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Date: April 13, 2006
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222 West 7th Avenue #4 Anchorage, Alaska 99513-7564 (907) 677-6100 INFORMATION & INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILING AN APPLICATION TO WAIVE THE FILING FEE (NON-PRISONER)
If you are not a prisoner, and you are not able to pay the $350 filing fee required to begin a civil action in federal court because of your poverty, you may apply to waive the filing fee. You must use this Court's "Application to Waive the Filing Fee" form before the Court will consider your application to waive the fee. You must file the application with your complaint. If you are a prisoner, you must use the form entitled "Prisoner's Application to Waive Prepayment of Fees," and follow the accompanying instructions. DO NOT use this form or follow these instructions if you are a prisoner! Your application must be typewritten or legibly handwritten. All questions must be answered and all applicable blanks filled in, using the space provided on the form. Write "N/A" if a blank is not applicable to you. Do NOT write "N/A" if an answer is required, even if your answer is simply "No" or "None." If you leave any answers blank, the form may be returned to you for completion. Your case cannot proceed without either (1) payment of the $350 filing fee, or (2) permission from the Court to waive the filing fee. If you later file an appeal, your filing fee for the appeal is $455.00. Your application must contain your name, address and telephone number at the top of the first page. If your address or telephone number change during the course of your case, you must immediately inform the Court of your new address and/or phone number. The Court will fill in your case number. After this, when you file any papers with the Court, you must use this case number. Remember to keep a copy of this application and all other filings for your records. If you need extra space to answer a question, you may use additional 8 x 11 inch pages. The additional page(s) must be legible and must indicate which question(s) you are answering. You must sign your application under penalty of perjury. All information must be complete and truthful. Penalties for perjury can be severe. The Court will determine, based upon full disclosure of your financial situation, whether you qualify for a fee waiver in your case.

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