Free Work Order Form

This Work Order Form contains relevant information regarding the work completed on a certain project. This form sets out the Work Order, the date of work’s completion and the time. This Work Order also includes the name of submitter, title and description of the work, hours worked and any materials used in completion of the work.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.

Work Order Form
Work Order No.: ______________________
Completed Date: ___________________________Time: ______________________________
Submitted by: ______________________________ Email: ______________________________
Phone: ____________________________________ Department: _________________________
Date Submitted: ____________________________Date needed: _________________________
Title of work: _______________________________
Description of work: __________________________________
Hours worked:
Date: ____________ Time: ___________________Total Hours: ___________________
Materials used Record:
Date: ________________________ Item: ___________________________
Amount: ________________________ Total: _____________________________
Stock ordered: _____________________________________
Total hours: ______________________________________
Miscellaneous Charges: _______________________________________

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