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IN THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA AT____________________ In the Matter of the Protective Proceeding of ) ) ) ) ) ) )

, Ward.


ACCEPTANCE OF APPOINTMENT AS GUARDIAN AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF DUTIES I, , accept the duties of full partial guardian of the Ward named above. I have read and understand the duties and powers of a guardian in Alaska Statute 13.26.150. I solemnly swear to perform, according to the law, the duties of guardian as provided in the guardianship order and guardianship plan. I understand that I will also have the powers and duties of a conservator. I have read the powers and duties of a conservator in Alaska Statutes 13.26.245 through 13.26.315, and I understand them. I also understand any restrictions on these powers imposed by the court. I accept the conservator's duties. I further understand that I must file (1) an Implementation Report within 90 days after the date the court distributes my appointment order, (2) an Annual Report on the welfare of the ward every year until the guardianship ends, and (3) a Final Report when my service as guardian ends. I understand that I must complete at least one hour of education on guardianship (and conservatorship) and file the PG-120 Affirmation form with the court within 30 days after my appointment. Date Guardian's Signature Mailing Address City State ZIP

Verification I state on oath or affirm that I have read the above Acceptance and that all statements made in it are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Date Subscribed and sworn to or affirmed before me at . on Date (SEAL) Guardian's Signature , Alaska Clerk of Court, Notary Public, or other person authorized to administer oaths. My commission expires:
Probate Rules 16(c) and 17(c) AS 13.26.115 and 13.26.225