Free Business Forms

  • Advertising and Marketing Agreement

    This Advertising and Marketing Agreement is between a client and an advertiser who will provide advertising services. This agreement sets out the specific services under this arrangement and how and when payment will be made. It also sets out how the advertisements will be delivered and any content which is prohibited. This Advertising and Marketing Agreement also sets out that advertiser is an independent contractor and not an employee of the client.

  • Articles of Organization

    Articles of Organization are used to set up the organization structure of a single member limited liability company. These articles set out the name of your business, date of registration and tax ramifications of this type of company.

  • Asset Purchase Agreement

    Asset Purchase Agreements are used by a party or company who is selling assets to another. This agreement details which assets will be purchased and assures the purchaser that the assets are lien-free. It also sets out how the assets will be delivered and how much the purchaser is paying.

  • Business Credit Application

    This Business Credit Application is submitted by an applicant who wants to obtain credit for his or her business. This application contains all pertinent information including the amount of credit requested, the type of business entity, ownership information and bank and trade references. This Business Credit Application also sets out in detail the necessary documentation which must be submitted with the application.

  • Business Plan Confidentiality Agreement

    This Business Plan Confidentiality Agreement is used by a company to ensure that their business plan is held confidential if submitted to prospective partners or investors. This agreement sets out the parties, term of the agreement and the specific information which must be held in confidence.

  • Business Plan Worksheet

    This Business Plan Worksheet will be helpful in setting up a business. This worksheet contains organizational information including the name of the business, its principal players, description of the business and its marketing strategy. This Business Plan Worksheet also contains information regarding operations, start-up costs and estimated monthly expenses.

  • Change Order Form

    Change Order Forms are used when a contractor or service provider must make changes to an existing contract or proposal. These forms set out detailed specifics of the changes including pricing and time frame for completion. In most cases, both parties must agree to any changes.

  • Credit Memo

    This Credit Memo sets forth the amount of credit issued to a customer. This credit memo includes the invoice number, the person to whom the credit is issued and the credit amount. This Credit Memo can be used in various types of situations.

  • Finders Fee Agreement

    This Finders Fee Agreement is between a company and a finder who will perform certain introductory services. This agreement sets forth the identities of the company and finder, the specific services or introductions the finder will perform and the payment to finder for the services. This Finders Agreement also sets out that finder is an independent contractor and not an employee of the company.

  • Franchise Agreement

    Franchise Agreements are used by a franchise owner and a party who desires to purchase a franchise. This agreement sets out the specific terms including the new business location, a license to use the franchise name as well as marketing and promotional tools furnished by the franchise owner.

  • General Meeting Minutes

    This General Minutes of Meeting template can be used for any meeting. These minutes are generic and contain the date, time and location of the meeting and the people who attended. The note taker will use the Minutes of Meeting form to fill in the issues discussed in the meeting and to record any decisions that were made or actions that were taken during the meeting.

  • Invoice

    This Invoice is used when billing another for goods or services received. This invoice sets out the name of the company, invoice number, tax ID number, to whom the invoice is being sent and invoice amount. This Invoice also sets forth any agreed upon payment terms, the description of the goods or services, any amounts previously paid and the total amount due. This Invoice can be used in a variety of situations.

  • Joint Venture Agreement

    This Joint Venture Agreement is between two parties who are referred to as Joint Venturers. This agreement sets out the specifics of the arrangement including the business purpose, the parties’ contributions and allocation of all profits and losses. This Joint Venture Agreement must be signed and dated by both parties.

  • Joint Venture Amendment Agreement

    This Joint Venture Amendment Agreement effectively amends an existing Joint Venture Agreement. This amendment sets out the names of the parties, date of the original agreement and the provisions to be amended or modified. This Joint Venture Agreement also sets forth that all provisions in the original Joint Venture Agreement not amended remain in force.

  • Letter of Intent to Purchase Assets of a Business

    A Letter of Intent to Purchase Assets of a Business is used when a buyer is interested in purchasing assets of an existing business. This document gives a detailed description of the assets and their purchase price. A Letter of Intent details the provisions of an intent to purchase but is not considered a formal agreement.

  • Management Agreement

    This Management Agreement is between a company and a manager who will perform certain services for the company. This agreement sets out the specific services to be performed, the materials necessary to perform these services, standard of performance and the term of the agreement. This Management Agreement also sets forth the independent contractor status of the manager.

  • Manufacturing Agreement

    This Manufacturing Agreement is between a client and a manufacturer who will perform certain services as an independent contractor. This agreement sets out the services the manufacturer agrees to perform, standard of performance and payment of compensation and expenses. This Manufacturing Agreement also specifies that client shall provide manufacturer with all necessary standards and specifications.

  • Marketing Plan Worksheet

    This Marketing Plan Worksheet will assist in setting out a company’s marketing strategy. This worksheet contains important provisions such as marketing goals, the target market, competitive advantage and the timing of the marketing campaign. This worksheet also sets out how the plan will be implemented and when the plan should be reviewed or revised. This Marketing Plan Worksheet is particularly helpful in that it can be used as a written strategy guide.

  • Meeting Minutes for Board of Directors

    Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings are used as a written record of discussions held during a board of directors meeting. These minutes spell out the attendees, business and financial matters which were discussed and resolutions which were approved. These corporate minutes are an integral part of the corporation's official books and records.

  • Meeting Minutes for Shareholders

    Minutes of Shareholder Meetings are used to record exactly what happens at a shareholders meeting. These minutes set out who attended the meeting, old and new business matters and any resolutions which were discussed and approved. The Secretary of the corporation is usually responsible for the taking of meeting minutes.

  • Membership Application

    This Membership Application is filled out by a prospective member who wishes to join a club or organization. This application contains all pertinent information about the member including name, address, employment, family members and contact information. This Membership Application must be signed and dated by the prospective member.

  • Sample Business Plan Template

    This Business Plan Kit is used to formally set out the purpose and structure of your business. This business plan contains useful worksheets regarding marketing and financing. It also assists in setting up your executive structure and if you should incorporate.

  • Sample Finders Fee Agreement Form

    This Finder's Fee Agreement is used when an individual will seek out a business relationship on behalf of another. This agreement identifies the parties and the specific services the finder will perform on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. It also contains a confidentiality provision.

  • Sample Marketing Plan Template

    This Marketing Plan Worksheet is used when identifying your business' marketing objectives. This worksheet sets out your target audience, competition, strategies for promotion and pricing breakdowns.

  • Sample Membership Application Form

    Membership Application forms are used by organizations who desire to screen prospective members. This application includes all relevant applicant information (i.e., name, social security number and employment status), information about the applicant's spouse and children, and personal references. The Membership Application also requests that the applicant provide emergency contact information.

  • Simple Work Order Form

    Work Order Forms serve as written proof that a particular task was performed during the scope of a project. This Work Order identifies the customer and company and sets out a detailed description of the work.

  • Standstill Agreement

    This Standstill Agreement is between two parties who are contemplating entering into a business arrangement. This agreement specifically sets forth that neither party will negotiate with another during this standstill period in order to effect the same business agreement. This Standstill Agreement sets forth background of the agreement, the identities of the parties and must be signed by both parties in order to be valid.

  • Work Order Form

    This Work Order Form contains relevant information regarding the work completed on a certain project. This form sets out the Work Order, the date of work’s completion and the time. This Work Order also includes the name of submitter, title and description of the work, hours worked and any materials used in completion of the work.