Free Meeting Minutes for Board of Directors

Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings are used as a written record of discussions held during a board of directors meeting. These minutes spell out the attendees, business and financial matters which were discussed and resolutions which were approved. These corporate minutes are an integral part of the corporation's official books and records.

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Date of Meeting: ___________________

A meeting of the Board of Directors, herein referred to as (the “Board”) of ________________ (Company Name), a _____________ Corporation was held on _________________ at company’s office location.

Directors Presents:                                Directors Absent

_________________________    ________________________

Call To Order:

______________ called the meeting to order at _______ (time) and minutes of this meeting was recorded by  _______________.  A quorum of directors were present and the meeting was commenced.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Board of Director’s Comments: ________________________________________________________

Adjournment:  This meeting adjourned at _______ (time).

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