Free Technology Forms

  • Software Maintenance Agreement

    This Software Maintenance Agreement is between a software developer and a client for the maintenance of purchased software. This agreement effectively sets out the specific maintenance services to be performed, the effective dates of the agreement and how and when developer will be paid. It also sets out that the software developer is an independent contractor and not an employee of the client.

  • Technology Sales Agreement

    This Technology Sales Agreement is between a seller of technology and a party who wishes to purchase the technology. This agreement sets out the specific terms which include the technology being sold, payment amount and agreement term. This Technology Sales Agreement also sets out any disclaimers, representations and warranties made by seller.

  • Terms of Use for Website Agreement

    These Terms of Use for Website Agreement governs the use of website and its services. This agreement sets out the specific services the website offers, user\’s license and prohibited uses. This Terms of Use also sets out any disclaimers and amount of limitation on liability. This Terms of Use also contains contact information if additional information is necessary.

  • Website Affiliate Agreement

    This Affiliate Marketing Agreement is between a company and an affiliate who agrees to participate in company’s affiliate program. This agreement sets out the parties, the promotional materials the company provides and means of affiliate tracking. This Affiliate Agreement also contains provisions regarding the use of intellectual property and the rate of commission the affiliate shall receive.