Free Actor Offer Letter

This Actor Offer Letter is from a producer to an actor offering a role in a motion picture. This letter sets out the actor’s salary, the term of employment and actor’s reimbursement for any expenses. If the terms of this Actor Offer Letter are accepted, the parties will draft formal employment agreement.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


Date: __________________________
To: ____________________________
Dear _____________________________,
I ______________________, (the “Producer”) producing a theatrical motion picture entitled _______________________________________ (the "Picture") for theatrical exhibition. The Producer desires to utilize the services of Actor in connection with the Picture upon the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.
Producer shall pay the Actor a salary of $________________________ per day.
The term of employment shall begin from the date set forth above and continue until the completion of the photography and recordation of said role. Producer hereby guarantees that it will furnish Actor a minimum of ___________________ day's employment.
Name and Likeness
Producer shall have the exclusive right to use Actor's name, sobriquet, photograph, likeness, voice and or caricature (collectively “Name & Likeness”). Producer shall also have the right to simulate Actor's voice, signature and appearance by any means in and in connection with the Picture and the advertising, publicizing, exhibition, and/or other exploitation thereof in any manner and by any means and in connection with commercial advertising and publicity. If the Producer uses Actor’s Name & Likeness in and in connection with any merchandising or publishing undertakings, Producer shall pay Actor a pro rata share of ____________% of the gross monies actually derived by Producer.
The Actor will be entitled to reimburse any transportation and expenses pursuant to this Agreement provided Actor is required by Producer to render services more than seventy-five (75) miles from Actor's principal place of residence.
Formal Agreement
The parties shall enter into a more formal agreement, which agreement shall incorporate the foregoing terms as well as other customary terms and conditions contained in comparable agreements, including customary representations and warranties, mutual indemnification, Actor's waiver of injunctive and other equitable relief, full depiction release including merchandising rights, Producer's right to assign rights, extensions for force majeure and application of ____________________ law.
Please think of this offer. If you are willing to accept this offer, please contact me by ____________________. If I do not hear from you by that date, this offer will lapse. If the offer is accepted, unless and until any other formal agreement is executed, this letter agreement, supplemented by the aforementioned customary terms and conditions, shall constitute the parties' agreement.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
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