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Case 3:00-cr-00203-EBB Document 53 Filed 03/16/2007 P e 1 t aaa
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E-gi, ;;.,‘?"-·* ¤ ·-‘· ·- UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS 2
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40 miler saunas
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Thomas Asreen " _'___ _ _ _ _ __ I
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Date: 3/ l2/07 _
Docket Number: 06-3 839-cr l ‘
Short Title: USA v. Hackney
DC Docket Number: 00-cr-203
DC Judge: Honorable Ellen Burns
At a stated term of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, held at-the Daniel Patrick
Moynihan United States Courthouse, 500 Pearl Street, in the City of New York, on the l2 day of March, two
thousand seven. J
United States of America, Z
Appellee , —;r_sLl3.l$ltFl;F C, `
<3,`"¤"l` exten F‘*'&><<_
v. . S; gn
° MAR 1 2 mn.
John A. Hackney, ’?a,,,ms Mw
- resn, _‘ . -
SECOND ciacvl.
A scheduling order in accordance with the Revised Second Circuit Plan to Expedite the Processing of
Criminal Appeals having been entered therein, requiring the record on appeal, the appellanfs brief and the
joint appendix to be filed on or before the dates stated on the scheduling order, and also providing that in
the event of default by the appellant the appeal shall be dismissed forthwith, and it appearin-that the appellant
has so defaulted,
Upon consideration ofthe appeal defendant-appellant, John A. Hackney, it is ORDERED that the appeal
be, and it hereby is DISMISSED. Any motions pending prior to the entry of this order of dismissal are
deemed MOOT. . __ -
This order may not be used as the basis for terminating the defendant-appellants release pending appeal
until 30 days have elapsed from the date ofthe order. _
‘ For the Court, -_
-~·—··"” A TRUE C n _ Thou · Asreen Act` • · 0 erk
Th O l; Y . _ .
I g W. Angra;-ED! ,3 Inn? , -- g l fi, · U } F, `__ _
} l , ‘ By: ’ lah; bas ·
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