employees, or by any other persons entering
upon the Premises under express or implied invitation of Tenant,  such injury or
damage shall be repaired by Landlord at the expense of Tenant and there shall be
no abatement of rent.

In case the Building throughout shall be so injured or damaged,  whether by fire
or otherwise (though said Premises may not be affected,  or if affected,  can be
repaired  within said 180 days) that  Landlord  within sixty (60) days after the
happening  of such  injury  shall  decide not to  reconstruct  or  rebuild  said
Building,  then notwithstanding  anything herein to the contrary, upon notice in
writing to that effect  given by Landlord to tenant  within said sixty (60) days
Tenant shall pay the rent,  prorate up to such date,  this Lease shall terminate
from the date of delivery of said written notice,  and both parties hereto shall
be freed and discharged of all further obligations hereunder.

Upon  termination  of this Lease,  either by lapse of time or otherwise,  Tenant
shall  peaceably  surrender the Premises in good condition and repair except for
ordinary  wear  and  tear,  or  damage  by act of God or other  casualty  beyond
Tenant's  control,  or by fire or other  casualty  covered by standard  extended
coverage  insurance.  Tenant  shall remove  Tenant's  trade  fixtures  upon such
termination, and repair all damages to the Premises caused by such removal.

No surrender of the Premises  shall be effected by landlord's  acceptance of the
keys or of the rent or by any other means whatsoever  without Landlord's written
acknowledgment of such acceptance as a surrender.

Should Tenant hold over after the termination of this Lease, Tenant shall become
a Tenant from month-to-month only upon each and all of the terms herein provided
as may be applicable to such  month-to-month  tenancy,  except that Tenant shall

pay rental as hereafter provided, Tenant shall pay rent at the then current rate
which  Landlord  would  charge for  similar  space in the  Building if it became
available  for leasing at the time of  commencement  of Tenant's  month-to-month
occupancy.  Such tenancy shall  continue  until  terminated by Landlord or until
Tenant  shall  have given to  Landlord  a written  notice at least one (1) month
prior to the date of  termination  of such monthly  tenancy of its  intention to
terminate such tenancy. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as requiring
Landlord to accept any tender of rent during a hold over period.

19.      DEFAULT.
The following events are "Events of Default:"
(a) Tenant shall  default in the due and punctual  payment of rent, or any other
amounts  payable  hereunder,  and such default shall  continue for five (5) days
after receipt of written notice from landlord,  provided,  however,  that Tenant
shall not be entitled to more than two such notices of a monetary default during
any lease year and if thereafter  any rent or other amounts owing  hereunder are
not paid when due, a default shall be considered to have occurred even though no
notice thereof is given;

(b) Tenant shall vacate or abandon the Premises;

(c) This Lease or the estate of Tenant hereunder shall transfer to or shall pass
to or devolve upon any other person except in the manner herein provided;

(d) This Lease or the Premises or any part thereof shall be taken upon execution
or by other process of law directed  against  Tenant,  or shall be taken upon or
subject to any  attachment  at the instance of any creditor or claimant  against
Tenant,  and said attachment  shall not be discharged or disposed within fifteen
(15) days after the levy thereof;

(e) Insolvency or Bankruptcy:  Any assignment for the benefit of creditors or by
operation  of law  shall  not be  effective  to  transfer  any  rights of Tenant
hereunder to the said assignee  without the written  consent of Landlord  having
first been obtained.  If Tenant shall be declared  insolvent or bankrupt,  or if
any  assignment of Tenant's  property shall be made for the benefit or creditors
or  otherwise,  or if Tenant shall commit any act of insolvency or should become
insolvent or shall make any transfer or property the purpose of which might tend
to defeat the  collection  of rent due or to become due under this Lease,  or if
Tenant's  leasehold  interest  herein  shall be levied upon under  execution  or
seized by virtue of any writ of any court of law, or if a trustee in  bankruptcy
or a  receiver  be  appointed  for the  property  of Tenant,  whether  under the
operation of state or federal statues,  then and in any such case, Landlord may,
at its option,  immediately,  with or without  notice  (notice  being  expressly
waived),  terminate this Lease and immediately  take possession of said Premises
using force as may be necessary  without  being guilty in any manner of trespass
or forcible entry or detainer and without the same working any forfeiture of the
obligations of Tenant  hereunder.  In case Tenant is adjudicated a bankrupt,  or
proceeds,  or is proceeded against under any laws, state or federal,  for relief
of  debtors,  or in case a receiver is  appointed  to wind up in  liquidate  the
affairs of Tenant,  Landlord,  at its election,  shall have a probable  claim in
bankruptcy  or  receivership  in an among  equal to the sum of the last five (5)
monthly  installments of the rental provided for herein,  which sum is fixed and
liquidated by the parties hereto as the minimum  amount of the damage  sustained
by Landlord as a result of the Bankruptcy or receivership  of Tenant,  and shall
constitute a debt probable in bankruptcy or receivership  and the amount of said
damages may be  satisfied,  at the  election of  Landlord,  out of any monies or
securities deposited hereunder as security for the payment by Tenant of the rent
herein provided for:

