Free Copyright Forms

  • Copyright Assignment Agreement (General)

    This Copyright Assignment Agreement effectively assigns all rights and interests in a copyright to another. This agreement contains the title of the copyright, a detailed description of the work and any sums paid for the assignment. This Copyright Assignment Agreement expressly sets forth that the original copyright owner has full right and title to assign the copyright and that these rights revert to the new owner.

  • Copyright Cease and Desist Letter

    This Copyright Cease and Desist Letter is from an owner of a copyright to an individual who is infringing on the owner’s copyrighted work. This letter sets out the specific work and title of the work that is identical and infringing. This Copyright Cease and Desist Letter demands that use of the infringing work be ceased immediately. It also sets out further remedies which will be taken if infringement is not ceased.

  • Copyright License Agreement

    This Copyright License Agreement is between the owner of a copyright (licensor) and a party who desires to license the copyrighted work (licensee). This license agreement contains provisions pertaining to the rights granted, licensor’s rights and obligations and the term of the license. This Copyright License Agreement also contains a provision regarding the payment of royalties for use of the copyrighted work.

  • Copyright License Amendment Agreement

    This Copyright License Amendment Agreement will efficiently amend a copyright license. This amendment contains the name of the copyright holder, the licensee and date of the Copyright License Agreement. This Copyright License Amendment Agreement sets forth in detail the provisions of the license to be amended or modified and those provisions which will remain in force.

  • Notice of Copyright Assignment

    This Notice of Copyright Assignment is official notification that a copyrighted work has been assigned. This notice sets out the specifics including the registered owner, title of the work, registration number and the entity to whom it was assigned.