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Warranty Deed

This is the kind of deed where a grantor promises that the buyer has good and clear title to the property that he is buying. Some say that this is the best type of deed one can get.

PDF Fillable QuitClaim Deed

With this type of deed, the owner of a property gives up all of his or her interest in the property. The owner also make no warranties or representations as to title in the property. As the name say, the owener basically quits his ownership of the property.

Fillable PDF Contract for Deed

A type of contract used to sell property. Generally this is entered between the owner of the property and the buyer where the buyer agrees to make payments until the price is paid in full.


Fillable PDF Residential Lease

This is a fillable Residential Lease Form. It is in PDF format. What can we say about this form. Well ... you can save it, you can fill it out and you can print it. That is what you should be able to do with all forms. This form is free. This form is great (if we may say so) and you will not find any form like it. We know because we created it. We hope you try it. Just because we don't write like lawyers does not mean our forms are not serious business.

PDF Fillable Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

When we decided to create this form we wanted to make a document that would be more affordable. Then we thought .... what is more affordable than free. Yes, free without any strings attached. We made one draft and then wrote another and came up with this masterpiece. You will be able to fill it out online, save it and print it.


Indemnity Agreement

An agreement where one party agrees to indemnify another party in the event there is a claim in connection with a certain matter. This is an important document to have forr certain types of transactions. What makes this form even better is the fact that it can be filled out online and is free.

Power of Attorney

General Power of Attorney

The most common type of Power of Attorney

PDF Fillable Durable Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney that becomes effective upon the disability of a Grantor.

Fillable PDF Power of Attorney for Health Care

Grants the power to another person to make health care decisions on behalf of a Grantorr.

Fillable Power of Attorney Revocation

Form used to revoke a Power of Attorney that was previously granted.


Married Person Last Will

A Last Will and Testament that is fillable and can be used by married persons.

PDF Fillable Single Person Last Will

A fillable PDF Last Will and Testament that for use by single persons.


General Affidavit

A General Affidavit is basically a statement under oath where someone makes certain statements in written form. It can be used in many different situations.

PDF Fillable Affidavit of Title

This ia a written stated by the seller of a property stating that the sellers has fill right to sell the prperty and that there are no outtanding bills for services to the property. Furrthermore, other representations are made as well.

Fillable PDF Bulk Transfer Affidavit

A statemedn by the seller that he has the right to sell and transfer certain property. This is generally used when selling a business..

Fillable Appraisal Affidavit

An Affidavit made by an appraiser about the value of certain property..

Name Affidavits

This fillable PDF Name Affidavit is used by a person to declare under oath that he / she is the same person as the name indicated in the Affidavit.

Promissory Notes

Promissory Note on Demand

You lend money. The borrower promises to pay the amount you lent at any point you ask. This is what this type of note does. It is also fillable and can be printed or downloaded immediately.

PDF Multiple Option Promissory Note

If you need to lend or borrow money this type of fillable promissiory note offers you many options.

Fillable PDF Promissory Note Release

Once a promissory note is satisfied (paid in full) it is a good idea to get a release from the terms of the Note. This is what this kind of release does.

Fillable Promissory Note Assignment

Sometimes you need to assign a promissory note to someone else. What do you do? You ise a promissorry note assuignment document. This agreement is in PDF and can be filled out here on our site or on your own computer or devide.


Fillable PDF Full and Final Release

Often when it is necessary to release another person from liability for some act or some ommission, it is a great idea to use a full and final release. It is even better and eaier if this release can be filled out either online or off. This is exactly what you need. Easy to use. Fillable PDF. Have a look.

PDF Fillable Mutual Release

When two parties need to release each other from liability, a mutual release can be used. This one here is fillable and can be filled our either here on our web site or donwloaded and filled out on your own computer. Whatever you prefer.