Free Contract Assignment

Contract Assignments are used when an existing contract is assigned to another party. This assignment sets out the individual or company to whom the contract is assigned, obligations which will change and those which will remain in effect. Contract assignments may also assign the rights to intellectual property.

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Assignment to Contract
This Assignment is an Assignment to the Contract, executed on ______________, by and between, ___________________________ and ___________________________ regarding ___________________________________________________.

Pursuant to §__ of the Contract, ___________ hereby assigns _____________ (Assignee) all rights and duties as provided in the Contract.

All contractual terms and conditions shall be binding upon __________________ (Assignee).

________________________ (Party) shall be relieved of all contractual rights, obligations and/or remedies as of effective date herein.

This Assignment shall be effective immediately upon execution (“effective date”) by the parties herein.

______________________________________________                ______________
Party 1                                                                                                Date

______________________________________________                _____________
Party 2                                                                                                Date

_____________________________________________                  _____________

Assignee                                                                                             Date

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