Free Sample Finders Fee Agreement Form

This Finder's Fee Agreement is used when an individual will seek out a business relationship on behalf of another. This agreement identifies the parties and the specific services the finder will perform on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. It also contains a confidentiality provision.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.

This is an agreement made by and between _________________, a corporation ("Company") and ______________________ ("Finder").

WHEREAS, Finder shall provide ________ services for Company in exchange for a fee as compensation for such services provided by Finder.

Nonexclusive Right.  For a period of ________days after the date hereof, Finder shall have the non-exclusive right to engaged in the agreed upon services for  Company.

Fee.  For each and every service rendered by Finder, Company shall pay Finder a fee in the amount of $___________. Fee shall be due and payable within ____ day upon receipt of invoice.

______________________                ___________

Company                                             Date

______________________                ___________

Finder                                                  Date


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