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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FOURTH CIRCUIT Directions: Counsel for a prevailing party seeking costs must file this (or like) form within fourteen days after entry of judgment, even if a petition for rehearing or other post-judgment motion is filed. A late bill of costs must be accompanied by a motion for leave to extend filing time. The docketing fee (if the appellant prevails) and the cost of reproducing formal briefs and appendices are the only costs taxable in the court of appeals. Other costs must be settled at the district court level, including the cost of the transcript, the fee for filing the notice of appeal, and the premiums for any required appeal bond. Any objections to costs must be filed within ten business days (plus three days for electronic service) of the bill of costs. Costs are paid directly to the prevailing party or counsel, not to the clerk's office.

BILL OF COSTS FORM THE CLERK IS REQUESTED TO TAX COSTS IN FAVOR OF THE PREVAILING PARTY PURSUANT TO FRAP 39 AND LOCAL RULE 39(a) AND (b) AS FOLLOWS: A. Case Number & Caption B. Prevailing Party Claiming Costs C. Docketing Fee Claimed ($450 for appeals filed on or after April 9, 2006) D. Actual Printing Charges Incurred by Counsel (attach bills) E. Local Rule 39(a) Cap on Taxable Printing Costs ($4.00 per original page of formal briefs & appendices, based on page count in docket entry) F. Lesser of Boxes D and E Total Costs Claimed (total of boxes C & F) 1. Counsel must attach itemized bills if copying was done by a commercial printer. 2. If costs are sought for or against the United States, or its agency or officer, counsel must cite statutory authority for the award of costs here: [ ]. 3. Counsel must certify the accuracy of the bill of costs by signing below: I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing costs are true and correct and were necessarily incurred in this action.
Total original brief/appendix pages:


x $4.00 / pg__

Total of Local Rule 39(a) Printing Cap [


s/ Signature: ________________________________

Date: _________________________________

Certificate of Service I certify that on this date I served this document as follows:

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