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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FOURTH CIRCUIT DOCKETING STATEMENT--CRIMINAL CASES Directions: Counsel must make a docketing statement (criminal) filed entry in CM/ECF within 14 days of filing a notice of appeal or cross appeal, or within the due date set by the clerk's docketing notice, whichever is later. File with the entry the (1) docketing statement form and any extended answers, (2) any transcript order form, and (3) any CJA 24 authorization form. Counsel who filed the notice of appeal is responsible for filing the docketing statement even if different counsel will handle the appeal. In criminal cases, counsel who represented the defendant below must continue on appeal unless the court of appeals grants a motion to withdraw. Appellants proceeding pro se are not required to file a docketing statement. Opposing counsel may file objections to the docketing statement within 7 days of service using the entry docketing statement objection/correction filed. Appeal No. & Caption Originating No. & Caption District Court & Judge Jurisdiction (answer any that apply) Date of entry of order/judgment appealed from Date this notice of appeal filed If cross appeal, date first notice of appeal filed Date of filing any post-judgment motion Date order entered disposing of any post-judgment motion Date of filing any motion to extend appeal period Time for filing appeal extended to Is appeal from final order or judgment? If appeal is not from final judgment, why is order appealable? F Yes F No

Transcript (transcript order & CJA 24 must be attached if transcript not yet on file) Is transcript needed for this appeal? Has transcript been filed in district court? Is transcript order attached? (For CJA counsel) Is CJA 24 attached? F Yes F Yes F Yes F Yes F No F No F No F No

Case Handling Requirements (answer any that apply) Case number of any prior appeal in same case Case number of any pending appeal in same case Identification of any case pending in this Court or Supreme Court raising similar issue

If abeyance or consolidation is warranted, counsel must file an appropriate motion. F Yes F No

Is expedited disposition necessary?

If yes, motion to expedite must be filed. Issues (Non-binding statement of issues to raise on appeal. Attach additional page if necessary.)

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