Free Purchase Agreement Legal Forms

  • Standard Purchase Agreement
  • This Purchase Agreement is our most standardized contract for use between a buyer and a seller of any good.

  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • This legal document is used when the owner of a business is transferring the assets of the business to another party.

  • Sale Of Business Contracts
  • These agreements are required when one party is buying an entire company or certain assets of a company from another party.

  • FREE Series Aa Stock Purchase Agreement
  • ... NAME] SERIES AA PREFERRED STOCK PURCHASE AGREEMENT [date] [COMPANY NAME] SERIES ... terms and conditions of this Agreement, each Investor agrees, severally and ... executed and delivered the Rights Agreement. Miscellaneous Amendment . Except as expressly ...
    State: All States   Category: Corporate

  • FREE Contract Court Interpreter Svcs Agreement
  • ... 06/08) Contract Court Interpreter Services Agreement UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT ... performance of services under this agreement, the contract court interpreter shall ... order or Blanket Purchase Agreement number (attach copy if available) Language ...
    State: Hawaii   Category: Court Forms - Federal

  • FREE Rental Purchase Registration Return Rpaa Form 1
  • ... , or taking assignments of Rental Purchase Agreements for a personal, family, or household purpose under the Indiana Rental Purchase Agreement Act. Each operating location ( ... Each legal entity involved in rental purchase activities must complete a separate ...
    State: Indiana   Category: Government

  • FREE Series Aa Investors' Rights Agreement
  • ... adjustments. Confidentiality . Anything in this Agreement to the contrary notwithstanding, no ... conditions set forth in this Agreement, including, without limitation, this Section ... Shares issued pursuant to the Purchase Agreement (excluding any of such ...
    State: All States   Category: Corporate

  • FREE License Application Instruction
  • ... (2) A copy of the Partnership Agreement which must also include an authorization for ... franchise, a copy of the franchise agreement must be submitted. 12. If the candidate ... agency, a copy of the sale / purchase agreement must be submitted. (LICENSES ARE NOT ...
    State: Arizona   Category: Workers Compensation

  • FREE Rulebackupapp
  • ... and Advertising Wyoming Consumer Rental-Purchase Agreement Act Rules of Practice ... Etc. Regions of Service Delivery Purchase of Services Authorized Application for ... Termination of Existing Concession Contracts Purchase/Transfer of Existing Concession Operation ...
    State: Wyoming   Category: Secretary of State

  • FREE Sales Agreement -- Foreclosure
  • ... be no adjustments to the purchase price for the outstanding taxes ... approval is not obtained, this agreement shall be null and void ... the payments required by this agreement, the Court may order the ... all money paid under this agreement; B. The Seller will, within ...
    State: Connecticut   Category: Court Forms - State

  • FREE Bulk Purchase Of Index Number Agreement
  • ... THE CITY OF NEW YORK BULK PURCHASE OF INDEX NUMBER AGREEMENT I being duly sworn deposes and says: I agree to the following terms for the purchase of index numbers in the Civil Court: 1. The purchase will be for 50 or more index numbers for ...
    State: New York   Category: Court Forms - State

  • FREE Plea Agreement
  • ... Defendant named above enter into the following agreement: Charge: Docket Number: Amended: Yes No ... and, as part of this Plea Agreement, waive further notice, separate hearing, and ... it illegal for you to possess or purchase a firearm, you should consult an ...
    State: Vermont   Category: Court Forms - State

  • FREE 2008 Instruction 990
  • ... of incorporation. Amendments to the trust agreement signed by the trustee. Amendments to ... known as bylaws (or regulations, operating agreement, or similar document). Report changes ... bond, note, loan, or lease-purchase agreement. The annual accounting period ...
    State: Federal   Category: Tax Forms

  • FREE 2008 Instruction 990-schedule K
  • ... a bond, note, loan, or lease-purchase agreement. Qualified 501(c)(3) ... organization has determined that the research agreement meets the safe harbor available under ... the facts and circumstances. A research agreement for the financed property will generally ...
    State: Federal   Category: Tax Forms

  • FREE Form 8038-gc (rev. May 2009)
  • ... who is a party to the installment purchase agreement, loan, or financial lease. If ... all of the property covered by that agreement is reasonably expected to be delivered within ... line that represents a lease or installment purchase. For line 9d, enter the type ...
    State: Federal   Category: Tax Forms

  • FREE Instructions For 8038g (rev. November 2000)
  • ... any obligation, including a bond, installment purchase agreement, or financial lease, on which ... of the property covered by that agreement is reasonably expected to be delivered ... produces an amount equal to the purchase price, including accrued interest. See ...
    State: Federal   Category: Tax Forms

  • FREE Form 8596 (rev. May 1999)
  • ... consideration. A contract includes a written agreement between the agency and the contractor, ... letter issued under a basic ordering agreement, a letter contract, an order that is ... , or sell property. 7. Blanket purchase agreement. However, when an order is ...
    State: Federal   Category: Tax Forms