Free Final Decree and Judgment of Divorce

This Final Judgment of Divorce is prepared for a Judge’s signature in a divorce case. This legal document sets out the findings in the case and that the divorce should be finalized. It also contains provisions regarding the Settlement Agreement between the parties. This Final Judgment of Divorce is a legally binding order from the Court that declares the marriage has been dissolved.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.

_________________________________ ______________ COURT OF ___________________ COUNTY OF _______________ DOCKET NO. ______
THIS MATTER has come before this Honorable ________________, in the presence of
________________________, attorney for the Plaintiff, and ________________, attorney for the
Defendant; and Plaintiff and Defendant having pleaded and proved a cause of action for divorce under the laws of the State of __________________________ and it appears that the Plaintiff and Defendant were married, and findings of fact and conclusions of law having been placed on the record as of this date and incorporated herein by reference;
On this _________ day of ____________________, 20____
1. ORDERED that pursuant to the proofs in such case made and provided, the marriage between the parties be, and the same hereby is dissolved, and the parties are divorced from the marriage; and
2. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the parties' Settlement Agreement, orally set forth on the record on this date, is incorporated into this Final Judgment of Divorce and the parties are directed to comply with the terms of the Agreement, with the understanding that the court took no testimony as to the merits of the settlement and makes no judgment with respect to it, except that the parties entered into it freely and voluntarily, and that it is therefore binding and enforceable; and
3. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the parties shall submit an Amended Judgment of Divorce with the terms of the Settlement Agreement attached or incorporated therein within ten days hereof; on the failure to do so, the parties and their attorneys shall appear before this court on ______________________ at _________, A.M./ P.M. with the proposed Form of Amended Judgment of Divorce for entry by the court.
4. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that counsel of record are not released from representation of the parties until such time as the Amended Judgment incorporating the terms of the settlement has been filed with the court.
5. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that __________________________ be and hereby is permitted to resume the use of her prior name of _____________________, date of birth ________________.


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