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OCJA 28F (04/04)

Expert Services Summary Budget Worksheet for Non-capital Representations with the Potential for Extraordinary Cost
This summary budget worksheet summarizes anticipated expert services. The document should be submitted to the court in representations that "appear likely to become or have become extraordinary in terms of potential cost" as set forth in subparagraph 2.22B(4) of the Guidelines for the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act and Related Statutes, Volume VII, Guide to Judiciary Policies and Procedures. The accompanying detailed budget worksheet may be of assistance to counsel in preparing the summary. The document automatically totals hours and dollar amounts.

Date: Case Name: Case Number: Expert's Name: Type of Expert: Hourly Rate:

Expert Hours I. Discovery/Document Review


II. Meetings with Defendant for Interviews and Testing (including expert travel time, time spent entering and leaving detention facility, and meeting time)


III. Meetings with Members of "Defense Team" (including expert travel time and meeting time with attorneys, investigators, paralegals, and/or other defense experts, etc.)


OCJA 28F (04/04) Expert Services Summary/Page 2

IV. Meetings and Interviews with Witnesses (including expert travel time and meeting time with witnesses; including members of defendant's family)


V. Examination of Crime Scene(s) And/or Physical Evidence (including expert travel time, viewing time, and lab time; including physical/scientific testing of evidence)


VI. Report Writing (including review of literature)


VII. Hearing and/or Trial Testimony (including exhibit preparation time, testimony, other in-court time, and expert travel time)


VIII. Meetings with Prosecuting Attorneys, Case Agents, and Government Experts (including expert travel time; including depositions)


Grand Total Hours:


OCJA 28F (04/04) Expert Services Summary/Page 3

IX. Travel Costs


Travel Costs:

X. Other Miscellaneous Costs and Expense

Miscellaneous Costs and Expenses:

Approved Case Budget for Expert Expert Time Hourly Rate: Hours:


$0.00 $0.00

Fees Approved (hours multiplied by hourly rate): Travel Costs: Other Miscellaneous Costs and Expenses:


Grand Total Budget for Expert:



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