Free Internet Forms

  • Affiliate Agreement For Online Services

    Website Affiliate Agreements are used when one website becomes an affiliate of another. It sets out the affiliate terms including referral fees paid, commission structure and duration of the agreement.

  • Domain Name Sales Agreement

    This Domain Name Assignment will effectively assign a domain name. This agreement sets forth the parties, the domain name being assigned and any sum paid for the domain name. This Domain Name Assignment is binding on all parties and must be signed by the parties in the presence of witnesses.

  • Online Advertising Agreement

    This Online Advertising Agreement is between a website owner and a client who desires to place advertisements on the owner’s website. This agreement sets forth the specific terms of the arrangement including the type of ad display, services rendered by owner, payment for advertising and any ad content which is prohibited. This Online Advertising Agreement also sets forth that the ads will be delivered to the website owner in digital format.

  • Privacy Policy Template for a Website

    Privacy Policy Agreements are used by website owners to disclose how visitors personal information is used, distributed and protected. Many users insist that a solid privacy policy be in place before doing business on a website.

  • Sample Sale of Website Agreement Template

    Website Sales Agreements are used when selling or purchasing a particular website. This agreement sets out the specific terms including the purchase price, the website's condition, and how the website will be inspected and delivered. It also documents that the seller has the legal right to sell the website in question.

  • Sample Website Designer Agreement Template

    Website Designer Agreements are used when hiring a developer to design a specific type and style of website. This agreement sets out the services the designer will offer, how much he/she will be paid and when the website must be completed. This agreement also states that the website designer is working as an independent contractor.

  • Sample Website Maintenance Agreement Template

    Website Maintenance Agreements are used by a website owner and a company or individual who will maintain the site. This agreement sets out the specific maintenance duties, how much will be paid for maintaining the site, and that the consultant's services are considered to be those of an independent contractor.

  • Terms of Use for a Website

    The Terms of Use for a Website is used by the owner of the website to set up rules and regulations about use of the site. These terms of use describe the services the site offers and any warranties given. Terms of use can apply to both registered and non-registered users of a website.

  • Website Design Agreement

    This Website Design Agreement is between a client and a designer who will provide website design services. This agreement sets out the terms of the arrangement including the specific services to be performed, payment for services and agreement term. This Website Design Agreement also makes it clear that website designer is an independent contractor and not an employee of the client.

  • Website Maintenance Agreement

    This Website Maintenance Agreement is between a client and a website developer for maintenance services. This agreement sets out the specific website maintenance services the developer will perform, payment for those services and term of the agreement. This Website Maintenance Agreement also sets forth the independent contractor status of the website developer.

  • Website Privacy Policy Agreements

    This Privacy Policy Agreement contains measures adopted by a website owner to protect a registered visitor’s privacy rights. This agreement sets forth how and what information is collected by the site, how your information is disclosed and the security of that information. This Privacy Policy can be amended at any time and continued use of the website constitutes your acceptance of any amendments.

  • Website Sales Agreement

    This Website Sales Agreement is between the seller and buyer of a website. This agreement sets forth the agreement’s specific terms including the name of the website, purchase price/payment terms and representations and warranties made by the seller. This Website Sales Agreement must be signed and dated by both seller and purchaser.