Free Probate Legal Forms

  • Probate Status Request
  • This Probate Status Request form will help you draft a letter to the executor of a will, stating that you have not heard from them recently, and requesting that they contact you with a status update.

  • Living Trusts
  • These Living Trust forms allow an individual to transfer property to the recipients named in the Living Trust upon the individual's death, while avoiding probate.

  • FREE De-111 Petition For Probate
  • ... : ESTATE OF (Name): DECEDENT PETITION FOR Probate of Will and for Letters Testamentary ... codicils, if any, be admitted to probate. b. (name): be appointed (1) executor ( ... [Rev. March 1, 2008] PETITION FOR PROBATE (Probate--Decedents Estates) Page 2 of 4 ...
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  • FREE De-125 Summons (probate)
  • ... ) -againstPlaintiff(s) SUMMONS DE-125 PROBATE (JUICIO TESTAMENTARIO) : : : : ONLY Calendar No. FOR ... on reverse) Mobile Tel. No.: SUMMONS (Probate) Probate Code, 8250, 8271 American ... , 1998] PROOF OF SERVICE (Summons--Probate) Page two Code of Civil ...
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  • FREE De-140 Order For Probate
  • ... DECEDENT CASE NUMBER: ORDER FOR PROBATE Executor ORDER Administrator with Will YORK ... and each codicil dated: was admitted to probate by Minute Order on (date): Your ... FOLLOWS LAST ATTACHMENT Mobile Tel. No.: Probate Code, 8006, 8400 American LegalNet, Inc ...
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  • FREE De-150 Letters (probate)
  • ... the special powers specified in the Order for Probate. located at County of (2) with the ... 1998] Mandatory Form [1/1/2000] LETTERS (Probate) Telephone No.: Facsimile No.: E-Mail Address: Mobile Tel. No.: Probate Code, 1001, 8403, 8405, 8544, 8545; Code ...
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