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  • This Quitclaim Deed form is required to convey an interest in a property from the Grantor to the Grantee, such as one spouse (Grantor) disclaiming any interest in a property that the other spouse (Grantee) owns.

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  • The Premier Deed Forms Combo Package includes all of our most popular deed forms, including warranty deeds, contracts for deeds, and quitclaim deeds.

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  • ... copy of the surety's deed to the property. An appraisal ... deliver to the Clerk a quitclaim deed as indicated in paragraph ... United States of America." The deed is delivered to the Clerk ... property by simply recording the quitclaim deed. The defendant's attorney ...
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  • ... United States of America, and deliver said deed to the Escrow Agent to be held ... , the Escrow Agent shall tender the quitclaim deed to the United States Attorney, ... to be ___________ free act and deed before me. ______________________________ NOTARY PUBLIC My ...
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  • ... valuable consideration to include any document, deed, contract of sale, agreement, judgment, ... in excess of ninety (90) years, quitclaim deed serving as a source of ... , and incorporations involving solely nonlisted stock; quitclaim deeds not serving as a ...
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  • ... the Transfer of Property PR46 - Motion to file qualified domestic relations order PR47 - Motion to file quitclaim deed PR48 - Motion to transfer title of vehicle Motions Related to Vehicles PR49 - Motion for ...
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  • ... , the new owner must have a quitclaim deed or a transfer certificate from the ... Notice (copy attached) filed on (blank) (deed #) in Recorder's Office, (County), against the ... (date). Said property was conveyed by deed recorded in the (County) Recorder's Office ...
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