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NICOR INC. This stipulation and agreement (2004-08-09)

This stipulation and agreement of settlement dated as of April 23, 2004 (the "Stipulation") is submitted pursuant to Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Subject to the approval of the Court, this Stipulation is entered into between (i) Lead Plaintiff Local 804 I.B.T. and Local 447 I.A.M. - UPS Retirement Trust ("Teamsters" or "Lead Plaintiff") and additional named plaintiff Detectives Endowment Association Annuity Fund ("DEA Fund" or "Additional Named Plaintiff"), individually and on behalf of all other members of the Class (as defined herein); (ii) defendants Nicor Inc. ("Nicor"), Thomas L. Fisher ("Fisher"), Kathleen L. Halloran ("Halloran"), George M. Behrens ("Behrens") and Philip S. Cali ("Cali") (collectively, the "Nicor Defendants"); and (iii) Arthur Andersen LLP ("Andersen") (the Nicor Defendants and Andersen are referred to collectively herein as the "Defendants"), by and through their respective counsel. This Stipulation is entered into by the Settling Parties to fully and finally compromise, resolve, discharge and settle the Released Claims, as defined herein, subject to the terms and conditions set forth below.

Boreal Water Collection Inc.. THIS STIPULATION AND AGREEMENT (2013-01-22)

This confession of judgment is for a debt justly due to the plaintiff from Boreal Water Collection, Inc., Boreal Water, Inc., arising from the following facts: That certain settlement agreement dated as of May 24, 2012.

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