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(Street Address)



(City, State & Zip)









I, __________________ ________________ of _________________________________ (the Claimant) hereby claims a Mechanic's Lien upon the following described property: ________________________________________ ________________________________________. (the Property)



The amount of __________________ Dollars ($__________), together with interest thereon at the rate of ___ _______ per annum from the _____________________ day of _________________________, 20 ______ is due and owing to the claimant for the following work performed by claimant on the Property: ____________________________________




The name of the present owners of the property is/are: __________________________.




Dated this ______________ day of _____________________, 20________



By: _________________________


Name: _______________________




State of_________________


County of _______________



Signed and sworn to before me on this _______ day of _________, 20______, by ____________ _______ ________ of ____________ __________ ______ ____________.




Notary Seal



Notary Signature



Title & Rank



My commission expires:___________________



A mechanic's lien allows a contractor, subcontractor, mechanic, laborer, etc. to attach a claim against a property that they have performed work on. By law, if the claim for the work performed is not paid, an involuntary sale of the property will take place to guarantee payment.


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