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Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc.. Certificate of Incorporation (2017-04-13)

This letter agreement (this “ _Agreement_ ”) between you and the Company amends and restates, effective as of, and conditioned upon the occurrence of, the effective time of the Merger (the “ _Effective Time_ ”), that certain retirement letter agreement, dated September 8, 2016, between you and the Company (the “ _Previous Agreement_ ”). Effective as of, and conditioned upon the occurrence of, the Effective Time, the Previous Agreement will be amended, restated, and superseded in its entirety by the terms set forth herein. In the event that the Merger Agreement shall be terminated in accordance with its terms prior to the Effective Time, this Agreement shall thereupon terminate.


ROPAK CORP /CA/. Corporation Law and by the corporation's certificate of incorporation (1995-03-29)

GROW GROUP INC. Board of Directors by the Certificate of Incorporation (1995-02-24)

MATTHEWS INTERNATIONAL CORP. 1.05. Certificate of Incorporation (1996-05-10)

THIS AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER (this "Agreement") dated as of March 5, 1996 by and among Florida Development Corporation, a Florida corporation ("FDC"), Industrial Equipment and Engineering Company, Inc., a Florida corporation ("IEEC"), Matthews International Corporation, a Pennsylvania corporation, and the sole shareholder of the Acquiror ("Matthews"), Industrial Equipment and Engineering Company, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the "Acquiror"), Paul Rahill, an individual ("Rahill") and Kenneth Robinson, an individual ("Robinson," and along with Rahill, the "Shareholders").

PBHG FUNDS INC /. October 19, 1995; the Fund's Certificate of Incorporation (1996-05-01)

This opinion is given in connection with the filing by the PBHG Funds, Inc., a Maryland corporation ("Fund") of Post-Effective Amendment No. 20 to its Registration Statement on Form N-1A (the "Registration Statement") under the Securities Act of 1933 ("1933 Act") and Amendment No. 18 under the Investment Company Act of 1940 ("1940 Act") relating to an indefinite amount of authorized shares of common stock, at a par value of one tenth of one cent ($.001) per share, of a new separate series of the Fund, the PBHG Core Growth Fund ("Portfolio"). The authorized shares of common stock of the Portfolio are hereinafter referred to as the "Shares."



THIS AGREEMENT is entered into effective as of May 27, 1993, by and between REXENE CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation (the "Company"), and ("Optionee"),

HOMEOWNERS GROUP INC. elected and qualified in the manner provided in the Certificate of Incorporation (1996-06-19)

This agreement for satisfaction of Judgment (the "Agreement") is entered into between and amongst Accel International Corporation ("Accel), Acceleration National Insurance Company ("ANIC"), Homeowners Group, Inc. (HOMG"), and Homeowners Marketing Services, Inc. ("HMS").

INDEVUS PHARMACEUTICALS INC. 3.4 - Restated Certificate of Incorporation (1995-08-14)

This Stock Purchase Agreement (the "Agreement") is made as of June 28, 1995, between Interneuron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a Delaware corporation, (the "Corporation"), and an entity advised by Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc. whose name is set forth at the foot of this Agreement (the "Purchaser").

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