Free Legal Form Samples and Templates

Free Affidavit Forms

An Affidavit is a legal document in which a person makes declarations and statement of facts under oath. Affidavits are often used in verifying the truthfulness of certain allegations. Many affidavits must be signed in the presence of a notary public. Included here is a General Affidavit and two forms of Name Affidavits.

Free Assignment Forms

Assignments are used when transferring rights from one party to another. Many legal documents can be assigned including leases, contracts or those dealing with intellectual property. These Assignment Forms include a Contract Assignment, Domain Name Assignment and Wage Assignment. Also included is a General Assignment which can be used in a wide variety of situations.

Free Attorney Forms

These Attorney forms include numerous forms and letters used by attorneys in the day-to-day practice of law. Included are fee arrangement letters, letters to a client regarding their representation, notices and general agreements.

Free Bankruptcy Forms

Filing for personal bankruptcy is a tough decision to make. Bankruptcy forms allow an individual to see if it's the right decision for them and to file the proper paperwork if they decide it is necessary.

Free Bill of Sale Forms

A Bill of Sale is used when selling or transferring property to another. This document is a written record of the transaction and includes pertinent information such as property description, selling price and if the property is sold “as is.” Bill of Sale forms included here are for use when selling an automobile, motorcycle, animal or mobile home.

Free Borrow, Lend & Collection Forms

These Borrowing, Lending and Collection Forms can be used both either a borrower or lender. These documents will ensure that you protect yourself and your assets. Included are an Agreement to Settle, Final Demand for Payment and a Subordination Agreement.

Free Business Forms

Business Forms are documents most commonly used in the course of running a business. Many businesses require legal-related documents while others require simple forms such as invoices and work orders. Forms included here are a Joint Venture Agreement, Advertising and Marketing Agreement, Manufacturing Agreement and a Credit Memo.

Free Confidentiality Forms

Confidentiality Agreements can protect against sensitive information about a company or its dealings from being released to the public. They usually take place between two parties, and usually involve one party legally promising not to divulge the secrets of another.

Free Contract Forms

Contracts are legally binding documents and used in all types of business situations. It is important that all contracts be set out in writing rather than by oral agreement. A General Contract, Notice of Assignment of Contract, Amendment to Contract and Royalty Agreement are just a few of the forms included here.

Free Copyright Forms

A copyright owner has the exclusive rights and interests in an original work such as a novel, sculpture, recording or software program. It is important that the copyright owner protect these rights especially if a work is being infringed by another. Included in these Copyright Forms are a Cease and Desist letter, Copyright Assignment and Copyright License Agreement.

Free Corporation Forms

These Corporate Forms are those most commonly used by corporations. Many corporate documents, such as minutes, notices and resolutions, become a part of the corporation’s official records. Included here are Minutes of Meetings, Notice of Shareholders Meeting, Resolutions and Ballot and Stock Certificate forms.

Free Credit Forms

These credit forms may cover personal and business situations in which a credit relationship is to be established. They can range from a credit application to correspondence between debtors and creditors.

Free Declaration Forms

A Declaration is a legal document in which a person declares certain facts or statements to be true. Declarations are similar to affidavits and many declarations are signed in the presence of a notary public. Included is a General Declaration which can be used in various situations.

Free Deed Forms

Deeds are used to convey ownership in real estate transactions. There are various types of deeds for use in certain situations. Included here is a Contract for Deed, Quitclaim Deed and a Warranty Deed.

Free Divorce Forms

Divorce proceedings are often stressful and time-consuming. These forms will be helpful in navigating those proceedings. Included is a Property Division Worksheet which will be useful in drafting a Property Settlement Agreement (also included). A Divorce Petition and Final Decree and Judgment of Divorce are important legal documents which are filed with the court in a divorce proceeding.

Free Employment Forms

These Employment Forms can be used by either a large or small company. These forms can be used in a broad number of employment situations such as congratulating an employee for a job well done or setting forth a company policy. Also included are a Service Agreement and an Employment Agreement.

Free Entertainment Contract Forms

These Entertainment Forms are for use by those in the entertainment industry, whether mainstream or independent, or those wanting to break into this industry. Included here are a Confidentiality Agreement, Actor Offer Letter, Actor Employment Agreement and a TV Series Producer Agreement.

Free Family Law Forms

Family Law encompasses many areas of law including divorce, guardianship, adoption or couples living together. These forms include a Cohabitation Agreement, Guardianship Petition and Order which must be filed with a court and a Notice of Past Due Child Support for use by a custodial parent.

Free Government Forms

These Government Forms can be used when writing to a governmental agency. A Freedom of Information Act Request allows an individual to request documents in the possession of a government agency.

Free Health Care Forms

Health care is an important and pressing issue for each and every individual. These Health Care Forms contain important authorizations and agreements. Included are an Organ Donation Agreement, a Revocation of that agreement and an Authorization to Disclose Health Information.

Free Homestead Forms

Homestead declarations protect a certain amount of equity in your home from being taken by a creditor in a lawsuit. A homestead is defined as the dwelling in which you reside. Homestead declarations vary from state to state and it is important that a homestead declaration be recorded. These forms include a Homestead Declaration for a single individual as well as a married couple.

Free Indemnity Agreement Forms

Indemnity Agreements are legal documents that allow one party to protect another party against future claims. The agreement can specify the type of situation and the terms of which one party is agreeing to indemnify the other.

