Free Business Plan Worksheet

This Business Plan Worksheet will be helpful in setting up a business. This worksheet contains organizational information including the name of the business, its principal players, description of the business and its marketing strategy. This Business Plan Worksheet also contains information regarding operations, start-up costs and estimated monthly expenses.

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Business Planning Worksheets
1. Name of Business:
2. Address:
3. Business Phone:
4. Principal owner/manager of the business:
5. Accountant Name and Address:
6. Attorney Name and Address:
7. Insurance Agent Name and Address:
8. Bank Name, Address and Name of contact officer:
9. Your business idea:
10. Type of business:
11. Targeted market:
12. Customer benefits:
13. Benefits of product/service:
14. Potential competitors:
15. Territory:
16. Your marketing strategy:
17. Promotional strategy:
18. Pricing strategy:
19. Profit Margin:
20. Collection Strategy:
21. Production, Distribution and sales strategy:
22. Additional services:
23. Suppliers:
24. Estimated monthly expenses:
25. Inventory:
26. Start-up costs
27. Cash Flows:
28. Working capital and total funding:
29. Income:

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