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Amount Paid
Name of Seller
Address of Seller
Name of Buyer
Address of Buyer
Make of Vehicle
Model or Series of Vehicle
Year of Vehicle
Color of Vehicle
Vin Number of Vehicle
Style of Vehicle
Odometer Reading of Vehicle
Title Number of Vehicle
Down Payment Amount Seller will Retain if Sale not Completed

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HTML Motor Vehicle As Is Bill of Sale

Motor Vehicle As Is Bill of Sale


BE IT KNOWN, that for payment in the sum of _____________________________________ Dollars ($___________), the full receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged, the undersigned _______________________ of _____________________________________________ (�Seller�) hereby sells and transfers to_____________________ of ________________________ _________________________ (�Buyer�), the following described motor vehicle (�Vehicle�): �


Model or series:



VIN #:


Odometer reading:

Title #:


Seller warrants to Buyer that Seller is the legal and true owner of the Vehicle and that Seller has the right to sell the Vehicle.

The Vehicle is sold AS IS with no express or implied warranties or representations having been made by Seller to Buyer.

The Seller certifies that the odometer reading of the Vehicle is correct to their knowledge, and that the Seller has not modified the odometer, disconnected it, or rolled back the mileage during their ownership.

If the sale is not completed, the Seller will retain $__________________ of the down payment to cover costs and effort in re-advertising.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Seller has hereunto executed and delivered this Motor Vehicle As Is Bill of Sale this ___________________ day of ____________________________, 20________.



This Free Fillable Motor Vehicle As Is Bill of Sale form template is used when selling a car "As Is" without making any warranties regarding its condition. We have made it easy for you to create a high quality form that covers all the necessary terms that you can download and print. You really don't need to pay for this form somewhere else when you can get it here at no risk.


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