(f) Involuntary  proceedings  under any such bankruptcy law or insolvency act or
for the  dissolution of Tenant shall be instituted  against Tenant or a receiver
or trustee  shall be appointed for all or  substantially  all of the property of
Tenant,  and such  proceeding  shall not be  dismissed or such  receivership  or
trusteeship   vacated   within  sixty  (60)  days  after  such   institution  or

(g)  Tenant  shall  fail  to  take  possession  of  the  Premises  on  the  term
commencement date;

(h) Tenant shall fail to perform any of the other agreements,  terms, covenants,
or conditions hereof on Tenant's part to be performed,  and such  nonperformance

shall  continue for a period of thirty (30) days after written notice thereof by
landlord to Tenant, or of such performance  cannot be reasonably had within such
thirty  (30) day  period  Tenant  shall not in good faith  have  commenced  such
performance within such thirty (30) days period and shall not diligently proceed
therewith  to  completion;  upon the  occurrence  of an Event  of  Default,  the
Landlord shall have the right,  at its election,  then or at any time thereafter
and while any such Event of Default, shall continue either:

1. To give Tenant written notice of Landlord's intention to terminate this Lease
on the date of such given notice or any later date specified therein,  whereupon
Tenant's  right to possession  of the Premises  shall cease and this Lease shall
thereupon be terminated, except as to Tenant's obligation to pay rent, as if the
expiration  of the term  fixed in such  notice  were the end of the term  herein
originally demised; or

2.  Without  demand or notice,  except as may be required  by  Colorado  Law, to
reenter and take  possession of the Premises or any part thereof,  and repossess
the same as of the Landlord's  former estate and expel Tenant and those claiming
through or under  Tenant,  and remove the effects of both or either,  using such
force for such purpose as may be necessary, without being liable for prosecution
thereof,  without  being deemed  guilty of any manner of  trespass,  and without
prejudice to any  remedies for arrears of rent or preceding  breach of covenants
or conditions. Should Landlord elect to reenter as provide din this subparagraph
(2),  or should  Landlord  take  possession  pursuant  to legal  proceedings  or
pursuant to any notice provided by law, Landlord may, from time to time, without
terminating  this Lease,  relet the  Premises or any part thereof in Landlord or
Tenant's name, but for the account of Tenant,  for such term or terms (which may
be greater or less than the period which would  otherwise have  constituted  the
balance of the term of this  Lease) and on such  conditions  and upon such other
terms (which may include  concessions  of free rent and alteration and repair of
the Premises) as Landlord, in its uncontrolled  discretion,  may determine,  and
Landlord may collect and receive the rents  therefore.  Landlord shall in no way
be  responsible  or liable for any  failure to relet the  premises,  or any part
thereof, or for any failure to collect rent due upon reletting. If Landlord does
relet the Premises,  there will be a charge of $100.00 for its  supervisory  and
administrative  costs for advertising  and reletting the Premises,  which amount
shall be in addition to any other  damages due to Landlord,  and shall in no way
constitute  liquidated  damages for Tenant's default.  No such reentry or taking
possession  of the  Premises by  Landlordshall  be  construed  as an election on
Landlord's part to terminate this Lease unless a written notice of such election
by  landlord to  terminate  this Lease is given to Tenant and unless such notice
specifically  so states  Landlord  reserves the right following any such reentry
and/or  reletting to exercise its right to terminate  the Lease by giving Tenant
such  written  notice,  in which event the Lease will  terminate as specified in
said notice.

