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Individuals Petitioning for Formation of a New Political Party in Wyoming Guidelines for Petitions

The following information will help you as you circulate petitions to form a new political party in Wyoming. The procedures summarized here can be found in W.S. 22-4-101 through 22-4-406. Definition of "Provisional Party" A "provisional party" means a political organization which has filed a legally valid petition as provided under Article 4 of Chapter 4 of this code. The filing of a legally valid petition entitles the provisional party to participate in the next general election. If the provisional party's candidate for any one (1) of the offices of the United States house of representatives, governor or secretary of state, receives not less than two percent (2%) of the total votes cast for that office in that election, the provisional party does not lose party status. Deadlines Any group of persons desiring to form a new political party in Wyoming shall file a petition with the Secretary of State not later than June 1 in a general election year in which the party seeks to qualify for the general election ballot. The petition shall be circulated no earlier than April 1 of the year preceding the general election. Party Name The name of the party printed on the petition cannot consist of more than two words and cannot be identical or similar to the name of any existing qualified political party. Number of Signatures To be valid, the petition must contain the names and signatures of registered electors equal in number to not less than two percent (2%) of the total number of votes cast for the office of United States house of representative in the last general election. The total number of signatures needed for the 2010 election is 4,988 signatures. Signers' Addresses Please note that signatures on the petition must be those of registered voters who must list a residence address. P.O. Box numbers are not allowed. Verification by Circulator A "Verification by Circulator" must be completed on each petition page. More Information If you have any questions, please contact the chairman of the petition drive or Lori Klassen, Election Specialist in the Secretary of State's Office at 777-7186.

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