Free Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreements are used when an individual provides services to a company or individual but is not considered an employee. This agreement states the parties involved, the scope of work to be performed and the compensation the independent contractor will receive. An independent contractor does not receive employee benefits and can be terminated under certain conditions.

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Independent Contractor Agreement
_________________, referred to as CONTRACTING PARTY, and _________________, referred to as INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR, agree:

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR shall perform the following services for CONTRACTING PARTY: __________________________________________ at the following rate of pay:


This agreement shall begin on ________________ and shall terminate on _________________ unless earlier terminated.

Contracting Party may terminate this contract on ____ days notice to Independent Contractor for unsatisfactory performance.

This is an agreement for independent contracting services. The contracting party provides no benefits such as unemployment insurance, health insurance or worker's compensation insurance to independent contractor.

Independent contractor is responsible for payment of all federal, state and local income taxes.

Dated: ____________________________


Contracting Party


Independent Contractor; Federal Tax ID Number


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