In the event that Landlord  does not elect to terminate  this Lease as permitted
in  subparagraph  (1) of  this  Article,  but on the  contrary,  elects  to take
possession as provided in subparagraph (2) hereof,  Tenant shall pay to Landlord
(i) the rent and other sums herein provided, which would be payable hereunder if
such repossession had not occurred,  less (ii) the net proceeds,  if any, of any
reletting of the Premises after deducting all Landlord's  expenses in connection
with such reletting,  including,  but not without  limitation,  all repossession
costs,  brokerage  commissions,  legal expenses,  attorney's  fees,  expenses of
employees,  alteration  and repair  costs and expenses of  preparation  for such
reletting.  If, in  connection  with any  reletting,  the new lease term extends
beyond the existing term or the Premises  covered thereby include other Premises
not a part of the Premises,  a fair apportionment of the rent received from such
reletting and the expense incurred in connection therewith as provided aforesaid
will be made in  determining  the net proceeds from such  reletting and any rent
concessions will be apportioned over the term of the new Lease. Tenant shall pay
such rent and other sums to Landlord  monthly on the day on which the rent would
have been  payable  hereunder  if  possession  had not been retaken and Landlord
shall be entitled to receive the same from Tenant on each such day.

In the event,  however, this lease is terminated (except as provided in Articles
17 and 20),  Tenant  shall  remain  liable to Landlord  for damages in an amount
equal to the rent and  other  sums  which  would  have  been  owing  the  Tenant
hereunder for the balance of the term, had this Lease not been terminated,  less
the  net  proceeds,  if  any,  of any  reletting  of the  premises  by  Landlord
subsequent  to such  termination,  after  deducting all  Landlord's  expenses in
connection  with such  reletting,  including  but not  without  limitation,  the
expenses  enumerated  above.  Landlord shall be entitled to collect such damages

from Tenant  monthly on the day on which rent and other  amounts would have been
payable  hereunder if this Lease had not been terminated,  and Landlord shall be
entitled to receive the same from Tenant on each such day. Alternatively, at the
option of Landlord,  in the event this Lease is  terminated,  Landlord  shall be
entitled to receive  forwith  against  Tenant as damages for loss of the bargain
and not as a penalty, an aggregate sum which, at the time of such termination of
this Lease,  represents the excess, if any, of the aggregate of the rent and all
other sums payable by Tenant  hereunder  that would have accrued for the balance
of the term divided by the aggregate  rental value of the Premises  (such rental
value to be computed on the basis of a Tenant paying not only a rent to Landlord
for the use and occupation of the Premises, but also the charges as are required
to be paid by Tenant  under the terms of this  Lease)  for the  balance  of such

Each right and remedy  provided for in this Lease shall be cumulative  and shall
be in addition to every other right or remedy  provided for in this Lease or now
or hereafter existing at law or in equity or by statute or otherwise.  All costs
incurred by Landlord in connection with collecting any amounts and damages owing
by Tenant  pursuant to the  provisions of this Lease or to enforce any provision
of this  Lease,  including  reasonable  attorney's  fees  from the date any such
matter is turned over to any  attorney,  whether or not one or more  actions are
commenced by Landlord, shall also be recoverable by Landlord from Tenant.

Nothing contained in this Article shall limit or prejudice the right of Landlord
to provide  and obtain as  liquidated  damages  in any  bankruptcy,  insolvency,
receivership,  reorganization or dissolution proceeding,  an amount equal to the
maximum  allowed by any statute or rule of law governing such  proceeding and in
effect at the time when such  damages  are to be proved,  whether or not such an
amount be  greater,  equal to or less than the  amounts  recoverable,  either as
damages or rent, referred to in any of the preceding provisions of this Article.

