Free Contract Forms

  • Agency Agreement

    This Agency Agreement is between a company and an agent who will perform certain services in an agreed upon territory. This agreement sets forth in detail the specific services to be performed, the assigned territory, term of the agreement and commission payment arrangements. This Agency Agreement also sets out that agent is an independent contractor and not an employee of the company.

  • Amendment to Contract

    This Amendment to Contract can be used to amend any type of business contract. This amendment sets forth the parties and date of signing of the original contract and a detailed list of the changes and amendments. This Amendment to Contract also sets out which provisions will remain in force and must be signed by the parties to the original contract agreement.

  • Arbitration Agreement

    This Arbitration Agreement is between parties who consent and agree that any disputes regarding a matter with a specific company will be resolved by binding arbitration rather than through the court system. This agreement sets out the name of the arbitrator who will hear the matter, the date and time of arbitration hearing and the powers of the arbitrator. By signing this agreement, the parties affirm that this decision was voluntarily made without any influence.

  • Contract Assignment

    Contract Assignments are used when an existing contract is assigned to another party. This assignment sets out the individual or company to whom the contract is assigned, obligations which will change and those which will remain in effect. Contract assignments may also assign the rights to intellectual property.

  • Contract Termination Agreement

    This Contract Termination Agreement will effectively terminate a contract. This agreement sets forth the date of termination and the parties and date the existing contract was signed. This agreement also sets forth any obligations which will survive the termination and the parties’ mutual release from any and all actions arising under the subject contract. This Contract Termination Agreement must be signed by the parties to the original contract.

  • Franchise Agreement

    This Franchise Agreement is between a franchiser who owns a business and a franchisee who desires to acquire the rights to operate a franchise of the business. This agreement sets forth the specific arrangement including location of the franchise, term of the agreement and how the franchise business should be operated. This Franchise Agreement must be signed by both franchiser and franchisee.

  • General Contract

    This General Contract is between a company and a contractor who will provide specific services. This document sets forth a detailed list of services, the information and materials necessary to complete the project and the term of the agreement. This General Contract also sets forth the independent contractor status of the contractor. This form must be signed by both company and contractor.

  • General Contractor Agreement

    General Contractor Agreements are used by a contractor and a customer. These agreements set out detailed specifics about the scope of work, the price of the project and the time allowed for completion. It also states whether or not the contractor may hire subcontractors to assist with the job.

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

    Independent Contractor Agreements are used when an individual provides services to a company or individual but is not considered an employee. This agreement states the parties involved, the scope of work to be performed and the compensation the independent contractor will receive. An independent contractor does not receive employee benefits and can be terminated under certain conditions.

  • Mutual Recission of Contract

    This Mutual Rescission of Contract will effectively rescind an existing contract. This rescission sets forth the parties to the original contract, the purpose of that contract and the agreement of the parties to rescind. This Mutual Rescission of Contract must be signed by all parties who entered into the original contract.

  • Mutual Termination of Contract

    Mutual Termination Agreements are used when both parties desire to terminate an agreement before its date of expiration. This agreement contains the names of the parties who mutually agree to do so, a description of the agreement which will be terminated and the effective date of the termination.

  • Notice of Assignment of Contract

    This Notice of Assignment of Contract will serve as official notice that all rights and interests under a certain contract have been permanently assigned to another. This Notice of Assignment also sets out the parties to the contract and the date of assignment.

  • Royalty Agreement

    This Royalty Agreement is between a writer and a publisher for the payment of royalties for a written work. This agreement sets out the title of work, the assignment, transfer or sell of all copyrights in the work and the royalties’ percentage the publisher agrees to pay to writer. This Royalty Agreement contains a provision on how and when royalty payments will be made and must be signed by both writer and publisher.

  • Service Agreement

    Service Agreements are used when hiring a contractor or individual to provide a specific type of service. This agreement sets out details regarding the service, when it should be completed and how much the provider will be paid.

  • Subcontractor Agreement

    Subcontractor Agreements are used when a general contractor brings on subcontractors to assist with a project. These agreements set out the specific tasks the subcontractor will perform on the project, how much the subcontractor will be paid and the general time frame for completion of the work. This agreement also spells out any equipment the subcontractor will provide to perform the job.

  • Work For Hire Contract

    Work for Hire Contracts are used when an individual is hired to create a work for another individual or company. This second party will retain the copyright in the work even though they are not the original creator. Work for Hire Contracts often cover compositions, illustrations and computer programs.