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Free Fillable Offer to Purchase Partnership Interest

An offer to Purchase Partnership Interest agreement is designed for use when one partner or individual wants to make an offer to buy a partnership interest in a business. The offer to purchase should be in writing to avoid any misunderstandings or disagreements in this type of business deal. Our free fillable Offer to Purchase Partnership Interest form template is straightforward and uncomplicated to use and includes important terms, such as the description of the partnership business, percentage of the partnership interest offered to buy, purchase price, closing date and the expiration date of the offer. It really is as simple as filling in the blank fields, download and print.

Free Fillable Partnership Agreement Amendment

This Partnership Agreement Amendment is used between partners to modify or amend an existing Partnership Agreement. It is essential to have the amendment to the original Partnership Agreement in writing in case of any disputes. This type of document will also be helpful in the event of litigation.

Free Fillable Partnership Termination Agreement

It is important to have a written agreement when an existing Partnership Agreement needs to be terminated. This document contains the necessary terms that relate to the termination of the partnership. This Agreement will be invaluable in the event of any future disagreements or any legal proceedings. Both partners must the Partnership Termination Agreement in order for the termination to be valid.

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