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Name of Company
Date of Special Meeting
Location of Special Meeting
Number of Votes by Proxy For the Resolution
Number of Votes by Proxy Against the Resolution
Number of votes by Shareholder for the Resolution
Number of votes by Shareholder Against the Resolution
name of Shareholder

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HTML Shareholder Ballot Form



Special meeting of the Shareholders of ______________________________ (the “Company”) held on the _______________ day of _______________________, 20_______ at _________________.


Ballot on Special Resolution for Election of Directors.


The undersigned hereby votes and records all votes in respect of all voting shares held by the undersigned in the Company in the following manner:


1.            Shares held by Proxies

                                                                                                For the Resolution: ________________________

                                                                                                Against the Resolution: _______________________

2.            Shares held by the undersigned

For the Resolution: ________________________

                                                                                                Against the Resolution: _______________________






Full name


This Ballot form is created for the purpose of voting on a Special Resolution for Election of Directors at a corporate meeting. This document contains the date and location of the special meeting and specifies the votes of the shareholder in favor or against the resolution.


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