Free New%20Jersey Affidavit Legal Forms

  • Affidavits
  • These legal documents allow a person to make a declaration under oath.

  • General Affidavits
  • This Affidavit Form, also known as a Declaration Under Oath, can be used by a person to legally declare under oath that certain facts are true.

  • Name Affidavits
  • These forms allow someone to declare under oath that they are the same person as another name.

  • FREE Affidavit By Foreign Limited Liability Company
  • ... Foreign Limited Liability Company Dear Sir or Madam: The enclosed Affidavit by Foreign Limited Liability Company to Change Manager(s) ... Certificate of Status & Certified Copy CR2E123(8/07) AFFIDAVIT BY FOREIGN LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY TO CHANGE MANAGER(S) ...
    State: Florida   Category: Limited Liability Co.

  • FREE Default Affidavit And Request For Judgment (sc-8)
  • ... (4/09)(cs-duplex) DEFAULT AFFIDAVIT Interest Instructions Dist. Ct. Civ. ... November 22, 2009, plaintiff files Default Affidavit with the following prejudgment interest calculations ... (4/09)(cs-duplex) DEFAULT AFFIDAVIT Interest Instructions Dist. Ct. Civ. ...
    State: Alaska   Category: Court Forms - State