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This Note is secured as provided in each of the ____________________, each dated as of _______, 1996 (collectively, as amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, the "Mortgages"), by the Borrower for the benefit of the Lender. Reference is hereby made to the Mortgages for a description of the properties and assets in which a security interest has been granted, the nature and extent of the security, the terms and conditions upon which the security interest has granted and the rights of the Lenders in respect thereof.

TILE SHOP HOLDINGS, INC.. You should note (2017-04-27)

IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT INC. Fifty Thousand Dollars ($1,850,000) payable on January 2, 1997. Said note (1996-06-28)

This Agreement is made and entered into this 5th day of June, 1996, by and between AIRPORT CENTER PARTNERSHIP, a Nevada general partnership whose address is 3635 W. Twain Ave., Suite B, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103, ("Seller") and IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT, INC., a California corporation whose address is 9333 Oso Avenue, Chatsworth, California 91311 ("Buyer").

CCOM Group, Inc.. comprised of (I) the return of the $38,000 note (1996-03-29)

This letter is written to memorialize the conversations which you and I had over the telephone yesterday.


This Note is one of a series of Senior Notes (herein called the "Notes") issued pursuant to a Note Purchase and Private Shelf Agreement, dated as of October 12, 1995 (herein called the "Agreement"), between the Company, on the one hand, and The Prudential Insurance Company of America and each Prudential Affiliate which becomes party thereto, on the other hand, and is entitled to the benefits thereof. As provided in the Agreement, this Note is subject to prepayment, in whole or from time to time in part, in certain cases without Yield Maintenance Amount and in other cases with the Yield Maintenance Amount specified in the Agreement.

CROWN CRAFTS INC. 2. Prudential further agrees that the December 18, 1990 note (1996-06-27)

COLOR TILE INC. Amendment of Chemical Bank $15,000,000 Note (1995-11-15)

This Amendment shall become effective as of November 8, 1995 upon receipt by the Bank of an executed copy of this Amendment duly executed and delivered by a duly authorized officer of the Company and the Bank.

INDIANA FINANCIAL INVESTORS INC. 3. Hickory represents and warrants to IFI that the WREIT Note (1995-09-06)

This letter will set forth the agreement and understanding between Hickory Furniture Company ("Hickory") and Indiana Financial Investors, Inc. ("IFI") concerning the transaction outlined below:

AMSOUTH BANCORPORATION. ASSISTANCE assistance not exceeding the provisions note (1994-03-22)

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