Free Intellectual Property Forms

  • Copyright Assignment Form

    Copyright Assignment Forms are used to assign your ownership in a copyright to another party. Assignments can be used for video and written works, as well as works of art and photographs. Your ownership in a copyrighted work is transferred once an assignment is entered into.

  • Copyright Cease and Desist Letter

    Copyright Cease and Desist Letters are frequently used in today's business world. This letter sets forth your ownership in a registered copyright and demands that the other party instantly stop using your copyrighted work without your authorization.

  • Copyright License Agreement

    Copyright License Agreements are used when licensing various types of copyrighted materials. These licenses are used for a variety of copyrights including photographs, artwork or works of music. A copyright license will ensure that your copyrighted works are used only with your permission.

  • Patent Application Assignment Agreement

    This Patent Application Assignment Agreement will effectively assign a patent application. This assignment sets forth the identities of the assignor and assignee, the patent application to be assigned and the rights of the assignor to the patent application. This Patent Application Assignment Agreement must be signed and dated by both assignor and assignee.

  • Patent Assignment Agreement

    This Patent Assignment Agreement is between an assignor who owns a patent and an assignee to which the patent will be assigned. This assignment sets out the names of the parties and a detailed description of the patent. This Patent Assignment Agreement also contains provisions which state assignor has the right of assignment and upon execution of the agreement ownership of the patent will revert to the assignee.

  • Patent License Agreement

    This Patent License Agreement is between the owner of a patent and a party who wants to license the patent. This agreement sets forth the identities of the parties, specific information regarding the patent and the territory in which the patented products may be sold. It also sets forth any payments made for the license and license term. This Patent License Agreement must be signed by both parties.

  • Research and Development Agreement

    This Research and Development Agreement is between a party who has developed a new technology and a party who desires to exploit this technology. This agreement sets out the parties\’ arrangement to collaborate. This Research and Development Agreement also sets out the independent contractor status of both parties and ownership of any intellectual property.

  • Research and Development Agreement Amendment

    This Research and Development Agreement Amendment will in effect amend an existing agreement. This amendment sets out the parties, the date of the agreement and the terms and provisions to be amended or modified. This Research and Development Agreement also sets out any terms or provisions which will remain in effect.

  • Sample Patent Assignment Form

    Patent Assignment Agreements are used when an owner of a patent desires to assign all ownership to another party. This assignment gives a brief description of the patent, parties to the agreement and amount of payment made for the assignment. This assignment must be filed with the Patent Office in order for the assignment to be official.

  • Service Mark License Agreement

    This Service Mark License Agreement will license a service mark. This agreement sets forth the parties, the service mark to be licensed and the obligations of the parties. This Service Mark License Agreement further sets out that the license is non-exclusive and royalty free.

  • Simple Patent License Agreement

    Patent License Agreement grants a license to another for use of a patent. The agreement sets out how the patent will be used, whether the use is exclusive or non-exclusive and if patent royalties will be paid. A patent license does not change who owns the patent.

  • Trademark Infringement Cease & Desist Letter

    This Trademark Infringement Cease and Desist Letter is sent by the owner of a trademark to an individual or business infringing the trademark. This letter sets out the trademark, its registration number and how the trademark is being infringed. This letter demands that infringement of the trademark be ceased or further legal action will be taken.

  • Trademark License Agreement

    This Trademark License Agreement will effectively license the use of a trademark. This agreement sets forth the names of the licensor and licensee, the trademark and the territory in which it will be licensed. This Trademark License Agreement also sets out specific rights granted under the license and the rights and obligations which remain with licensor.