Notwithstanding  anything contained  hereinabove in the Article to the contrary,
any such proceeding or action involving bankruptcy,  insolvency,  reorganization
arrangement,  assignment  for the  benefit of  creditors,  or  appointment  of a
receiver or a trustee,  as outlined in subparagraphs (e) and (f) above, shall be
considered to be an Event of Default only when such proceeding, action or remedy
shall be  taken  or  brought  by or  against  Tenant,  Tenant's  assignee(s)  or
sublessee(s), or any other successor in interest to Tenant.

If more  than  twenty-five  percent  (25) of the  Premises  shall  be  taken  or
appropriated by any public or quasi-public  authority under the power of eminent
domain,  either party hereto shall have the right,  at its option,  to terminate
this Lease, and Landlord shall be entitled to any and all income,  rent,  award,
or any interest therein  whatsoever which may be paid or made in connection with
such  public or  quasi-public  use or  purpose,  and Tenant  shall have no claim
against  Landlord for the value of any unexpired  term of this Lease.  If either
less than twenty-five  percent (25%) is taken, or more than twenty-five  percent
(25%) of the  Premises is taken and neither  party  elects to terminate as hrein
provided,  the rental thereafter to be paid shall be equitably  reduced.  If any
part of the  Building  other than the Premise  may be so taken or  appropriated,
Landlord shall have the right at its option to terminate this Lease and shall be
entitled to the entire award as above provided.

Tenant shall at any time and from time to time upon not less than ten (10) day's
prior written notice from Landlord execute,  acknowledge and deliver to Landlord
a statement in writing, (1) certifying that this Lease is unmodified and in full
force and effect (or, if modified,  stating the nature of such  modification and
certifying that this Lease as so modified, is in full force and effect), and the
date to which the rental and other charges are paid in advance,  if any, and (b)
acknowledging that there are not, to Tenant's knowledge, and uncured defaults on
the part of the  Landlord  hereunder,  or  specifying  such  defaults if any are
claimed.  Any such statement may be relied upon by any prospective  purchaser or
encumbrancer  of all or any portion of the real  property of which the  Premises
are a part. Tenant's failure to deliver such statement within such time shall be
conclusive  upon  Tenant  that this Lease is in full force and  effect,  without
modification  except as may be  represented  by landlord,  and that there are no
uncured defaults in Landlord's  performance,  and that not more than (1) month's
rental has been paid in advance.

(a) Corporate Authority. If any of the parties liable on this Lease as Tenant is
a  corporation,   each  individual  executing  this  Lease  on  behalf  of  said
corporation  represents  and warrants that he is duly  authorized to execute and
deliver  this Lease on behalf of said  corporation,  in  accordance  with a duly
adopted  resolution  of  the  board  of  directors  of  said  corporation  or in
accordance with the by-laws of said corporation,  and that this Lease is binding
upon said corporation in accordance with its terms.

(b) Limited Partnerships. If the Landlord herein is a limited partnership, it is
understood  and agreed that any claims by Tenant on Landlord shall be limited to
the assets of the limited partnership, and furthermore,  Tenant expressly waives
any and all rights to proceed  against the  individual  general  partners or the
officers,  directors or shareholders of any corporate general partner, except to
the extent of their interest in said limited partnership.

(i) Plats and Riders.  Clauses,  plats and riders, if any signed by the Landlord
and the Tenant and endorsed on or affixed to this Lease are a part  hereof,  and
in the  event of  variation  or  discrepancy,  the  duplicate  original  hereof,
including  such  clauses,  plats,  and riders,  if any,  held by Landlord  shall
control.  Rules and regulations  attached hereto are hereby  specifically made a
part of this Lease, whether signed by Tenant or not.

(ii) Waiver.  The waiver by landlord of any term  covenant or  condition  herein
contained shall not be deemed to be a waiver of such term, covenant or condition
on any  subsequent  breach of the same or any other term,  covenant or condition
herein contained.  The subsequent acceptance of rent hereunder by Landlord shall
not be  deemed  to be a waiver  of any  preceding  breach  by Tenant of any term
covenant or condition of this Lease, other than the failure of the Tenant to pay
the particular  rental so accepted,  regardless of Landlord's  knowledge of such
preceding breach at the time of the acceptance of such rent.

