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Case1:04-cv-01380-GIVIS Document 45-14 Filed O4/05/2005 Page1 0f4

I A _ Case 1:04-cv—O1380-GIVI -
W I, A S Document 45-14 Flled O4/05/2005 Page 2 0f 4
This Agrecznsxwl is by and between GST Telewmmunicatiums, Im:. (“G$‘I"), lem
Warm ("W;ru), mud Papwesn Ncnwctk, I¤C. ("PNI”l I Rncitalsz
I A. PNI and Wma are me owners, directly car indirectly, ¤f Magmccnm
Wimless L.L.C. , PCS Plus, me., PCS Plus Holdings Ccrpmmtimn, PCS Plus Pacific, Inc., PCS
Plus Ncrdrwest, Inc., PCS Plus Souxhwest, Luc., PCS Plus Arkansas, Im:. and PCS Plus Hawaii,
Inc. (collectively, tb: “PCS Campania?). » F I
I B. GST acknowledges andv agrees that Warm, individually, PNT, md Wasn:
in his capacity us member cf Magxmccm Wireless L.L.C. and shareholder, djxecwr and office:
of PNI [collectively, the “II'ldE]IlD.llCC$’), haw: acurd fct thc bcncit of GST since me
organization crc acquisition, as applicable, cf thc PCS Companies and Lhatmnbx: have
been acting fur the benctlr of GST wich respect to all aspects cnf the PCS Companies. including.
'Wl,Lh.OUL limimticn, [be fmzmmicu, mpcrxticm and sale of nh: PCS Companies.
C, I Wum, individually, PNT. and Warta in his capacity as member uf
Magxmacum L.,L.C,, ami} gj¤.m;l:u:¤ldc;:_ clizcctnx umd ¤ffi¤¤f cf PNT, represemz and zgxee that (1)
I ` they have acted for mc benefit cf GST since the mrgmizadom ur acquisition, as applieable, ¤f
the PCS Companies; (2) all assets or iimds uf the PCS Ccmpzmics have been used exclusively
fur mc bcnctit of me PCS Companies; and (3) no such funds ur assets were used fm or applied
Lu the personal bencit cf Wann or fcc Um: benetitpf PNI except. for the imdirrccx benefit zo zhcm
from me use of such aslsers and funds for me benefit ci me PCS Companies.
· Agrecmentz I
The parties agree as follows: _ V _
L In consideration for GST'x granting this Indcmniq; Agreement tc WZUB,
. Warm agrees w execute me Agreement for Purchzsr: and Sale of Assezs by and bccween Cdckct _
Holdings, Inc. and mc PCS Companies in his individual capacity winh respect no Seeticm 7.3,
Non-Ccmpczizign, He farmer agzees z¤ cause thc PCS Companies m exeeune me Agmemem for
Purchase and Sale of Assets and tn cause the PCS Companies tc mic: such eulger actions as are
reascmbly required no muse the FCC licenses ewned by the PCS Companies ce be transferred
m Cricket Holdings, Inc:. and ua prcuvlde fdr the management by Cziekz: Holdings, Im:. of the
assets to be acquired under the Agreement fo: Purchase and Sale of Assens.
2. GST will lmlenmiiy and hold harmless the Indemnitees fer, and will pay
ze che Indemnizees me amoum cf, any loss, cbligadcu. liability. claim. damage (including.
Wlthnut limimclem lneidemal and consequential damages), expense (including, wimnunlimiuziam
II ` A ¤1LSl¢&l¤::.»·p
I / 8 .
A. 5- / jo} EXHIBIT "____C/_____
M PAGE .L;f_2_

