Free Deed Forms

  • Contract for Deed

    This Contract for Deed is between a buyer and a seller of a certain piece of real estate. This contract sets forth the names of the parties and the location and legal description of the property. It also sets out the purchase price, including any down payment, amount of monthly payment, due date and who is responsible for expenses and insurance. This Contract for Deed must be signed by both buyer and seller in the presence of a notary.

  • Quitclaim Deed

    This Quitclaim Deed will effectively quitclaim a property from one person to another. This deed contains the name of the grantor who quitclaims the property and the grantee to whom the property is quitclaimed. It also contains the legal description of the property. This Quitclaim Deed must be signed by the grantor in the presence of a notary public.

  • Sample Contract for Deed Form

    Contract for Deeds are used when a property owner will finance the sale of property. This contract contains the names of all parties, total purchase price, monthly payment amount and interest rate. The Contract for Deed also sets out the security held by the property owner and if the buyer accepts the property "As Is."

  • Sample Quitclaim Deed Form

    Quitclaim Deeds are used to convey real estate without warranty or guarantee of title. A Quitclaim Deed contains the amount paid for the property, where it is located and the complete legal description. This type of deed is often used to transfer property between family members or between spouses once a divorce is final.

  • Sample Warranty Deed Form

    General Warranty Deeds are used by property owners to convey clear and valid title to a property. These Deeds set forth the names of the seller and purchaser, location of property and any future warranties made by owner if there are problems with the property's title.

  • Warranty Deed

    This Warranty Deed conveys interest in real estate and warrants that the title is clear. This deed sets forth the grantor and grantee, the legal description of the property and grantor’s rights to convey the property. This Warranty Deed must be signed by both parties in front of a notary public.