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  • Residential Sublease Agreement
  • This residential sublease is used by a current tenant to sublease part or all of his dwelling to 2nd party for part or the remainder of his current lease.

  • Commercial Sublease Agreement
  • The Commercial Sublease Agreement states the terms of the sublease including rental amount, who is responsible for repairs, and consequences if the rent is late.

  • FREE Act 1439 Of 2001
  • ... -9-407, a provision in a lease agreement which (i) prohibits the voluntary or involuntary transfer, including a transfer by sale, sublease, creation or enforcement of a security interest, or attachment, levy, or other judicial process, of an interest of a ...
    State: Arkansas   Category: UCC Forms

  • FREE Pub 30 Alaska Landlord And Tenant Act
  • ... 3 Subleasing .................................................... 19 Questions for sublease applicants ................ 19 Denial of permission to sublease ... ) of this section; no further restrictions on sublease or assignment are enforceable. (c) When the ...
    State: Alaska   Category: Court Forms - State

  • FREE [pfp#610296205]
  • ... indicates otherwise, the term includes a sublease; (k) "lease agreement" means the bargain, ... otherwise, the term includes a sublease agreement; (l) "lease contract" means the ... otherwise, the term includes a sublease contract; (m) "leasehold interest" means ...
    State: New Mexico   Category: UCC Forms

  • FREE 2008 Instruction 1120-f Schedule V
  • ... , if the answer to the question on line 3 is "Yes" and you operate the vessel or aircraft which is under a bareboat lease or sublease to you, attach to Schedule V (Form 1120-F) the following items: 1. The name and address of the lessor of the vessel or ...
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  • FREE Untitled
  • ... Wanda) Notice of Motion and Motion to Authorize Debtors and Debtors-In-Possession as Sub-Lessee to Enter into a Sublease With Continental Casualty Company For New Corporate Office Space and Shorten Notice Filed by Rosanne Ciambrone on behalf of Universal ...
    State: Illinois   Category: Bankruptcy

  • FREE Tenant List & Rent Schedule
  • ... that tenant. If the property is subject to a master lease, or if any part is sublet, data on the master lease or the sublease must be included on the rent schedule. If you have any questions concerning this form, please call the phone number shown on the ...
    State: Maryland   Category: Business

  • FREE Dr-26s
  • ... . Rental of Real Property Suggested Documentation: 1. Detailed explanation for the error or overpayment. . Copy of the lease(s), sublease(s), and addendum. 3. Proof the sales tax was refunded to tenant. A. Front and back of cancelled check refunding the ...
    State: Florida   Category: Tax Forms

  • FREE Gt-800003
  • ... and applicable discretionary sales surtax, unless exempt. What is Exempt? Sales and use tax does not apply to the lease, sublease, license, or rental of real property to a person providing food and drink services within the premises of a convention hall, ...
    State: Florida   Category: Tax Forms

  • FREE Gt-800016
  • ... property that is subject to sales tax and then sublease a portion of it to another person, you ... tax sales tax you paid to your landlord sublease amount sales tax sales tax you collect You sublease half of your space (100 square feet) to another person ...
    State: Florida   Category: Tax Forms

  • FREE 08200.pdf
  • ... Assignment of Interest Sale Lease Sublease Merger Termination of Lease New Partnership Other________________ D. Type of ... of the lease showing an effective date. If this is a sublease or assignment of interest of a lease, submit a ...
    State: Indiana   Category: Government

  • FREE Pdf
  • ... in the Cellular Radiotelephone, broadband PCS, or Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) services through license(s), lease(s), or sublease(s) in the same geographic area? 14b) Would/does this application for Assignment of Authorization or Transfer of Control ...
    State: Federal   Category: Government

  • FREE Pdf
  • ... Instructions. License Authorizations/Lease Identifiers/Sublease Identifiers (Complete as many Schedule ... a New Lease or New Sublease, enter the date (MM/DD ... Private Commons. License Authorizations/Lease/Sublease Identifiers/Private Commons Identifiers (Complete ...
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  • FREE Wtb Fee Filing Guide
  • ... to Cancel a License/Lease/Sublease, Notification of Consummation, Spectrum Manager Lease ... to Cancel a License/Lease/Sublease, Notification of Consummation (unless requesting a ... for Cancellation of License/Lease/Sublease, Withdrawal of a Pending Application, ...
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