_ - Case 1:04- - - -
f h ..4 _ . _. cv 01380 GIVIS Document 45-14 Fnool 04/05/2005 page 3 Of 4
com Of mvcsdéagun and defense md reasonable attorneys foes) (collectively, "D3;mg~·;$")
directly or indirectly. from ¤¥ ill °¤Tlm"¤°“ wm:
(Q tb: {OI-m;;g¤¤_ acquisition, ownership, capiml stmcmrc,
maoagemeot control, operation, salc ¤f Clw ¤5¤·=l$ ¤f $¤¤¤`¤ ¤f ¤li`m°>r disposition or liquidation
of the PCS Companies;
0)) [hg neg; or omissiom Gf U18 Tnclezcomitees as member, shareholder,
Cummmng pam dimclgn Dmcm-_ rcpyegegtative or agent, as applicable, of a PCS Company;
(cy eh; aequisidou, maimeoarlco or sale of the FCC licenses held by
rhePCS Companies; or I 9
A (d.) any other acts or omissions related to the- PCS Companies;
provided, however, that the indemnificaiion sbzil Trot apply to the repayment by Maggaegm
oygmiw, LLC, gr me loan from Pzewest Neovork, LLC CPNLLC`) in me pnoeipm amount
or approximately $414,165.72 (thc "Loan"), which Loan shall. be repaid in accordance Wim
Section 5 . ‘
3_ ggy IEIEHBCS) acqtajts and discharges each lI1£l.ClZUI].lT.£E from any and all
claims, obligations. liabilities. dcm¤¤d$ md ¤¤¤5€$ ¤f ¤¤*l¤¤ Wl¤¤li$0°V€f, l1P0¤ MY l€Z¤—l ¤1'
C . Cquimbla [hB¤ry_ whgmm- gmc gf federal, common law, statutory, conuacmal or otherwise,
vfhether direct or indirect, and whether l<¤¤¤·’¤. rml·<¤ow¤, flléimbd or Suspected, which GST ever
bsd, mow luis, or will have against an II`ldCZlIll'lilZ€¢· arising out of or based in whole ¤r in part
· upon or related in any way to (l) \h¤ 0W¤<¥1'$l`1lP· ¤¤Pl'¤¤·l $lZ¥U¤tllT€» mB¤&B¤m€’¤i. ¤0UiT0l ¤Y
¤p€Y&tlO1'l of IHC COI¤p811iCS_ lbf: sale of UIC 8.53ClS DI SlZ¤Ck Of Utbpf iiggqlutiou Of
liquidation of a PCS Company, (iii) any u’a1‘1So¤li¤¤ bbw/een GST and a PCS Compemy; and {iv) I,
my other uansaedotr act or omission in`-follfirlg, di1‘¢¤ll)' or indirectly, the PCS Companies;
provided, however, the release shall n¤i HPF?} K0 -W¤1’¥¤`$ ¤l¤ll§¤¤l¤¤5 l-ml-l¤f $¤¤lTl¤¤ 7-3 0f illc
Agxccincox for Purchase and Sale of Assets. ~·
4. This Agreement docs not constitute and shall not be deemed as cn
admissim uf m,bimy_ mg; Agmcmm; is not intended to and docs nor benefit any other
individual or party omg; man the parties I0 T.b.iS Agfcezmcnt.
5. CST agrees that it will use its best efforts to cause the PCS Companies to
treat PNLLC fairly (as compared to GST and other creditors of the PCS Companies) with
` respect to repayment of the Loan and shall use ihs best efforts to assure that PNLLC will receive
as close to the full amount of the principal balance as possible. All parties agree to cooperate
in good faith in pursuing an orderly liquidation of the PCS Companies in order to accomplish
the objective of repaying as much of th: Outstanding prlmiipal balance of the {loan no PNLLC
as possibles
" Page 2 — INDEMNITY AGREEMENT misaim.,
‘ _ 4 mst ...»2..eL§.

, I:. ~ · — Case 1‘O4—cv-01380 GIVIS
·, ‘ · Document 45- ‘
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®T TP.I.EL`¤»¢MLD·¤CAf1¤NS. INC, P;I,C*i’E5T IHC.
* __ ny; *5 `>."‘-°°—;T* ‘·,_
"[`][](;;_‘__C`A cz-1/ /’·~¢:r A V
$24 £AHT5 .
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’ _ _ ` EXHIBIT ”.....Q....
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