(iii)  Notices.  All  Notices  and  demands  which may or are to be  required or
permitted  to be  given  by  either  party to the  other  hereunder  shall be in
writing.  All notices and demands by the Landlord to the Tenant shall be sent by
United States Mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the Tenant at the Premises, or
to such other place as Tenant may from time to time designate in a notice to the
Landlord.  All notices and  demands by Tenant to the  Landlord  shall be sent by
United States Mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the Tenant at the Premises, or
to such other place as Tenant may from time to time designate in a notice to the
Landlord.  All notices and  demands by Tenant to the  Landlord  shall be sent by
United States Mail, postage prepaid,  addressed to the Landlord at the Office of
the Building,  or to such other person or place as the Landlord may from time to
time  designate in a notice to Tenant.  Landlord to submit  notice to: PSC Inc.,
c/o William Woodard,  Vice President Finance, 675 Basket Road, Webster, New York

(iv) Joint  Obligation.  If  there  be more  than  one  Tenant  the  obligations
hereunder imposed upon Tenants shall be joint and several.

(v) Marginal Headings.  The marginal headings and Article titles to the Articles
of this  Lease are not a part of this  Lease and shall  have no effect  upon the
construction or interpretation of any part hereof.

(vi)  Time.  Time  is of the  essence  of this  Lease  and  each  and all of its
provisions in which performance is a factor.

(vii)  Successors and Assigns.  The covenants and conditions  herein  contained,
subject  to the  provision  s as to  assignment,  apply to and behind the heirs,
successors, executors, administrators and assigns of the parties hereto.

(viii)  Recordation.  Neither  Landlord  nor Tenant shall record this Lease or a
short form  memorandum  hereof  without the prior  written  consent of the other

(ix) Quiet  Possession.  Upon  Tenant  paying the rent  reserved  hereunder  and
observing and  performing  all of the  covenants,  conditions  and provisions on
Tenant's  part to be observed and performed  hereunder,  Tenant shall have quiet
possession  of the  Premises  for the  entire  term  hereof,  subject to all the
provisions of this Lease.

(x) Late  Charges.  Tenant  hereby  acknowledges  that late payment by Tenant to
landlord of rent or other sums due hereunder  will cause Landlord to incur costs
not  contemplated  by this Lease,  the exact  amount of which will be  extremely
difficult to ascertain.  Such costs  include but are not limited to,  processing
and accounting  charges,  and late charges which may be imposed upon Landlord by
terms of any mortgage or trust deed  covering the Premises.  Accordingly,  if an
installment  of  rent or of a sum due  from  Tenant  shall  not be  received  by
Landlord or Landlord's  designee  within five (5) days after written notice that
said amount is past due,  then Tenant  shall pay to Landlord a late charge equal
to ten percent (10%) of such overdue amount.  The parties hereby agree that such
late charges represent a fair and reasonable estimates of the cost that Landlord
will  incur by reason of the late  payment by  Tenant.  Acceptance  of such late
charges  by the  Landlord  shall in no event  constitute  a waiver  of  Tenant's
default  with  respect  to  such  overdue  amount,  nor  prevent  Landlord  from
exercising any of the other rights and remedies granted hereunder.

(xi) Interest Due. If any amount due from Tenant to Landlord  hereunder  whether
it be rental or other charges, is not paid within five (5) days of the due date,
then upon  receipt of written  notice  from  Landlord  to Tenant,  Tenant  shall
reimburse  Landlord for  additional  costs in connection  therewith in an amount
equal to three percent (3%) per month of the total amount due Landlord, from the
original due date until paid.

(xii) Prior Agreements. This Lease contains all of the agreements of the parties
hereto with respect to any matter  covered or  mentioned  in this Lease,  and no
prior  agreements  or  understanding  pertaining  to any such  matters  shall be
effective for any purpose. No provision of this Lease may be amended or added to
except  by an  agreement  in  writing  signed  by the  parties  hereto  or their
respective successors in interest.  This Lease shall not be effective or binding
of any party until fully executed by both parties hereto.

