Free Release Forms

  • Accident Claims Release Form

    Accident Claims Release forms are used by an individual or company to release another from injuries or damages suffered in an accident. This release sets out the parties to the event, the location and date of the accident, and the amount of any payments made to the releasor.

  • Contractor Release and Waiver of Lien

    Releases and Waivers are normally used in the construction industry. These forms include conditional and unconditional waiver and release of liens when payments are being made (progress payments) or final payment is received.

  • Full and Final Release

    This Full and Final Release is an agreement whereby one party agrees to release another from any and all claims arising from an incident. By signing this release the releasor agrees not to make future claims or initiate any other type of proceeding arising from this particular incident. Releasor also acknowledges that he/she has sought legal advice and voluntarily signs this Full and Final Release.

  • General Release

    This General Release fully releases and discharges a party from claims or causes of action arising from any type of incident. Examples of incidents may include an automobile accident, dog bite, bicycle accident or general civil claim. The party signing the General Release declares they fully understand its contents and are voluntarily signing it.

  • Indemnity Agreement

    This Indemnity Agreement allows one party to protect another against future claims or actions arising from a certain incident. If a claim is asserted, the indemnitee agrees to provide the indemnifying party with reasonable written notice. The indemnifying party will then defend the claim at its own expense.

  • Liability Release Form

    Liability Releases are used when one party agrees to release another party from all liability that stems from an incident. This release will not be valid unless compensation is paid to the releasing party.

  • Mutual Release

    Mutual Releases are used when parties agree to release one another from any claims resulting from a specific circumstance. These type of releases can relate to a contract or agreement, as well as accidents.

  • Physical Activity Release

    This Physical Activity Release will release a company or individual from any and all claims surrounding an accident or injury while a party is engaged in a physical activity. Examples of those activities include weight training, yoga or Pilates classes, marathons, bicycle races or a soap box derby. By signing this Release participant acknowledges the risks and dangers associated with the physical activity.

  • Release of Accident Claims

    This Release of Accident Claims fully releases and forever discharges a party from any future claims arising from a motor vehicle accident. This Release sets forth any sums paid in consideration of this Release and that the party signing the release does so voluntarily for settlement of all claims.

  • Sample Full and Final Release Form

    Full and Final Releases are used to release another party from all claims, current or future, arising or resulting from a specific event or circumstance.

  • Sample Physical Activity Release of Liability Form

    Physical Activity Releases are used when releasing an organization from all liability regarding injuries or accidents suffered during some type of physical activity. This release sets out the name of the participant, type of activity and emergency contact information.

  • Security Interest Release

    This Security Interest Release will effectively release a lien created by a security interest. This release sets out the identities of the releaser and releasee and sets forth that the Security Interest Release was voluntarily signed by the Releasor.

  • Talent and Model Release

    Talent and Model Releases are used when giving permission for your photograph or likeness to be used in connection with advertising or other promotions. A parent or guardian must sign this type of release for a minor child.

  • Waiver and Assumption of Risk

    This Waiver and Assumption of Risk will release a company or individual from all liability for injuries, property damage or death which may result from participation in a physical activity. Examples of such activities could include karate tournaments, marathons, swimming competitions or weight lifting competitions. By signing this Waiver the participant acknowledges the risks and dangers associated with the activity.

  • Waiver and Release Form

    This Waiver and Assumption of Risks is used when there is a possibility of injury or harm when using another party's facilities or equipment. This document informs the customer of the inherent risks and that they agree to follow all safety rules. The participant releases the other party of any liability for damages they may endure while using the other party's facilities and equipment.