Free Arbitration Agreement

This Arbitration Agreement is between parties who consent and agree that any disputes regarding a matter with a specific company will be resolved by binding arbitration rather than through the court system. This agreement sets out the name of the arbitrator who will hear the matter, the date and time of arbitration hearing and the powers of the arbitrator. By signing this agreement, the parties affirm that this decision was voluntarily made without any influence.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


The undersigned parties (the “Parties”) hereby voluntarily consent and agree to submit any and all disputes, claims, controversies relating to the matter of ____________________________ which the Parties may now have or which the Parties may have in future with ___________________ (“Company”) to final and binding arbitration under the arbitration rules set forth in ____________ code of civil procedure _________________________ (the "Arbitration Rules") and pursuant to law of the State ______.

The Parties agree to retain the services of ________________________ as arbitrator for this purpose. The Parties agree to pay the Arbitrator with a check in the amount of $_____________ for each session of arbitration.

The arbitration hearing will occur on ________________________ and will take place _______________________________________.

The powers of the Arbitrator includes, but is not limited to the following:

a. ordering the arbitration to be conducted by documents only or with limited oral hearings;

b. controlling or refusing discovery examinations;

c. determining in what order issues will be dealt with;

d. limiting or extending the extent of document disclosure;

e. requiring further particulars of the claim and the issues advanced;

f. requiring earlier disclosure of intended witnesses and documents;

g. limiting the number of experts or refusing to allow expert evidence;

h. requiring the use of a single independent expert to deal with a particular issue or any number of issues;

i. requiring experts to file written reports in place of giving oral testimony;

j. requiring expert reports earlier in the process than required under this Schedule;

k. determining when and in what order experts will be heard;

l. setting the dates, times and location for the arbitration;

m. ordering pre-arbitration meetings as required; and

n. fixing and awarding costs, including solicitor/client costs and the costs of the arbitration proceeding.

The Parties understand and agree that the Arbitrator shall not be held liable to any of the Parties for any act or omission arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the services being provided by him as an arbitrator, unless the arbitrator is shown to have acted in bad faith.

All arbitrations covered by this Agreement shall be adjudicated in accordance with the state or federal law which would be applied by a United States District Court sitting at _______________________________.

This is the complete agreement of the parties on the subject of arbitration of disputes, except for any arbitration provision contained in any pension or benefit plan.

The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that he/she is executing this Agreement voluntarily and without any duress or undue influence by the Company or anyone else.

(Name) _______________________________

(Name) _______________________________

In the presence of:

Witness: ____________________________

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