(xiii)  Inability  to  Perform.  This  Lease and the  obligations  of the Tenant
hereunder shall not be affected, impaired, or excused, nor shall Landlord at any
time be deemed to be in default  hereunder  because  the  Landlord  is unable to
fulfill  any of its  obligations  hereunder  or is  delayed in doing so, if such
inability or delay is caused by reason of strike,  labor troubles,  acts of God,
or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the Landlord.

(xiv)  Attorney's  Fees.  In the event of any  action or  proceeding  brought by
either party  against the other under this Lease the  prevailing  party shall be
entitled to recover all costs and expenses  including  the fees of its attorneys
in such action or proceeding in such amount as the court may adjudge reasonable.

(xv) Sale of Premises by Landlord. In the event of any sale or conveyance of the
Building,  Landlord  shall be and is hereby  entirely freed and relieved for all
liability  under any and all of its  covenants and  obligations  contained in or
derived from this Lease arising out of any act, occurrence or omission occurring
after the  consummation  of such sale,  subject to the provisions of Paragraph 6
hereof;  and the purchaser,  at such sale or any subsequent sale of the Premises
shall be deemed,  without  any  further  agreement  between the parties or their
successors  in interest or between the parties and any such  purchaser,  to have
assumed and agreed to carry out any and all of the covenants and  obligations of
the Landlord under this Lease.  Tenant hereby attorns to all successor owners of
the Building,  whether or not such  ownership is acquired as a result of a sale,
through  foreclosure of a deed of trust or mortgage,  or otherwise.  Any sale by
the Landlord of the Building  shall operate to release  Landlord from any future
liability upon any of the covenants or conditions,  expressed or implied, herein
contained in favor of Tenant,  and in such event Tenant agrees to look solely to
the  responsibility  of the  successor  in  interest  of Landlord in and on this

(xvi)  Subordination  and  Attornment.  This  Lease,  and the  rights  of Tenant
hereunder,  at Landlord's option, shall be subordinate to any mortgage,  deed of

trust (now or hereafter  placed upon the Building),  ground lease or declaration
of  covenants,  regarding  maintenance  and use of any  areas  contained  in any
portion of the Building (now or hereafter  placed upon the  Building),  advances
made under any  mortgage  or deed of trust and to all  renewals,  modifications,
consolidations,  replacements  and extensions  thereof.  Tenant agrees that with
respect to any of the foregoing  documents,  no  documentation,  other than this
Lease,  shall be  required to evidence  such  subordination.  If any holder of a
mortgage or deed of trust shall elect to have this Lease superior to the lien of
its mortgage or deed of trust,  and shall have given written  notice  thereof to
Tenant,  this Lease  shall be deemed  prior to such  mortgage  or deed or trust,
whether this Lease is dated prior to or subsequent to the date of said mortgage,
deed of trust or the date of recording  thereof.  Tenant  agrees to execute such
documents  which may be required to effectuate such  subordination  or make this
Lease prior to the lien of any  mortgage  or deed of trust,  as the case may be,
and  failing to do so within ten (10) days after  written  demand,  Tenant  does
hereby  make,   constitute  and   irrevocably   appoint   Landlord  as  Tenant's
attorney-in-fact  to act in Tenant's name, place and stead.  Should any mortgage
or deed of trust  affecting  the Building,  the Property or both be  foreclosed,
then:  (1) the  liability  of the  mortgagee,  beneficiary  or purchaser at such
foreclosure  sale shall  exist only so long as such  mortgagee  beneficiary,  or
purchaser is the owner of the Building  and/or Property and such liability shall
not continue or survive  after  further  transfer of  ownership;  and (2) Tenant
shall be deemed to have attorned,  as Tenant under this Lease,  to the purchaser
at any foreclosure sale  thereunder,  and this Lease shall continue in force and
effect as a direct lease  between and binding upon Tenant and such  purchaser at
any foreclosure sale. As used in this section 23,  "Mortgagee" and "beneficiary"
shall include  successors and assignees of any such party,  whether immediate or
remote,  the purchaser of any mortgage or deed of trust,  whether at foreclosure
or otherwise, and the successors,  assignees and mortgagees and beneficiaries of
such purchaser, whether immediate or remote.