Free Intellectual Property Forms

Intellectual property includes trademarks, copyrights, patents and service marks. Intellectual property is protected by law and it is important you defend your intellectual property. These Intellectual Property Forms include agreements, assignments and licenses related to patents, trademarks and service marks. A Research and Development Agreement is also included with these forms.

Free Internet Forms

These Internet Forms are for use by those doing business on the web or have an online presence. It is important that you protect your rights and that any legal documents are set forth in writing. Included here are a Domain Name Sales Agreement, Online Advertising Agreement and Website Privacy Policy.

Free Landlord & Tenant Forms

It is imperative that both the Landlord and Tenant are protected when signing a legal document such as a lease, assignment or notice. These Landlord and Tenant forms include various Assignments and Agreements along with a Notice to Quit, Notice of Eviction and Security Deposit Demand Letters.

Free Lease & Rental Forms

Lease and Rental Forms should be set out in writing rather than by oral agreement. This is important in the event any lease is amended, extended or terminated. These Lease and Rental Forms include an Equipment Lease Agreement, Equipment Lease Extension, Event Space Rental Agreement and an Event Space Rental Agreement Amendment.

Free Letter Forms

There are many occasions when it is best to rely on written communication rather than a phone conversation. Sending a letter will serve as written confirmation that communication was attempted or successfully held. These Letter Forms include one to settle a past due account and a letter to request a copy of credit report when credit is denied.

Free Limited Liability Co. Forms

A Limited Liability Company limits the liability of the members of the company for its debts. Included here are Articles of Organization which will assist in setting up a limited liability company.

Free Name Change Forms

Change of name documents allow you to officially change your legal name. Common occurrences include when an individual gets married or later goes through a divorce.

Free Non-Compete Forms

Non-Compete Forms are legal documents which state that an employee will not compete with a former company for a set number of years after termination or voluntarily leaving a company. A Non-Compete Agreement usually contains a clause that also prohibits an employee from soliciting other employees from the company.

Free Non-Disclosure Forms

Non-Disclosure forms are important in that they protect a company’s confidential and proprietary information. It is imperative that these legal arrangements be set out in writing and not left to oral interpretation. Included here are a Business Plan Confidentiality Agreement and a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Free Notice Forms

Notice forms give notice that an event will or has happened. It is many times important that a notice be given in writing so it can be considered official. Notice forms included here are Notice of Board Meeting, Notice of Bulk Transfer and Notice of Dishonored Check.

Free Parental Permission Forms

These Parental Permission Forms are used when giving permission for a minor to attend an event (such as an outing, event or field trip). These permission forms set out all pertinent information regarding the child including emergency contact and medical insurance information.

Free Partnership Forms

Partnership forms are important legal documents which set out the specific agreement between the partners. It is important that any document regarding a partnership be in writing rather than an oral agreement. A form Partnership Agreement, Partnership Amendment Kit and Partnership Termination Agreement are included here.

Free Power of Attorney Forms

It is important that everyone have a Power of Attorney which sets forth your wishes in the event you are unable to make informed decisions. These decisions can be related to day-to-day living matters or health care. Power of Attorney forms cover a variety of situations. Included here is a General Power of Attorney which becomes effective immediately, a Durable Power of Attorney Effective Immediately and a Durable Power of Attorney which is effective upon disability.

Free Premarital Forms

Before a couple marries it is important that all matters regarding ownership of property and possessions are set forth in writing. These Premarital Forms will assist in ensuring the couple starts married life on the right foot. Included are a Prenuptial Agreement and a Prenuptial Agreement Amendment.

Free Promissory Note Forms

These Promissory Note forms set out the specific terms between a borrower and a lender. It is important that a Promissory Note be in writing as it sets out payment arrangements and remedies in the event of default. These forms include a Promissory Note payable Upon Demand and a Promissory Note containing Multiple Payment Options.

Free Real Estate Forms

Real Estate Forms vary from mortgage agreements to those for contractors providing work on a specific property. Most real estate documents are legally binding and it is important all agreements be set out in writing. An Assignment of Mortgage, General Contractor Agreement and a Mechanic’s Lien are some of the forms included here.

Free Release Forms

Release forms effectively release an individual or company from an obligation or liability. There are many types of releases and numerous situations in which a release is necessary. Some of the Release forms included here are a Full and Final Release, General Release and a Physical Activity Release.

Free Sale & Purchase Forms

Sale and Purchase Forms are used by those buying or selling goods or products. These forms are varied as there are many situations in which these types of forms will be helpful. An Asset Purchase Agreement, Consignment Agreement and Conditional Sale Agreement are included.

Free Technology Forms

Technology forms are usually associated with the Internet and those doing business on the web. It is important that any legal agreements regarding technology be set out in writing. Included here are a Software Maintenance Agreement and a Website Affiliate Marketing Agreement.

Free Trademark Forms

A Trademark is a distinctive and memorable symbol used to symbolize a company or product. Trademarks are often names, words, phrases, and logos associated with a sign entity such as a company, product or service. Trademark documents help protect registered trademarks and unregistered trademarks and make sure all trademarks are being used legally.

Free UCC Forms

UCC Forms comply with the Uniform Commercial Code. This Code was set up in order that all U.S. states and territories have complementary laws regarding sales and commercial transactions. Included in these forms is a UCC Financing Statement.

Free Will Forms

A Last Will and Testament sets out your wishes as to the disposition of your property after your death. It is imperative that everyone have a Will so there is no question as to your wishes. Included with these forms are a Last Will and Testament for a Single Individual and Last Will and Testament for a Married Person.