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THIS MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING IS ENTERED INTO THIS 18TH DAY OF APRIL, 1995 by and between Midland International Corporation ("MIC") of Kansas City, Missouri and Roamer One, Inc. ("Roamer") of Torrance, California for the purposes of establishing a joint marketing effort for 220 MHZ mobile radio product.

TEKELEC. o Joint press releases (1995-03-31)

This memo of understanding between Stratus Computers and Tekelec signals the introduction of a unique and valuable partnership to the AIN marketplace. The combination of Tekelec's proven SS7 and STP knowledge and expertise and Stratus' industry proven SINAP product and application solutions will bring to the targeted market(s) integrated "total" AIN solutions. In addition, a "single point of contact" multivendor environment will be offered to the targeted market(s).


THIS AGREEMENT made as of the 29th day of February, 1996 is by and between Playboy Entertainment Group, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, ("Network"), and PRIMESTAR(R) Partners, L.P., ("Affiliate"), regarding the carriage of the television programming service known as Playboy TV (the "Service").

ARISTO INTERNATIONAL CORP. party companies. It is agreed, that all Aristo or Borta press releases (1996-10-16)

This agreement shall be construed (both as to validity and performance) and enforced in accordance with, and governed by the laws of the State of New York. In that regard, both parties agree to the personal jurisdiction of the Federal and State courts located in the County and City of New York. Please indicate your agreement to the terms of this

DIGITAL VIDEO SYSTEMS INC. (a) Preparation of Company press releases (1996-11-04)

This will confirm our agreement (the "Agreement") as follows:

MEDIALINK WORLDWIDE INC. information, including but not limited to, video news releases, press releases (1996-10-15)

IBIS TECHNOLOGY CORP. various press releases (1997-03-28)

IMAGE SENSING SYSTEMS INC. preparation and submission of quarterly press releases (1997-03-27)

This letter sets forth my proposal to provide consulting services to Image Sensing Systems, Inc. for the period March 1, 1997 through February 28, 1998.

IMAGE SENSING SYSTEMS INC. Prepare four quarterly press releases (1998-03-31)

THINKENGINE NETWORKS, INC.. WHEREAS, the claims set forth in the Complaint allege that press releases (1998-05-07)

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