Free Marketing Plan Worksheet

This Marketing Plan Worksheet will assist in setting out a company’s marketing strategy. This worksheet contains important provisions such as marketing goals, the target market, competitive advantage and the timing of the marketing campaign. This worksheet also sets out how the plan will be implemented and when the plan should be reviewed or revised. This Marketing Plan Worksheet is particularly helpful in that it can be used as a written strategy guide.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.

Marketing Goals
1. Sales and profit goals for the next 12 months:
2. Responsibilities:
3. Techniques:
4. Successful marketing tools:
Target Market
1. Type of Customers:
2. Market Area:
3. Transactions Details:
4. Motivations for Customers:
5. Demand Analysis
Assessing the Environment
1. Key strengths of business:
2. Significant weaknesses of business:
3. Opportunities:
4. Threats if any:
5. Other issues or areas of concern:
Competitive Advantage
1. Ways in which business better than competitors:
2. Product or Service advantages:
3. Motivations for customers
Timing and Budget of Marketing Campaign
1. Short-term and long-term marketing goals:
2. Costs:
3. Budget for marketing:
4. Marketing method:

Implementation Plan
1. Implementation responsibilities:
2. Marketing plan implementation agencies:
3. Timeline:
4. Effectiveness of the marketing plan:
Review and Revise
1. Research and Recordkeeping
2. Measurement tools and strategies
3. Clear goals and outcomes
4. Compare total costs with benefits received

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