(xvii) Name. Tenant shall not use the name of the Building or of the development
in which the  Building is situated  for any purpose  other than as an address of
the business to be conducted by the Tenant in the Premises.

(xviii)  Separability.  Any  provision  of this lease  which  shall  prove to be
invalid,  void or illegal  shall not impair or  invalidate  any other  provision
hereof and such other provision shall remain in full force and effect.

(xix)  Cumulative  Remedies.  No remedy or  election  hereunder  shall be deemed
exclusive but shall, whenever possible, be cumulative with all other remedies at
law or in equity.

(xx)  Choice of Law.  This Lease  shall be  governed by the laws of the State of

(xxi) Signs and  Auctions.  Tenant shall not place any sign upon the Premises or
Building  or conduct  any  auction  thereon  without  Landlord's  prior  written

(xxii)  Right of  Landlord  to  Perform.  All  covenants  and  agreements  to be
performed  by Tenant  under any of the terms of this Lease shall be performed by
Tenant at Tenant's sole cost and expense,  and without any abatement of Rent. If
Tenant shall fail to pay any sum of money, other than Rent,  required to be paid
hereunder,  or shall fail to perform  any other act on its part to be  performed
hereunder,  and such failure shall  continue for fifteen (15) days after written
notice  thereof by Landlord,  Landlord  may, but shall not be obligated to do so
and without waiving or releasing Tenant from any obligations of Tenant, make any
such  payment  or  perform  any such  other act on  Tenant's  part to be made or
performed  as in this  Lease  provided.  All  sums so paid by  landlord  and all
necessary incidental costs,  together with interest thereon at the interest rate
set forth in subparagraph (xi) above in effect from the date of such payments by
Landlord,  shall be payable to Landlord on demand,  and Tenant  covenants to pay
any such sums, and Landlord shall have (in addition to any other right or remedy
of  Landlord)  the same  rights  and  remedies  in the event of the  non-payment
thereof by Tenant, as in the case of default by Tenant in the payment of Rent.

24.      LIEN     [Deleted]

25.      BROKERS.
Tenant  warrants that it has no dealings with any real estate  brokers or agents
in connection with the negotiation of this Lease except only Vintage Real Estate
Services,  Inc.  and it knows of no other  real  estate  broker  or agent who is
entitled to a commission in connection with this Lease.


By:      /s/ Rebecca B. Martin                       April 27, 1995
         Rebecca B. Martin                  Date

2870 N. Speer Blvd., Denver, CO  80211

LazerData Corp.

By:      /s/ Robert Lyons                   April 24, 1995
         Robert Lyons                                Date

Sr. Vice President / General Manager, Title
LazerData Corporation
123 Tech Drive, Sanford, FL  32772

Emergency phone # (407) 324-1230

                                    EXHIBIT A

               [Drawing of outline of building and area leased of
                                 Buckley Center
                              303-343 Buckley Road
                                   Aurora, CO] 

Basic Info X:

Type: Lease
Date: March 28, 1996
Company: PSC INC
State: New York

Other info:


  • April 11 , 1995
  • 15th day of May , 1995
  • 14th day of May 1998
  • May 15 , 1995
  • May 14 , 1996
  • May 15 , 1996
  • May 14 , 1997
  • May 15 , 1997
  • May 14 , 1998
  • April 27 , 1995
  • April 24 , 1995


  • Vice President Finance
  • xii Prior Agreements
  • Vintage Real Estate Services , Inc.
  • Rebecca B. Martin Date 2870 N. Speer Blvd.
  • CO 80211 Address TENANT LazerData Corp.
  • Robert Lyons Date Sr.
  • Title LazerData Corporation 123 Tech Drive
  • Buckley Center 303-343 Buckley Road


  • Aurora
  • Arapahoe County
  • State of Colorado
  • Landlord
  • United States Mail
  • New York
  • Denver
  • Sanford
  • FL


  • $ 875.00
  • $ 900.00
  • $ 850.00
  • $ 1,000,000
  • $ 50,000
  • $ 100.00


  • William Woodard
  • Webster
  • Rebecca B. Martin
  • Robert Lyons


  • twenty-five percent 25 %
  • ten percent 10 %
  • three percent 3 %