Free Partnership Forms

  • Joint Venture Agreement

    Joint Venture Agreements are used by businesses who desire to form partnerships for a sole purpose. This agreement allows the companies to share their areas of expertise in order to develop a new product or enter new markets. This agreement sets out the specific terms of the arrangement and is of mutual benefit to both companies.

  • Offer to Purchase Partnership Interest

    This Offer to Purchase Partnership Interest contains an offer from a third party (offeror) to purchase a partner’s interest in a partnership. This offer sets forth all specific terms of the arrangement including the purchase price and closing date of the transaction. This Offer to Purchase Partnership Interest must be signed by the offeror and seller of the partnership interest in the presence of a witness.

  • Partnership Agreement (Short Form)

    This Partnership Agreement is between two partners who plan to conduct business together. This agreement sets forth the specific terms including name of the partnership, general accounting procedures and the capital contributions made by each partner. This Partnership Agreement also sets forth the compensation paid to each partner and how profits or losses will be divided.

  • Partnership Amendment Kit

    This Partnership Agreement Amendment will effectively amend an existing Partnership Agreement. This amendment sets forth the specific terms to be amended and those provisions which will remain in effect. This Partnership Agreement Amendment must be signed by both partners.

  • Partnership Termination Agreement

    This Partnership Termination Agreement will terminate an existing Partnership Agreement. This termination agreement sets forth the date of the original agreement, the ongoing obligations of the partners and each partner’s release of the other from any future causes of action or disputes concerning the partnership. In order to be valid, this Partnership Termination Agreement must be signed by both partners.

  • Sample Offer to Purchase Partnership Interest Template

    Offers to Purchase Partnership Interests are used when one partner wants to buy the interests of another partner. It sets out the name and address of the business, purchase price for the partner's interests and the closing date of the purchase transaction.

  • Sample Partnership Agreement Template

    Partnership Agreements are used to formally set out the particulars of a business. This agreement spells out the names of the parties, amount of money to be contributed by each party and each party's role within the business. A Partnership Agreement will provide guidance as to how your business should be run and how any profits will be shared.

  • Sample Partnership Termination Form

    Partnership Terminations are used when one or more partners decide to end the relationship. This agreement sets out who will share in the partnership assets or liabilities and the effective termination date. It is important that a partnership be terminated as amicably as possible.

  • Standstill Agreement

    Standstill Agreements are used by two companies who are considering entering into a relationship and desire to discuss this deal without interference from others. This agreement sets out background information, commencement and agreement termination procedures. This agreement is commonly used by companies who desire to share technology.